(Minghui.org) “You have to make him good if you want to save him. He cannot be saved if he does not become good.” These words appeared in my mind this morning when I was half awake.

The cosmos is being reorganized and the Fa of the universe is being rectified. This is such a serious matter and the requirements of practitioners are made more difficult, as they are busy at home, work and school, and need to keep a balance between everyday things and doing the three things well. Some have wasted a lot of precious time and energy on worldly affairs, and time is slowly slipping away.

Many practitioners have cultivated half-heartedly and behave like ordinary people. They have been unable to maintain their own health, let alone help Teacher rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. We all shoulder important responsibilities and have to be steadfast and strong to the very last moment, otherwise we will feel truly sorry.

I went back to my hometown last year to visit. Before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute practitioners in 1999, the number of people coming to the group Fa study in my hometown had reached one hundred. I originally thought that all of those people were very diligent. Later, I found that those who were very diligent and did the three things well, only really did it for those first few years after 1999, but later slacked off.

I also found that the cultivation state of a few Falun Dafa assistants was also shocking. For example, an area assistant who is pretty old now had the symptoms of a stroke last year and still has some obvious problems with his health. Seeing that I was back in town, he got a few practitioners together to share their experiences, but he fell asleep when I was sharing with another practitioner.

The Fa-study groups in a few of the local villages did not do well to help Teacher rectify the Fa either. The cultivation state of their coordinators could have been better. One coordinator was relatively old at the time and passed away from a stroke. Another practitioner spent all her time taking care of her grandson and had little time to study the Fa. Later her grandson was injured in an accident and became severely disabled. The whole family blamed the practitioner. She is stuck in the tribulation and her situation is very worrisome.

At the beginning of this year, I went to another large city and met with a practitioner there. When the CCP put all its efforts into slanderous propaganda and lies to badmouth Teacher and Dafa in 1999, this practitioner encouraged me to go to Tiananmen Square to validate the Fa. Although she was 60 years old at the time, she looked young, was so agile and did not look her age. She evaluated everything in accordance with the Fa. But when I met with her this time, I could not believe my eyes when she opened the door. She had become a trembling old lady with gray hair, and she needed constant help from her nephew to take care of her. She could not see to read her Dafa books and could only listen to Teacher's recordings. Her relative told me that she had the symptoms of a stroke a few years ago. But she was a Dafa practitioner, and practitioners are supposed to return to their original true selves and elevate beyond human beings. The old forces have reduced practitioners who are no longer diligent in cultivation to such a state. All I could do was to encourage her to listen to the Fa more.

I have encountered many such situations of practitioners being severely interfered with by the old forces. I am truly sorry for those who have passed away, and worry for those who cannot elevate beyond human emotions. I wanted to tell those practitioners: If you continue to indulge yourself in worldly matters and human emotions, perhaps you will be the next one that is dragged away by the old forces. But standing there looking at the gray-haired practitioner, I could only tell her repeatedly to be diligent.

Teacher had me see these things, so I also need to elevate myself in cultivation. But if I don't speak up and say something to fellow practitioners, isn't it a reflection of my selfishness? In the future, the relationships with ordinary people such as our friends and relatives will be in the past, but the predestined relationship between practitioners is precious and sacred.

I hope that practitioners who continue to indulge in the ordinary world and are attached to the ordinary world can wake up. I also hope that practitioners who are diligent will remember the practitioners who have gone astray and help them to return. We must care for them and remind them why they came here, so that they will return with Master.

This is my understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.