(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Nie Guangfeng was illegally tried by the Zhabei District Court in Shanghai on the morning of April 18, 2013. After many recesses during the two-hour trial, the defendant’s attorney was dismissed from the court for no apparent reason, and the trial ended quickly without the defendant’s lawyer present.

The attorney pointed out that the trial was illegal and he refused to sign the court document that the judge wanted him to sign. A bailiff then blocked the attorney and pulled his hand and held it underneath his underarm, grasping his bag strap and not letting it go. The family went up and got in between the two, and said, “This is our lawyer. You should not treat him this way.” When the family pointed out that what they did was illegal, judge Gong Wen and district attorney Wang Lin both said, “Go ahead and appeal.”

Mr. Nie Guengfeng, 62, from Shanghai is a college graduate and is deaf in one ear. He was arrested by police from the Daning Police Station in the Zhabei District at around 1:00 p.m. on September 8, 2012 when he was distributing Falun Gong informational materials. His home was ransacked. Those responsible for the ransacking, as it appeared on the search warrant, were Shen Ming and Huang Moulei. On the afternoon of September 10, Mr. Nie's wife went to ask for his release at the Zhabei Police Department, but the police denied everything. They denied that they had arrested Mr. Nie, and even the existence of the two police officers Shen Ming and Huang Moulei.

The family was unable to get any information and continued to go to the police station and the Zhabei District Police Department seeking information, but no one responded. The detention paper stated that the detention was to be for thirty days. When the thirty days were over, the family went to the police station and were told to go to the Domestic Security Division. They then went to the Domestic Security Division. No one received them, so the family kept making phone calls. Finally a man answered and told them that it was the Domestic Security Division that was in charge. They went to the Domestic Security Division, but still no one received them. When they went to the neighborhood commission, they were told that two police officers had arrived a couple days before. They took out a piece of paper and put it on the door, and then took a picture of it and left.

To uphold Mr. Nie’s civil rights, the family hired a righteous lawyer from Beijing. During the time that the lawyer participated, the Zhabei District Court judge called him several times to ask him not to discuss the nature of the case.

After waiting for seven months, the Zhabei District Court suddenly notified the attorney that the trial was set to take place on April 18. The trial was held in a small room that could only hold eight people. Four seats were occupied when the family got there. Only four family members were able to attend the hearing.

The trial process was absurd. The judge Gong Wen did everything she could to stop the attorney from speaking and to prevent the attorney from arguing on the nature of Falun Gong. The attorney indicated that he was neither a Communist Party member nor a Falun Gong practitioner, but only a third party who was legally defending Mr. Nie. He was later stopped by the judge every time he began to speak, which led to court recesses.

During the recesses, the judge kept pressuring the attorney to stop him from talking about the nature of Falun Gong. He kept calling his superiors for instructions. A few times later, the judge kicked the attorney out claiming that he was disturbing the court. A family member who had made some comments was also kicked out. The prosecutor openly told Mr. Nie in court, “We will be easy on you as long as you admit guilt.” The trial ended quickly without the defendant’s attorney present and with the family protesting.

These are the so-called law-upholding people in a metropolitan city like Shanghai. They wear a coat for civilization and waive a flag of justice, but they are actually trampling on human rights and obstructing justice. This is the true nature of the Chinese Communist’s court.

Zhabei District Court
Address: 3009, Gonghexin Rd., Shanghai 200072, Tel: 021-36034666
Judge: Gong Wen

Zhaibei District Attorney’s Office
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Prosecutor: Wang Ling

Zhabei District Police Station
Address: 199, Datong Rd.
Switch board: 33034510 to switch to the national security squadron

Daning Police Station
Address: 200, Pengjiang Rd. , Tel: 56650418
Officer Shenming: Tel: 22041315

Zhabei Detention Center
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