This story needs to begin with a little practitioner's mother. What's the name of the little practitioner? We'll just call him “Shuai Shuai,” because he was handsome when he was a toddler, and he still is. He's also very talented and gifted.

I. Present to His Mother



When Shuai Shuai's mother was pregnant, her hands seemed to contain electricity. She couldn't touch anything – the static electricity would shock her. She shocked everyone that came into contact with her. She had no other option but to wear thick mittens.

It didn't take long until she realized that she had abilities. Her friends and family would always go to her if they were ill. The effects were pretty good, but she didn't know what was happening.

When Shuai Shuai was born, her hands instantly lost the electricity. Everything returned to normal. She realized that it was her baby that had given her that supernatural ability! That was just the gift that Shuai Shuai gave to his mother when he "met" her. There was much more to come.

II. The Fortune God Gave Me 500 Yuan

When Shuai Shuai was four, he and his parents visited his grandmother. There was a pile of sand in front of her house for repairing the house. Shuai Shuai and his friends were playing with the sand, and when his mother told him that it was time for supper, he asked her, “Mother, someone gave me 500 yuan! Should I take it?” His mother said, “Who would do such a thing? Stop talking nonsense and come in to eat.” Shuai Shuai protested, “No, it's true!”

His mother smiled and said, “Then take it.” Shuai Shuai agreed and dragged his mother out to get the money. They dug, and there it was – five hundred yuan bills buried in the sand.

His mother didn't believe that the money just magically appeared, so she asked all the neighbors about it. However, no one said that they had lost any money, so she asked her son about it. He said, “It's was a present from the Fortune God! He wanted to give me a truckload of gold – I refused. Then he said that he'd give me 500 yuan so my father could buy me fireworks to play with.” After remembering what happened during her pregnancy, she believed him. The story of the 500 yuan is still told in Shuai Shuai's grandmother's hometown!

III. The Gift that Crossed Dimensions

When Shuai Shuai was five, he told his father, “Someone will give you a gold badge. Do you want it?” His father replied, “Who'll give it to me?” Shuai Shuai answered, “You'll know tomorrow.”

The next day, his father's previous boss, referred to as "Grandpa," gave him a call, saying that he missed Shuai Shuai and that he wanted to have a get-together. Shuai Shuai's father already believed the story about the money in the sand, and he predicted that what Shuai Shuai's foretold would come true.

On Sunday, Shuai Shuai's family brought gifts to "Grandpa's" house. Grandpa saw how lively Shuai Shuai was, and he was very fond of him. He brought over delicious food and put it next to Shuai Shuai. Grandpa didn't stop there – he suddenly remembered another gift. He took an exquisite box from his bookshelf and gave it to Shuai Shuai. He said, “You can only look at this item, but you can't touch it. From now on it is yours.” Shuai Shuai opened it up, and there it was – the golden seal.

Shuai Shuai's parents were shocked when his second prediction came true. They refused the gift, but Grandpa said, “You cannot refuse it! You have to take it!”

Grandpa was a soldier, and his boss had given him two golden seals. He didn't really care about them, but he suddenly thought that these would be very important for a child, and so he gave it to Shuai Shuai.

His mother asked Shuai Shuai about it, and he said, “It's because I saved that man's life before this one. In order to thank me, he found a way to give me the gold seal. It's been years since that occurred, and I just now got the present.” How could a five-year-old say such a thing? But that is what Shuai Shuai said, believe it or not!

IV. A Light in the Darkness

Shuai Shuai can see what other people can't. His neighbors can prove it. The hallway in front of Shuai Shuai's apartment is very dark and narrow, and there are no windows to let in light. There is no electric light in the hallway, either. His neighbors put things outside their apartments, such as garbage. People usually can't see a thing, and they have to feel their way along in in the dark to get down the hallway. Shuai Shuai, however, runs down the hallway and never shuffles or just walks.

His neighbors asked him if he was supernormal. He didn't reply and went back to playing with his friends. His neighbors eventually realized that he was supernatural. Only his mother knows why he can run like that in the dark, and that is because there is a light in front of Shuai Shuai wherever he walks.

V. Saving Mother the First Time

After a year, Shuai Shuai's mother had to leave home for a business meeting. He hugged his mother's legs and said, “Don't go! If you do, you won't come back!” His mother went to the train station when he was playing outside, but when he came inside, he noticed that his mother was gone. He rode his tricycle to the train station and saw her. His mother thought that he was fooling around, so she hit him and told him to go home.

On the day that his mother was supposed to return, a dozen police cars surrounded his apartment complex. His mother was taken to jail before she got home.

Shuai Shuai knew what to do. He told his father, “Go save Mom! Find Mr. X at the police station. Your friend Mr. Y knows him – they are good friends.”

His father didn't even hesitate, and went to find Mr. Y. When he explained the situation to Mr. Y, he said, “Mr. X is a good friend of mine. I'll go speak to him.”

