(Minghui.org) On April 18, 2013, Li Tongkui, the deputy head of the 610 Office in Weifang City; Fu Jinbin from the same office; Wu Dongming, the head of the 610 Office in the Xiashan District of Weifang City; and others went to the Xiashan Dual Language School in Weifang City to spread lies about Falun Gong.

Zhou Zhengxiao, head of the 610 Office, hosted the meeting. Sitting on the stage with him were Fu Jinbin, Li Tongkui, Wu Dongming, Wang Longqing (the Chinese Communist Party secretary of the District Education Administration Center), and Wang Shouhai (provost of the Xiashan Dual Language School). Wang Longqing, Wu Dongming, and Li Tongkui each gave a speech in which they badmouthed Falun Gong, their goal being to incite the attendees to hate the practice. After the meeting, the students were required to watch brainwashing DVDs made by officials from the 610 Office. Residents from the local towns and villages were required to come to the meeting and sign a banner covered with lies about Falun Gong.

Fu Jinbin took advantage of the persecution and extorted money from those detained in the brainwashing center. He also harassed female practitioners. If female practitioners were good looking, he took them into his room and sexually molested them. Practitioners Jiao Huifang, and Yu Meixia have both been targeted by Fu Jinbin.

Zeng Zhaoliang became the new head of the Weifang City 610 Office in 2012. Soon after assuming his post, he and others went to the Economic Developing District to spread lies about Falun Gong on September 20, 2012. They went to community centers, Luojia Village, Damiao Village, and Longzhuoshu Village to try to brainwash the villagers.

Zeng also actively participated in the persecution of Falun Gong. Officials from the Weifang City 610 Office collaborated with the Weifang Science Bureau and Weifang Anti-cult Office and organized the exhibit “Promoting Scientific Culture, Establishing a Harmonious Community” on September 25. The opening ceremony was held in the Yingyuan neighborhood in the Kuiwen District. Each of the 76 exhibit boards smeared the reputation of Falun Gong. The exhibit then traveled to other communities, schools, and government agencies in all of the 12 counties and districts, including the three developing districts of Weifang City.

The Dual Language School in Weifang City

Weifang Dual Language School, the former Xiashan Middle School, is located on Zhashan Street in the Xiashan District. Founded on May 10, 2012, it is a private elementary and middle school for students from grades 1 to 9. There are 27 classes with 1,100 students and 110 staff members, as well as 70 teachers. Weifang Dual Language School is managed by Weifang City No. 2 Middle School. The principal is Zhao Fengping, who is also the principal of Weifang No. 2 Middle School, and the provost is Wang Shouhai.

Information on those responsible for the persecution




Li Tongkui, male, deputy head of the Tanfang City 610 Office, the main person in charge of brainwashing practitioners. For more than a dozen years, he has actively participated in the persecution. His phone number: +86-13173159888

Fu Jinbin (has been exposed many times on Minghui), male, from Cao County, Shandong Province. He first worked in the Tanfang City Police Department. Later, he was promoted to be the deputy head of the Tanfang 610 Office and head of the Tanfang City Brainwashing Center.

Wu Dongming, head of the Xiashan District 610 Office

Zhou Zhengxiao, female, head of the Xiashan District Anti-Cult Office

Wang Longqing, Party head of the Education Administration Center

Wang Shouhai, Xiashan Dual Language provost

Guo Enfeng, male, head of Xiashan Dual Language School Moral Instruction Office