(Minghui.org) A fake Fa-teaching entitled "Easter Fa Lecture" has been circulating among  practitioners in Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Hebei, Hubei, Shandong, and other provinces for some time now. It recently made its way to Dafa disciples outside of China. It is also promoted enthusiastically on evil websites and deviated forums. Some who are spreading it claim it to be the "Mount Hope Fa teaching” given by Master on April 4, 2010 (some date it as April 10). Neither is the case. It is a fake, a result of taking some of Master’s words taught outside of China out of context and altering them to fit one’s own purpose.
Fake Fa-teachings have appeared ever since the earliest days in July of 1999 when the “tests” from the old forces began. This is but one of the more recent instances.
At the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website’s Founding, a disciple from Europe asked: "Could the Clearharmony website publish Master's writings? Or should it just remain Minghui.org that does so?" Master answered: "I only publish them on Minghui.org because doing that helps to maintain its credibility. Other sites run by Dafa disciples and meant for our own community can republish [them by linking to] them, and this will prevent trouble from the fake ones."
When the board of Minghui.org submitted to Master Li the matter of practitioners in China reading and spreading fake Fa-teachings, as well as their working against and trying to discredit Minghui.org, Master said, "All who disrupt the Fa will be held accountable for the things that they have done." 
We hereby reaffirm: All alleged Fa-teachings that have not been published on Minghui.org or officially published by Master are, without exception, fake. This has been common knowledge since July 1999 among practitioners who truly cultivate themselves. They all know it, thus there is no need for the board of Minghui.org to provide clarification, wake up calls and stick-warnings each and every time a fake Fa-teaching comes into being. There is not even need for Minghui.org to carry practitioners’ sharing articles when each and every fake writing appears.
Some students have taken this matter lightly. They think that there’s no problem reading these fake writings as long as they return them to their providers, who are on deviant paths. In that sense, they think that they are not involved in spreading the fake Fa-teachings. Some don’t realize the grave consequences of reading fake Fa-teachings. They say, "The more Minghui criticizes it, the more we should read it." And they pompously call it “seeing it with one’s own eyes.” There are people even more irrational who say that "Zhen-Shan-Ren [the principle of Falun Dafa] is just black ink printed on white paper, and something at the lowest surface level. Higher levels have higher Fa." They fancy that being able to receive fake Fa-teachings (which some of them refer to as "higher Fa") validates their greatness and practice at higher levels. They proclaim that circulating the false writings is "saving you from a lower place to higher place, helping you to step outside the box and go beyond the cosmos." Reading fake Fa-lectures means you are pursuing them. After you read them, your mind will be filled with those evil substances. How will you then dispel them? How are you going to finish your path of Dafa cultivation? 
Here we reaffirm it for you: Producing, circulating and reading fake teachings all disrupt the Fa, ruin yourselves as well as other Dafa disciples, and fuel the old forces’ persecution.
Do we truly remember well Master's Fa-teachings of "Awakening," "Stability of the Fa," and "Bear in Mind Forever"? Do we truly use them to guide and rectify our words and actions? Do we really believe the seriousness of what Master Li has said about these matters? 

Master wrote the above three pieces in 1996 and 1997. It has been over sixteen years since their publication. Even simply out of faith and respect to Master Li and the Fa, a sincere disciple or practitioner should never get involved in producing, circulating, reading or keeping fake Fa-lectures, because he or she knows that to do otherwise is to be utterly irresponsible to his or her own true self and cultivation. Such wrong conduct has nothing to do with "being special," "cultivating at high levels," "being terrific," or  "helping other people [move to higher levels]." 
Fa-rectification cultivation is already full of profoundness, depth, difficulty, and perils to overcome. Yet you add upon yourself sinful karma that’s as high as a mountain and as vast as the sky. How do you think you could possibly overcome the tribulations that such huge karma causes? Some of your fellow practitioners had previously been practicing comparatively steadily. Then, they went down a deviant path as a result of reading the false teachings that you gave them. Some of them later on suddenly fell into the trap of severe sickness karma and even lost their lives. Some others have experienced other types of dangerous ordeals after reading your fake Fa-teachings. Do you know that you are held responsible for these people and these matters? How could anyone possibly bear such responsibility?
Master’s book, Zhuan Falun, is the fundamental Dafa that guides cultivation. Master’s other officially published Fa-teachings are meant to help Dafa disciples better understand Zhuan Falun so that disciples can cultivate better and improve their xinxing levels through following the guidance of Zhuan Falun. If you can truly guide your thoughts, words and deeds with all the Fa-teachings Master Li has officially published, and achieve xinxing improvements at all times and in all circumstances, then you are truly extraordinary. And this is greatness recognized by the righteous gods of the cosmos. Such true greatness cannot be self-proclaimed, while illusions of greatness come from inflated egos, interference from various sources, ignorance, or extreme irrationality.
Minghui Editorial Board
April 25, 2013 
Whoever Does Evil Bears the Burden

As long as you are interested in fake Fa-teachings; as long as you are interested in hearsay; and as long as you have human hearts to disrupt the Fa, you will receive such things and read them. Your human hearts, at any moment, could pull you down and cause you to lose the destiny to cultivate Dafa. For those people who spread and read false Fa-teachings, it’s not just a simple matter of human attachments. Those false Fa-lectures, hearsay and words that disrupt the Fa that you pass off have harmed so many cultivators and caused them to lose their historic opportunity. It is huge sinful karma that no one can pay off. The circulation of those writings among Dafa disciples arises to target these people’s human attachments. And the situation of disrupting the Fa is also caused by these people. Time waits for no one. The next step may come at any time. Looking at your human hearts I find you absurd and I worry for you. You are rather disappointing to me, unable to manage your human hearts. I want to ask such people: Do you know that you are supposed to cultivate? Watch out and take care. 

Li Hongzhi
April 26, 2013