(Minghui.org) Today while I was studying the Fa a humorous thing about my niece came to mind, and I thought I'd go tell her mother. On second thought, I realized, shouldn't I be focusing on studying the Fa? So I continued to read, but I could not focus on the book anymore and eventually went over to tell her mother. Her mother did not think it was cute or funny, and she didn't pay attention to me. I felt embarrassed and thought, why did I want to the tell her this? What was the purpose and the driving force?

I knew that I should not be distracted from my Fa study, but I still went over to tell my niece's mother. I looked inward and found the following attachments.

I often talk about things I found humorous about my niece to show her cuteness and merit. Isn't this an attachment to sentimentality and a show-off mentality?

1. I like to tell her mother since I feel she'll think it's cute too. That's an attempt to get others' approval.

2. To make people happy through praising them or praising the persons or things they value is trying to curry favor with people. My human mentality thinks that praising someone will make the person like me and think well of me. That is an attachment to seeking fame.

3. I'm afraid of an aggressive person or someone who has hurt me, and subconsciously do not want to make mistakes around such a person. My way of self protection is to make her happy and make sure she thinks well of me so that she will not hurt me. This self-protection mentality is also an attachment to fear.

4. My main consciousness is not strong. For a moment, I had the thought that I should not stop Fa study to talk to her mother, but that thought just floated by. My main consciousness did not predominate. I did not stay clearheaded and my sense of cultivation was not strong. This reflected an important issue, that is, lack of respect for Master and the Fa.

While studying the Fa, I put down the book to have a casual chat. That attachment overwhelmed the sacredness of Fa study. It shows that deep in my mind, I didn't regard the Fa as most important.

I even thought earlier today that I could sacrifice my life to uphold the Fa. But the fact is, any occurrence during my Fa study, big or small, such as being hungry, thirsty or thinking of something, can make me put the book down. One's behavior is the real manifestation of a person's mind. In this case, I took the Fa as the least important.

Ancient people would fast, take a bath and burn incense before studying scriptures. When I studied the Fa however, instead of treasuring the Fa which is hard to find in the eternal Dharma, I would often think that the book is right at hand and I can read it at any convenient time. That is disrespectful to Master and the Fa. Master said,

“In cultivation practice, when a practitioner has this heart of respect, the fashen on the Buddha statue will safeguard the Fa for this person, looking after and protecting him or her. That is the actual purpose of consecration.” (Zhuan Falun)

Master told us to have the “heart of respect,” so every time we pick up a Dafa book or mention Master we should have the heart of respect.

Master also said, “Sincerity is a prerequisite if you are to rectify your mind.” (Chapter Three in Falun Gong, 2006 translation version)

In ancient times an apprentice seeking cultivation had to go through many tests on his sincerity, ability to endure hardship and sacrifice for cultivation. Only after passing stringent tests could one qualify as a disciple. Our Master has given us the most precious Dafa, but I did not truly cherish it. From now on, every time before studying the Fa, I will think of the preciousness and greatness of the Fa, and pick up the book with the utmost humility and respect.