(Minghui.org) I was recently given a second-hand printer that had not been used for over a year because I wanted to start printing truth-clarification materials at my home. The printer still looks new, but it is broken. I planned to have it fixed and put it to use once again.

I contacted Adrienne (pseudonym) first. She is 63 years old. She travels around the city on her scooter. Since Adrienne has been printing truth-clarification materials at her home, I believe that she must have developed some troubleshooting skills. Adrienne checked the printer and decided that we needed to have Beverly (pseudonym) over for help. She then went and picked up Beverly up on her scooter. Beverley is even older than Adrienne. She is 74. They immediately went to work. They took the printer apart and gave it a thorough cleaning. I merely worked as a “sous chef” to provide whatever they needed.

I was very moved while I was watching these two old ladies work. Adrienne and Beverly had only gone to elementary school. My husband watched with me. I said to him, “Normally it's just young people working on technical issues. Why are these old ladies able to do such technical work? It is because they are Falun Gong practitioners.” My husband smiled and nodded, “It is incredible.”

They referenced the user's manual while they were troubleshooting. While Beverly was reading one side of the manual, Adrienne read the opposite side with its contents upside down. I have good vision, so I was able to read Beverly's side of the manual, but I was unable to read the Chinese characters upside down like Adrienne. She did not even go to middle school, yet she was able to read every character fluently upside down. I couldn't keep up with her. I was completely blown away.

Next I watched them put the printer together again. I had never seen anything like this – two old ladies fixing a printer. It was still chilly in the spring of northeastern China, but I felt quite warm from the excitement of watching them work.

There may be countless interesting stories amongst Falun Gong practitioners, but I would like to share this story that has been an inspiration to me. It goes to show that Falun Gong raises its practitioners from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We are all giving our very best to save people from the slanderous lies that the Chinese Communist regime has spread about Falun Gong.