(Minghui.org) I am a businessman who runs an emerald business. I moved to Beijing in 2006 and stayed there for five years. In addition to doing business, I would gamble, drink and frequent the nightclubs. I led an extravagant life, but although I had everything materially, in my heart I was not happy. Thus, at the end of 2010, I returned to Kunming.

In February 2011, a childhood friend told me that he had learned a very good cultivation practice. “Then pass it on to me quickly,” I said. He opened his e-book reader and showed me two photos of Master. Afterward, he read a paragraph from Zhuan Falun and revealed that he was cultivating in Falun Dafa. I was very surprised.

My friend described how he had felt after reading Zhuan Falun. I can't remember specifically what he said, but I remember that it had a big impact on me. He had only cultivated for two months, but the words that he uttered were very reasonable. I'd never experienced anything similar in my 20 years of practicing Buddhism. That night, we talked until very late.

After I fell asleep, I heard a voice slandering Falun Dafa. It said, “Do not practice it.” My friend had warned me that there would be interference from demons if I wanted to cultivate in Dafa. Thus, I said very firmly in my heart, “You, get out!” The voice disappeared immediately.

I then had a dream: My friend said that Master was there and wanted me to go with him to meet Master. He led me to a small river and I saw Master, who was wearing the same yellow clothes that He wears in the exercise instruction video. When Master saw me, He asked me to sit down and touched my head. In a split second, I felt a warm current all over my body. Next, Master waved His hands and I could very clearly see Him installing a Falun in my lower abdominal area. Then, Master taught me how to fold both legs on top of each other. Initially, I could not put my right leg up, but with Master's help I was able to put both legs on top of one another.

Beginning Cultivation

Early the next morning, I called my friend and asked him to bring me Zhuan Falun . My friend brought over the book and told me that I must eliminate all interference and finish reading it no matter what. I remembered his words and read wholeheartedly non-stop. It took me one day and one night to finish reading it . Numerous questions that had not been answered in my 20 years of believing in Buddhism were all solved in the process.

I could not wait for my friend to teach me the exercises. In those days, Zhuan Falun hardly ever left my hands. The questions I had after finishing the book for the first time were all solved when I read it again. I was amazed at the mystical and extraordinary power of Dafa. I really cherish Zhuan Falun.

One night three or four days later, I had another dream. In my dream, a person claimed that he was a great enlightened person and wanted to teach me his things. I said, “I will not learn, I will not learn.” He placed me into his gray cloak. Three or four days later, he came back. He took me out of his gray cloak and left; he never came back again.

Progressing Quickly in Cultivation

Two or three days later, I went to vacation in Macau with two friends. That night, we went out. My friends did not behave well, but didn't think there was anything wrong with their behavior. I could not stay with them and went back to the hotel.

Upon returning to the hotel room, I sat in meditation. Previously, I had not been able to put up my right leg on top of my left, but this time it didn't seem difficult, so I was able to sit in the full-lotus position.

Coming back from Macau, I realized that it was time for me to pass the test of lust. After a little more than one week of repeatedly reading Zhuan Falun and practicing the exercises, I really overcame the temptation of lust. Before cultivating in Dafa, this would have been absolutely impossible for me. In the past, I had spent 2 million yuan a year to indulge in eating, drinking, gambling and frequenting brothels.

From then on, I read Zhuan Falun at least once every two days, coupled with reading Master's other lectures. One year later, the change in me was enormous! I quit all of my bad habits and no longer indulged in eating, drinking, gambling or frequenting brothels. I used to have diabetes, hypertension, high uric acid, high blood viscosity, and high blood lipids, but now I was healthy. Plus, I really understood what human life is for. I felt enriched and free.

Friends and relatives were surprised to see these changes in me, especially those friends with whom I used to drink. They asked how I'd changed from a thoroughly bad man to a thoroughly good man. I told them that I'd started to cultivate in Falun Dafa and relayed my excellent experience. Thus, people around me saw the wonderfulness of Dafa.

In early 2013, I had serious symptoms of diabetes. I could not see, and the pain in both legs was unbearable. I also had diarrhea and was incontinent. My family didn't think I could make it without treatment, so they sent me to a hospital.

I felt deep sorrow when I was in the hospital; I felt that I was letting Master down. I saw the seriousness of cultivation and understood that whether for new or veteran practitioners, the requirements are the same.

That life-and-death test allowed me to identify many attachments that I once thought I had already eliminated. I became more firm in my resolve to cultivate back to my original, true self. I studied the Fa a lot, continuously. Now, as soon as I identify an attachment, I eliminate it.

Validating the Fa with Confidence and Poise

Gradually, I realized that as a new practitioner, I must also do well the three things required by Master. Hence, I asked a veteran practitioner if I could help distribute Shen Yun Performing Arts DVDs.

When I distributed the first DVD, my heart was beating very fast. When I distributed it, I thought, “I have finally taken this step!” Afterward, on two occasions I asked another practitioner to let me help distribute DVDs.

Later, that practitioner got busy, so I took more than 20 DVDs and distributed them by myself. I gave them out while walking and in places where I saw many people.

I stood in the center of a road and introduced the DVDs: “This is Chinese New Year Spectacular that revives 5,000 years of China's divine culture. People all around the world are watching it. After you watch it, your whole family will have blessings.” When people heard my introduction, they rushed to get a copy. I quickly finished distributing all of the DVDs that I had brought with me.

From then on, I would either ride on my bicycle or walk to distribute more copies. When I encountered people, I would introduce the DVD to them regardless of who they were, old or young. Many people longed to have a copy and scrambled to get one.

I did all these Fa-validating things with confidence and poise, remembering Master's words, “with confidence and poise” from the “Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference.” These words had a great impact on me. I tried to go about doing things as Master said—to be a Dafa disciple with confidence and poise, and to do the things that Dafa disciples should do with confidence and poise.

Two days ago, a practitioner from my area was to be put on trial, along with three other practitioners. The trial was to be held in another city. After hearing this news, I took the initiative to rent three vehicles for practitioners who wanted to go and support the arrested practitioners.

That day, we set off very early in the morning. When we reached the courthouse, there was still half an hour left before the trial. It was the first time I personally experienced that kind of a scene: The small courthouse was filled with a dozen heavily armed special police agents.

The court personnel did not allow us inside, and also prevented other people from going in to listen. Thus, we went to a hotel next to the courthouse to send forth righteous thoughts.

Later, I heard that the four practitioners who were on trial described the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa, exposed the communist regime's lies and turned the court into a stage to showcase the wonderfulness of Dafa disciples. We were all very inspired and felt the importance of practitioners collectively cooperating and strengthening.

A Precious Opportunity

Though I had focused on continuously being diligent, I suddenly realized that I had a serious problem with regard to the requirement of “no second cultivation way” (Zhuan Falun) . This was very dangerous. Hence, I thoroughly cleaned up the stuff in my house and threw away those things from Buddhism that I had kept. I am determined to completely eliminate everything I'd acquired from Buddhism from the depth of my mind and to cultivate only in Dafa.

I am deeply moved when I recall my experience of cultivating in Falun Dafa thus far. How rare of an opportunity it is to be able to walk into cultivation of Dafa during the ending period of Master's Fa-rectification! This opportunity does not come along in one thousand years or ten thousand years.

Other than believing in Master and the Fa, and doubling my efforts to be diligent, what can I do to repay Master's saving grace? I only have one wish, “Be Master's disciple and cultivate to the end with confidence and poise!”