(Minghui.org) The Changchun Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp launched another round of intensive brainwashing targeting detained Falun Gong practitioners in mid-October 2012. In an attempt to “transform” practitioners, staff tortured them continuously, while subjecting them to extended periods of sleep deprivation.

Mr. Zhu Jingyun, who was detained on Team No. 3, suffered a stroke as a result of the torture. He is now unable to walk and requires constant care. Another practitioner from Team No. 1 experienced symptoms of heart disease due to the torture.

Repeated Rounds of Torture

On July 20, 2012, several dozen practitioners held at the labor camp went on a hunger strike to demand unconditional release of all detained practitioners. The guards shocked them with electric batons and subjected them to multiple rounds of torture, including beatings, force-feeding, and other methods.

He Jianxin, director of Team No. 2, and guard Ma Yuntao beat practitioners Mr. Zhong Cheng and Mr. Xue Pin. They also force-fed them and then put them in solitary confinement. The solitary cells are extremely small and very humid, with standing water. They are routinely used for torture.

Mr. Zhong lost his ability to walk due to the torture inflicted upon him. His left leg became paralyzed due to nerve damage from the electric shocks. However, he was still forced to sit in an iron chair while in solitary confinement. He was also deprived of toilet use for an extended period.

After Mr. Zhong repeatedly requested medical treatment, he was finally sent to the Second Hospital of Changchun Medical College on August 7, 2012. He was seen there again on August 27. However, his condition has continued to deteriorate due to the harsh treatment in the labor camp and he is currently in a lot of pain. He is allowed to eat only soup and a half bowl of rice for each meal. The guards have withheld the food his family sent to him.

Parties Involved in the Persecution

Changchun Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp:
Address: Sitong Road, Chaoyang District, Changchun, Jilin Province, China 130031
Office Phone: +86-0431-84835680, ext. 8015 and 8016

Fax: +86-0431-84833900

Front Desk: +86-0431-84838828, +86-0431-84839147

Political Office: +86-0431-84835680, ext. 8006

Wang Xiaoming, director: +86-0431-13351503013, +86-0431-13814316466, +86-0431-13814316400, +86-0431-84658559 (Home), +86-0431-84833900 (Office), +86-0431-13904328520 (Wife)
Wei Guoliang, secretary of the Political Committee: +86-0431-13840099155, +86-0431-84866779 (Office)
Yang Yi, assistant director: +86-0431-84835680, ext. 8004, +86-0431-84839135
Wang Jiangang, assistant director: +86-0431-13944166668, +86-0431-84835680, ext. 8003
Zhu Yunfeng, assistant director: +86-0431-84839146
Zhao Dong, Management Department: +86-0431-13304319476

Zhu Jiahui, Management Department

Team No. 1 personnel: Zhang Guangfeng, director; Li Shujun, instructor; Ji Lei, chief; Gao Zhilu

Team No. 2 personnel: He Jianxin, director; Wu Weiguang, assistant director; Lu Yansheng, instructor; Qi Xinghua, chief; Cui Hongyan; Chen Lihui; Chen Bosheng; Jin Wenge; Ma Yuntao

Team No. 3 personnel: Gao Jianhui, director; Liu Xiaoyu, instructor; Ji Wenquan, chief; Fan Shenglu