(Minghui.org) Back when I believed the Chinese Communist Party's vicious lies, I was completely astonished to come across a truth clarification site in Hong Kong. Although I did not take any brochures, I saw that people outside of China could practice Falun Dafa without harassment. Later, I did not actively avoid other such sites. I started to wonder about the millions of Chinese who had quit the CCP when I saw a sign at a site that said, "One Hundred Million Have Withdrawn from the CCP and Its Affiliated Organizations." On another occasion I was deeply impressed by a message I saw: “Loving One's Country Is Not the Same as Loving the Communist Party.”

It took me three years to understand the truth through the truth clarification sites and then obtain the Fa. So, I wish to say a big "thank you" to Hong Kong practitioners.

There is one practitioner that I recall specifically. To save more sentient beings at her site, she always stretched out her hand to give people materials, even when a person was at quite a distance away yet still passing by. Among the endless streams of people and cars on the road, these practitioners don't look very obvious, yet they give people an impression of auspiciousness and harmony.

In my opinion, most of the tourists from China are open to new ideas and things in Hong Kong. Thus, they will read the truth-clarification materials and Epoch Times newspaper carefully. When I came back from my first trip to Hong Kong, I shared what I saw and heard with my friends: “It is a free society indeed. I noticed that many people were eagerly distributing materials about Falun Gong in public!”

I believe that if Hong Kong practitioners could be more proactive in passing out materials, they would achieve even better results in saving sentient beings. I reckon that if they had done so, I would have found the Fa earlier when I passed the site.

I came to the conclusion that, because the truth clarification sites play such a vital role in enabling Chinese people to understand the truth, the evil has been doing its utmost to destroy them. Hong Kong practitioners should solidly pull themselves together as soon as possible to prevent the evil from causing any more disruptions.

Thank you once again!