(Minghui.org) Happy Chinese New Year, fellow practitioners in Hong Kong.

Please know that I do not mean to write this article to criticize any fellow practitioner or show that I cultivate any better. It is an attempt to share my humble insights in the hope of helping each other reinforce our righteous thoughts. This is a very serious and difficult topic as it pertains to eliminating a cultivator's attachments, which is an agonizingly painful process.

A new Falun Gong practitioner in my area told me that on February 12 local authorities had finally removed the very last banner that defamed Falun Gong.

We live in a suburb of the largest city of our province in China. It is a historic town that is far bigger, more developed and more populous than many counties in China. The walking district is practically sleepless at night. However, there are Chinese Communist Party (CCP) flags everywhere lining the streets. You even hear songs praising the CCP from time to time. There are banners and signs on the streets and in store windows nearly everywhere, including many residential areas. As we clarified the truth to people, I learned that very few had received materials containing important facts about Falun Gong. We don't know how much fellow practitioners in the area had done to clarify the truth in the past. It should not be a surprise because I heard that many capable practitioners have immigrated to different countries overseas.

We started seeing "anti-cult" banners and signs all over the town in October 2012. Although it did not say Falun Gong on the banners and signs, everyone knew that they were aiming at Falun Gong because the CCP has been running hate propaganda against Falun Gong in China for over a decade.

I found such a banner in my own residential area. It is a new residential community with many surveillance cameras. While a fellow practitioner and I were contemplating on removing it, it was replaced with a non-offensive banner. Maybe one of the security guards in our community knew the truth about Falun Gong, but it wouldn't do if this is the only community free of such banners. What are we going to do about all the other propaganda banners and signs all over the town? To the best of my knowledge, there are only two Falun Gong practitioners in this large town --- a new practitioner that started just a year ago and myself. Moreover, we were not very familiar with this town.

Teacher hinted that we should distribute Falun Gong truth-clarification materials. The two of us began to work very closely together. We checked out the streets, compiled a complete list of CCP cadres in every single area, read up on the history of the town, and talked to people of different ages and walks of life in an attempt to assess how much people in this town knew about Falun Gong.

We then sent the results to Minghui.org, but fellow practitioners encouraged us to just start distributing materials. They suggested that we don't necessarily have to publish the article on Minghui.org before we start distributing truth-clarification materials. We made flyers containing colorful photos and began distributing them in our area. However, the local authorities suddenly replaced all the hate propaganda banners and signs with more vicious ones two days later! We immediately began to search inward and identified an attachment to accomplishment, as well as our fear and hatred towards the CCP. We realized that we needed greater power of righteousness and a larger energy field. We also realized that the literature in the flyers needed improvement, so we asked for help from Minghui to edit and publish the content for us.

The content in the truth-clarification flyers became very peaceful and harmonious, yet dignified. The language flows naturally with compassion. On the third day after it was published on Minghui.org, propaganda banners disappeared from the streets. It was a manifestation of the powerful, miraculous power of Teacher. Meanwhile, it shows that the local authorities have been paying close attention to the contents on Minghui because they want to know if their actions have been exposed.

There are no more vicious banners on the streets, but they remain in small districts. The two of us began to distribute truth-clarification materials more widely. We started with the most populous areas on the main streets. We inserted flyers behind the bumpers of cars at all the hotels and inns. We quickly spread the flyers all over town. The new practitioner studies the Fa well. She is quite remarkable for a lady who is nearly 70 years old. Her righteous thoughts emerged after just a few trips together to distribute flyers. Then she went out on her own because I had many things to take care of. She also sent letters to the staff of different community administration offices.

We also listed on the flyers the communities that had not removed the propaganda banners. It was very effective. Those communities listed on the flyers quickly replaced the banners with non-offensive ones.

We learned that such flyers containing local information attracted people's attention. Even the local authorities were shocked when they saw the local communities listed on the flyers. The local authorities have already removed the very last propaganda banner. They were evidently afraid of being exposed for what they had done.

In hindsight, it was not difficult with Teacher's help. Once we knew what the local people knew, wanted to know and needed to know, it was not difficult to produce information that tailored to their needs. Then we just needed to be mindful of our personal safety and not be too hasty when we distributed truth-clarification flyers. It is imperative to have the local people know the truth about Falun Gong and help urge the local authorities to stop the hate propaganda. It is imperative to have the local authorities to know that their actions have been exposed so that they will stop.

The ongoing public harassment and assaults on practitioners in Hong Kong have lasted for a very long time. In fact, the situation may be deteriorating. It is affecting Chinese people who visit Hong Kong, as well as local residents in Hong Kong. We must not allow it to continue. Teacher has taught us that “the appearance stems from the mind.” The evil from other dimensions will have no power over us if we don't have any attachment. The local authorities in Hong Kong have become so fierce that we really need to ask whether we are able to face and eradicate our fundamental attachments because it will directly affect whether we can turn the tide in Hong Kong.

I would like to make two humble suggestions. First, identify and eliminate all internal elements that do not comply with the teachings of Falun Gong.

I am a Falun Gong practitioner living in China. It is only because of Teacher's protection and salvation that I was able to weather the storm for the last decade despite numerous trials and tribulations. Aside from a few exceptions, I think most practitioners were persecuted because they could not let go of their attachments. I believe the severity of their attachments corresponded to the persecution or tribulation they faced.

I have observed that practitioners in areas with severe persecution of Falun Gong typically cultivated their speech poorly, fought amongst themselves, and spread rumors. We shoulder the important responsibility of saving sentient beings, but we neglect the future of the sentient beings and focus on instigating strife, speaking ill of each other, and spreading rumors about fellow practitioners. The evil old forces see what we do very clearly from other dimensions. They exploit such loopholes and spread vicious lies about Falun Gong in order to destroy the future of the sentient beings we mean to save. While we fail to use our tongue to save sentient beings, the evil uses its tongue to destroy them.

Secondly, we need to expose the harassment and assaults to the local people in Hong Kong. Even if there were only three Falun Gong practitioners left in Hong Kong, we should expose the repeated public harassment and assaults while we clarify the truth about Falun Gong to the people in Hong Kong.

You may divide the work among the three of you. One person continues to brave the harassment and clarify the truth in the most populous areas while the other two visit the administration of the communities and organizations. While you clarify the truth about Falun Gong and seek help to end the harassment on the Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong, you can assess the level of their understanding about Falun Gong. You should also study the background information of those most involved in the harassment. Then immediately produce content that are more conducive for the readers in Hong Kong. Help them understand that, by helping Falun Gong practitioners, they will also be helping themselves and fulfilling their responsibility. They should willingly help end the harassment and change the environment in Hong Kong. The three of you should distribute truth-clarification materials door to door and clarify the truth face-to-face while asking for help. (We should know that we are not begging for help, but giving people an opportunity for salvation.) The environment in Hong Kong is not as vicious as that in China. The local authorities will not openly arrest anyone at will; therefore, we should be able to do it without the risk of being arrested. Of course, each region is different. Please use an approach suitable in Hong Kong.

This is merely my personal understanding. Please forgive me if I seem blunt. I am very concerned about the situation in Hong Kong. Please kindly point out to me if my understanding is not in line with the Fa.