(Minghui.org) On June 1, 2013, Ms. Wu Mei, Mr. Hu Dongsheng, Ms. Sun Zuying, and Ms. Liu Jinzhi (her nickname is Zhenzhen) were reported for distributing Falun Dafa truth clarification materials. They were illegally arrested by officers from Shanpo Police Branch Station in the Jiangxia District.

The next day their families went to the police station to see if they could get them released. Yi Chujun, the head of Jiangxia District 610 Office, and officers from the police station not only threatened them, but said they would also be arrested if they didn't leave. The official asked whether the family members practiced Falun Gong. The police also said that they would release the practitioners only if their family members gave them money.

Since the arrest of the four practitioners, their families have visited the Jiangxia Political and Legal Affairs Committee, the 610 Office, the National Security Brigade, and Shanpo Police Branch Station to try to find someone to effect an immediate and unconditional release of their relatives. The police gave them a warrant, charging the practitioners with “utilizing a cult organization to undermine law enforcement.”

The following are details on the four practitioners.

Ms. Wu Mei was born in 1969. She worked originally in the China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Ltd in Jiangxia. She started to practice Falun Gong in June 1998.

Ms. Wu's father-in-law was paralyzed and had been in bed for two years. Her husband was the only child, and he worked out of town year-round. Her mother-in-law was about 75 and in poor health, so Ms. Wu had to take care of her father-in-law. Before, she was grumpy, and nobody could criticize her. After learning Falun Gong, she became a new person, helpful and pleasant.

In January 2000 Wu Mei went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. She was arrested and sent back to Wuhan. She was detained in Wuhan City Women's Detention Center for 15 days. Later she was fired from her job by Jiangxia Zhongnan Mall. In March 2000 she was arrested again and sent to the Jiangxia District Chinese Communist Party School for brainwashing. A few days later she was sent to Jiangxia District Wulijie Brainwashing Center for three months. On November 25, 2000 she was arrested at her home by Wang Guoliang from the First Section of Jiangxia District Police Department and others. She was detained at Wuhan First Detention Center for one month. Later she was sent to Hewan forced Labor Camp in Wuhan, where she was detained for one and half years at the Sixth Brigade in the camp. In November 2002 she was arrested from home and taken to Wulijie Brainwashing Center for one month. In the summer of 2003 she was arrested again and sent to Wuhan City Women's Detention Center. She was released after 5 days on a hunger strike.

In November 2003 local police officer Tu Hua took her to Wuchang Yangyuan Brainwashing Center. She was held for a month and brutally force fed. The food contained drugs that damage the central nervous system. She could not sleep at night, and she suffered a lot mentally. Over the next four and five days she could not sleep at night. They also handcuffed her hands to the bars of a high window for two days.

Mr. Hu Dongsheng was born in November 1962. He is from Daqiao Village, Daqiaoxinqu, Jiangxia District.

Mr. Hu was a former soldier. When the government did not assign him a job after his retirement, he made a living by himself. He developed a gambling addiction and sometimes did not go home at night. Falun Dafa helped him to be a good person, and now everyone has only good things to say about him. He not only quit gambling but also took over construction projects to support his family. At work, he followed the principles of Falun Dafa. He wasn't obsessed with money and took good care of the workers. Sometimes he paid them more. He had a good relationship with his wife, respected his mother, and took good care of his child. The villagers all thought it was incredible how he had changed--he had completely transformed himself into a good person through Falun Dafa.

In January 2000 Mr. Hu was sent to a detention center for 15 days after he went to take back his Dafa books from Wang Guoliang from the First Section of Jiangxia District Police Department. In late February 2000 he was arrested by local policeman Xia Guangping and taken to the District Party School. He was detained again for 15 days after he was arrested for appealing for Falun Gong in Beijing. Later he was sent to Wulijie Brainwashing Center for 45 days. In January 2001 he was arrested again and detained in Wulijie Brainwashing Center for over 30 days. In October 2001 he was arrested while distributing Falun Gong truth clarification materials in Zhengdian. He was sent to Zhifang Detention Center by section leader Hu Xinhua from the First Section of Jiangxia District Police Department. He was detained for 45 days. Later he was sent to Hewan Forced Labor Camp for one and a half years.

Ms. Sun Zuying was born in November 8, 1967. She was a family member of an employee of Jiangxia Food Processing Factory.

Ms. Sun had severe anemia. Everyone knew she was in poor health. She did not talk much. After learning Falun Dafa, she changed immensely.

Her husband got kidney disease when he was only 30. All their savings were spent on his medical bills. Their daughter was young at the time. Ms. Sun took care of her husband, whose illness really made him suffer. He sometimes took out his anger on her by punching and cursing her. She endured it all and still took good care of him until he passed away. After her husband was gone, she and her daughter had no income. On top of that, the CCP withheld the "orphan" fee due her daughter. Because her daughter was so young, she had to live with her aunt.

After getting out of the labor camp, she made a living shining shoes with the help of fellow practitioners. Later she worked at a gas station. For several years, the head of the gas station said publicly, “Sun Zuying is the only person in the company who does not take one penny she doesn't earn. Falun Gong practitioners are different from everyone else.” Her co-workers and her boss trust her completely and speak highly of her. So why would the Chinese Communist Party arrest such a good person so many times?

Early in 2000 Ms. Sun went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. She was arrested by section leader Hu Xinhua and officer Yang from the First Section of Jiangxia District Police Department. She detained in Wuhan City Women's Detention Center for 15 days. On March 8, 2000, her husband died. He was cremated in the morning. Policeman Yang Shengpu and others illegally arrested her in the afternoon. She was detained in Wulijie Brainwashing Center for over a month. No one took care of her daughter. In 2001 she was arrested by officers Xu Hong from Zhifang Police Branch Station and detained at Wuhan City First Detention Center for over 40 days. Later she was sent to Hewan Forced Labor Camp for one and half years. Her daughter's orphan fee was withheld this time, too, and she had great difficulty getting by.

Ms. Liu Jinzhi is not from Wuhan. She worked at the Jiangxia District Planning Building after graduating from college.

At work she conducted herself according to the requirements of a Falun Gong practitioner. Her boss thought she was responsible, and her colleagues thought she was considerate. She always thought of others and treated her colleagues like family. Although her term of employment ended, her boss was considering how to continue her employment.

On June 2 Ms. Liu's husband learned that his wife had been arrested. He put down his work and flew back to Wuhan immediately. Her husband endured difficult times in this strange place to find anyone who would help him. Everyone turned him down. He was frustrated by the Communist regime's use of violence. This successful businessman wept for the first time in his life. He could not find one person to help his kindhearted wife. He was rebuffed and humiliated.

Ms. Liu's parents came all the way from their hometown. They said that their daughter was a very sick and very headstrong girl when she was young. She had to quit going to school due to poor health. After learning Falun Gong she changed so much. She was healthy and in good spirits and could work all day without getting tired. Such are the benefits of practicing Falun Gong!


During Jiang Zemin's 14 years of brutal, irrational persecution of Falun Gong, 610 Office leader Yi Chujun has personally persecuted more than a dozen practitioners in the Jiangxia District from 2012 to June 2013. They are: Li Fenglian, Zhou Aiping, Liu Wenping, Wu Bolin, Sun Yougui, Wang Qiyan, Wang Xiaohong, Liu Yinghe, Li Chunlian, Sun Zuying, Wu Mei, Hu Dongsheng, and Liu Jinzhi.

Please pay attention to these Falun Gong practitioners and help rescue them.