(Minghui.org) Many cultivators experience blockages that are hard to break through in their cultivation. Some people recognize them, but cannot seem to eliminate them. Some people may not even realize they have these issues. Today's cultivation requires the elimination of such blockages so our lives can be purer and we can do the three things better.

I would like to share some of my experiences from past years. I hope my sharing can help to expand the thinking and understanding of the Fa's requirements at different levels.

My experiences may seem very real, however, they are restricted by my level and scope of enlightenment. They are nevertheless comprehensive. It is enough for me to enlighten to what I need to understand. Please don't treat my experience as the standard. Only Master and Dafa can guide our cultivation. Let's all treat the Fa as our Master.

Many years ago, I was part of a Fa study group. Over 10 practitioners studied the Fa together every week. We didn't know each other's name or personal information. We simply studied the Fa together and then parted ways.

There was a couple in the group who often had arguments. The husband was quite eloquent and he would point out his wife's cultivation issues based on the Fa. The wife would then have to take a step back and look inward. Other practitioners thought the husband wasn't compassionate by the way he pointed out others' problems and often spoke on his wife's behalf. The husband accepted others' criticism happily, each time.

A year passed, I was busy and often on business trips. I didn't attend the group Fa study each week. One day I made some efforts to go there, when a scene flashed in front of my eyes.

The scope of my vision was very narrow; similar to the area of an eye turned vertically.

I was at a high realm. A person stood across from me. He was in a yellow kasaya. He looked identical to the husband in the Fa study group, only his facial expression was very weird and very insincere.

He saw me. He nodded and said sadly: “You have come.”

I was confused, but nodded.

He said: “You now see me. Are you surprised?”

I nodded and felt weird.

He said: “I'm a high-level distorted life of the husband in your Fa study group. My realm is close to his origin, only a few levels down. When the husband came down from his origin, he became insincere at this level. I am the part of that insincerity. You can call me untruthfulness.”

I wasn't sure that I understood, so I looked at him inquisitively.

He continued: “Because of my existence, his life (the husband) has carried untruthfulness at every level below this realm all the way to the human world. He doesn't tell the truth and is phony.”

I responded: “I haven't sensed insincerity in him after knowing him for so long now. He is quite nice and is able to take criticism without resentment.”

“Untruthfulness” smiled bitterly: “This is the untruthful part. He is able to cover it up. You haven't been able to pinpoint his real issues. Why can't you pinpoint them? Because he has hidden them. As long as you cannot directly hit on his problems, his attachments are not touched. He can protect himself. No matter what you say, or how sharp the criticisms are, he can take them. You think it's because he has cultivated well. It is actually a manifestation of his untruthfulness.”

“... As for his arguments with his wife, you think it's because of his lack of compassion. It is really lack of truthfulness and sincerity. Each time he argues with his wife, it is also a cultivation opportunity for him. Of course his wife also has cultivation issues.”

“All of you, including the husband and the wife, know nothing about the existence of me, untruthfulness. Because his cultivation level hasn't reached this level yet, he has to be influenced by me and display untruthfulness.”

I was shocked and asked: “Why?”

“Untruthfulness” said sadly: “I am a part of his whole life. Therefore, he displays untruthfulness in each level below mine. However, his origin doesn't have me.”

I doubted: “If you know this, why can't you change yourself?”

“Untruthfulness” answered: “I'm only a part of his life and a distorted part. I'm not the main body of the cultivator. I cannot change myself. I can only wait for my main body to return to my realm and assimilate me to the Fa.”

I asked: “Hasn't he been cultivating all these years? Has he rectified this issue?”

Once I asked this, “Untruthfulness” was even sadder. He sobbed: “I have been waiting for him to return to this realm and assimilate me to the Fa. Then I can change and be more righteous and pure!”

“Untruthfulness” continued: “However, he has been concealing his real issues. He hasn't been looking within and cultivating genuinely. He is still far away from my realm.”

I tried to comfort him: “It's OK. Fa-rectification isn't over yet. There is still time and opportunity.”

“Untruthfulness” shook his head and became very sad: “Although there is part of me in his untruthfulness, I really hope that he can cultivate to my level, change me, and assimilate me to Dafa. I have been watching him in the human world with anxiety and hope. However...” He lamented.

All of this happened in a very short time. However, the impact of this experience on me was huge. After my thoughts came back to the human world, I didn't know what to do. When I arrived at the Fa study group, everyone was happy to see me again. The couple greeted me very warmly.

I didn't know what to do. I wasn't sure if my experience was real or not and whether I should share what I experienced with others. If what I saw was not real, then wouldn't I be interfering with others' and my own cultivation? Some of the practitioners in our local area who had seen things with their third eye and supernormal abilities had misinterpreted what they saw and caused quite a few problems in the past. Therefore, many practitioners were not open to hearing about experiences from other dimensions.

If I shared my experience with others and the problem wasn't real, then I would offend the husband and affect the relationships among practitioners. I would also be excluded from the group. Even if the problem were real, the husband would use his “untruthfulness” to defend himself. Other practitioners might not see the problem and might not believe me. Then I would become a target for exclusion. Collaborating with them for Fa-rectification projects would become more difficult.

I didn't take any action and left at the end of the Fa study.

I became busy again and didn't go to the Fa study group for a while. The few times I was there, I didn't see the couple. Much later, I heard others talking about the couple. They said the husband had been sick and that it had been difficult for him to join the Fa study group over the past year or so. Nobody knew he was ailing. He had been hospitalized and was in critical condition.

When I heard this, I shared my experience with the practitioners and asked them to relay the information to the husband. However, it was too late. The husband died a few days later.

I finally knew why “untruthfulness” was so sad. He must have seen the end of the husband's life already. Even though he used his power to communicate with me and was trying his best, he didn't have much hope that the situation would change. As for me, my cultivation had not reach a level where I knew what to do. Under the influence of my human reasoning, as well as not knowing the husband's situation in the human world, I delayed telling anyone about what I had experienced.

Perhaps delaying talking about this with others was also known to “untruthfulness.” After all, one can see more clearly at a higher levels whether all of the elements are ready for something to happen. Therefore, he was so sad and hoping for a miracle.

I felt guilty about this for a long time. We all want to form a one-body. We all say that we are assisting Master to rectify the Fa. However, oftentimes, we don't really do what we are supposed to...