(Minghui.org) We were shocked after reading the Minghui editorial, “Giving Speeches Amounts to Disrupting the Fa”. Reflecting on the editorial, as well as examples given in practitioners' articles, we increasingly believe that agents working for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are the driving force behind the speeches that disrupt the Fa.

Since the CCP launched the persecution against Falun Gong, the image of the practice has been severely damaged. However, with Dafa already deeply rooted in people's hearts, how could something so beneficial and wonderful be destroyed? Thus, practitioners continue to do the exercises and study the Fa together in small groups or with their family members. In order to avoid interference from the CCP, there is limited contact between these small groups of practitioners.

Practitioners work relentlessly to expose the horrific crimes of the persecution and many family-run material production sites have been set up to produce truth clarification materials to help practitioners clarify the facts. We use the anti-blockade software developed by overseas practitioners to freely access the Internet and the Minghui website, so that we can read Master's lectures, news articles exposing the CCP's atrocities and the brutal persecution, share experiences on cultivation and letting go of attachments, upgrading xinxing, and saving sentient beings through truth clarification work. Minghui serves as an intangible “coordinator.” In Mainland China, the coordination and cooperation among practitioners is without form, but it is very powerful in assisting Master in Fa rectification and saving sentient beings.

As practitioners' various forms of truth clarification activities increasingly expose the CCP's crimes, including the atrocities of live organ harvesting, the CCP deeply fears these crimes being exposed and holds on to the illusion that it can eliminate Falun Gong. However, as the Minghui editorial “Giving Speeches Amounts to Disrupting the Fa” and other practitioners sharings on the topic of organizing “speech” activities reveal, large scale “speeches” have increased from a dozen audience members, to dozens and even hundreds of audience members. Some outdoor meeting places even installed loudspeakers that could be heard from far away, and the speeches have been extended to many other cities and provinces! If CCP agents were not behind this, controlling everything, how could this be possible in China's oppressive environment against Falun Gong practitioners? How could the CCP, who harvest organs from living practitioners, suddenly be allowing “speeches” in the name of Falun Gong to become so prevalent?

There are two reasons why these activities could be successful in some areas during a certain period of time. One is practitioners' own problems, as pointed out by the Minghui editorial; the other is that the old forces have taken advantage of the loophole of the “Great Way Without Form,” since coordinating and cooperating without form means that some practitioners don't know if there are coordinators in a certain area, which makes it possible for CCP agents to pretend to be coordinators or practitioners from other areas. Another reason for CCP agents to promote such speeches is to lead practitioners onto the path of disrupting the Fa, which is being controlled by the old forces in other dimensions.

For those practitioners who've gone astray and participated in such speeches, it is Master's compassion that He does not directly tell us, but instead lets the Minghui editors give us a “stick warning”. Do not let this precious opportunity to rectify our behavior slip by! For the majority of us who did not participate, we also need to look inward and quickly eliminate the various attachments that we're still hanging onto that may lead us to go astray. This is a good opportunity for us all to improve our xinxing.

Thank you, Master! Thank you Minghui!