Of course, his mother was released shortly. Apparently there was a financial dispute involving the company his mother worked for, and she was the head of the financial department. After an investigation, she was found to be innocent!

Shuai Shuai held the power to see the future, and that made his parents truly believe that he is a divine child.

VI. This Is My Master!

When Shuai Shuai was six, his parents began to practice Falun Dafa. One day, Shuai Shuai's mother and a few other practitioners were studying the Fa. Shuai Shuai saw them and wanted to join in. When he saw the book Falun Gong , he saw the picture of Master Li. He exclaimed, “That's my Master!” Everyone was shocked.

His mother asked him, “How do you know? What's your Master's name?” Shuai Shuai continued to say, “That's my Master!” He then explained everything about Falun Gong, including the three words for Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. He explained everything in great detail. He was still only in kindergarten. Shuai Shuai also said, “During the night, I go to Master and learn the Fa, and Master tells me to learn and study well.”

Shuai Shuai was very serious, and his mother's friends were talking about the Fa. There were even some Fa principles that the adults didn't fully understand. Shuai Shuai explained his understandings of them, one by one.

Shuai Shuai was very playful as well. Many kids wanted to play with him. Shuai Shuai's family's financial situation was pretty good, and his father bought him lots of toys. When another child asked for one, he never refused and gave up the toy willingly. Sometimes, the other kids got mad because they got into a dispute and they hit Shuai Shuai. Shuai Shuai didn't mind and went home.

When Shuai Shuai's mother knew that he was a practitioner, she encouraged him to do the exercises. The second time he did the exercises, the room smelt like penicillin. Before, when Shuai Shuai got sick, he would be given a shot of penicillin. Now they knew that Master had cleaned the penicillin out of his body.

When Shuai Shuai was nine, he could read Zhuan Falun without trouble. Sure, there were words here and there that he did not know, but, for the most part, he could read the entire book. One time, his mother suddenly developed the symptoms of a stroke. Shuai Shuai sat on her bed and read Zhuan Falun to her. Every now and then, he would ask, “Isn't this talking about you?” She would reply, “Yes! Yes!”

Shuai Shuai and his mother studied the Fa for three days. On the fourth day, his mother was completely fine.

VII. Saving His Mother for the Second Time

On July 20, 1999, when the Chinese regime began to persecute Falun Gong, Shuai Shuai's mother and father suddenly became targets. His mother was arrested, but his father cleverly escaped. The day before his mother was arrested, he said to her that he was going to his grandmother's house. He started packing his things, but he left all his schoolwork on his desk, replacing them with Fa books. When the police came, they wondered why they didn't find any Falun Gong books!

Shuai Shuai's father told him about the situation that night, and he immediately said, “We need to find Grandpa. He's the only one who can save Mom.” When Grandpa heard the news and saw Shuai Shuai crying, he assured him and said, “Good boy, don't cry. Grandpa will get your mother back for you!”

When Grandpa saw how much Shuai Shuai cared about his mother, he was extremely happy. He then especially served Shuai Shuai his favorite dishes. His mother is very righteous, even when she was imprisoned. It's not known how much Grandpa did to help, but Shuai Shuai's mother was released not long after.

VIII. Combating the Persecution

When Shuai Shuai was in 5 th grade, the local police station knew about him and about how he was also a practitioner. When they asked where he was, Shuai Shuai's friends never knew and they didn't see him. But when the police were gone, his reappeared, doing what he was supposed to do.

When Shuai Shuai graduated, he went to a top-ranked middle school. However, he was only able to study for a year before the threats of the persecution reappeared. Shuai Shuai left his beloved school in tears. He chose the path of homeschooling, and he wanted to join a technical school, not a high school. He thought that it was unnecessary for him to study further.

Shuai Shuai had very high scores in school, but he found that the technical school wasn't at all what he thought it would be like. The students were poorly educated. Many went there because they didn't like the regular high school system and its rules. In this environment, Shuai Shuai didn't let the othter students' attitude affect him. He paid attention during class, and when he didn't understand something, he would stay behind and ask the teacher to explain it to him. The teachers loved him and his passion for learning.

Two years flew by. He was very honest, and everyone seemed to like him. The teachers asked him what he was going do after graduation. He said, “I'm going to college.” The teachers knew about college requirements, and that their school had a poor curriculum. They were on average a year or two behind a regular high school. The teachers all thought that Shuai Shuai should stop dreaming his dream.

Shuai Shuai refused and said, “My Master will help me get into college!” He continued to study the Fa every day and then proceeded to study for the national finals.

His mother asked him, “Is it going to be all right?” Shuai Shuai said, “Yes. There's the Fa and there's Master. I'll be fine.” In a limited amount of time, he could remember facts and information that would seem impossible for anyone else.

Shuai Shuai took the final exam as planned, and he received a college invitation letter in the mail. It was from the college he had dreamed of! Shuai Shuai took the letter and knelt three times before Master's picture.

Shuai Shuai is now an adult and has since graduated. He uses his area of expertise to speak the truth and save people – like a true Dafa disciple!