(Minghui.org) Since the Chinese Communist regime led by Jiang Zemin began the persecution of Falun Gong in July 1999, Falun Gong practitioners in Zhucheng, Shandong Province, have been relentlessly persecuted by provincial level public security officials, the judiciary, and the procuratorate. Countless practitioners have been persecuted and close to thirty tortured to death. More practitioners from Zhucheng were sentenced to prison than from any other place in Shandong Province. About ten practitioners are still detained in Jinan Prison, including Li Liang, Lu Guijuan, Tai Guishan, Wang Lili, Lin Shuhua, and Li Wensheng.

In the spring of 2009 CCP secretary Zou Qingzhong started an aggressive “search and arrest” policy. The entire Zhucheng police force suspended all other normal operations to participate in a dragnet to arrest Falun Gong practitioners and ransack their homes. More than 50 practitioners were detained, put into labor camps, or sentenced to prison. Those who most actively participated in the persecution included deputy political commissar Sun Yulong of the police department, Domestic Security Division captain Zheng Daqing, and Domestic Security Division police officers Fan Zuoben, Cuibo, and Mao Yulong.

Many practitioners were taken to Zhucheng Brainwashing Center. This brainwashing center is located on a re-purposed elementary school campus. There is no sign on the outside metal gate. A sign on the inside metal gate says, “Legal Training Courses.” The classrooms are divided into cubicles that hold each practitioner separately. Vicious dogs roam the campus, and video cameras on walls outside and in the rooms monitor all activity. Practitioners face all kinds of torture, including sleep deprivation and denial of restroom use, insufficient food, being slapped in the face, threats, and being tied up with wire and then shocked with electricity. Falun Gong practitioners' screams are often heard. There is an electric shock torture called “shake the handle.” After someone is tortured like this, his or her bowels empty. Practitioners Wang Cheng, Ren Bingyu, Li Wensheng, and others were tortured like this. Their clothing was stained with excrement but they weren't allowed to clean themselves. During the cold days in the early spring, while others are wearing heavy clothing, Falun Gong practitioners are forced to remove theirs so that brainwashing personnel can splash cold water on them.


Torture re-enactment: Electric shock

Female practitioners are often handcuffed to a window frame for days at a time. The window height is adjusted so that they must stand on their toes. After several days their feet and legs are so swollen that their shoes no longer fit. Ms. Lu Guijuan, Ms. Ma Hongying, and others were all tortured like this. One time, officers Fan Zuoben and Sun Yulong ordered officer Wang to force Ms. Sun Qimei to sit on cold concrete with her hands handcuffed to a bed leg. Wang poured cold water on the ground where she sat and opened the door and window to allow cold air in. Another time practitioner Ms. Sui Hongju was shocked with an electric-shocking device that looks like a flashlight. Ms. Sui was not allowed to sleep for nine days, and whenever she closed her eyes they would pour cold water on her face. They also placed a metal basin over her head and then hit it. When she was then put into a detention center, she resisted the persecution with a hunger strike but was brutally beaten by the jail doctor, Li Xinming. At noon on August 12, 2009, Ms. Sui passed out as the result of a beating. Her body was all purple, and her head was full of cuts.


Torture re-enactment: Hanging

Twelve days after Mr. Li Wensheng entered the brainwashing center, he had been tortured so severely by officers Fan Jie and Cui Bo that he became incontinent. Mr. Li Liang was slapped in the face and not allowed to sleep for four days. Mr. Ma Hongying was not allowed to sleep for four days, and his hands were handcuffed to a window frame.

Domestic Security Division police officers that tortured Falun Gong practitioners included Fan Zuoben, Fan Jie, Cui Bo, Li Honghe, Mao Yulong, and others. They should be punished for their crimes. Former police department director Zhang Xingye, deputy commissar Sun Yulong, and Domestic Security Division captain Zheng Daqing all assumed major responsibilities in this round of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

Zhucheng's current and past CCP personnel:

CCP secretaries: Chen Guang, Zhang Jiangting, Liu Decheng, Zou Qingzhong, Chen Ruxiao
Political and Legal Affairs Committee directors: Song Ruiliang, Li Hongde, Wang Hongwei, Liu Zuoxun
610 Office directors: Hui Jianhua and Sun Peiling
Police Department directors: Ming Zhongliang, Xue Lin, Zhang Xingye, and Zhao Lide
Domestic Security Division captains: Zhu Pengde, Liang Zhenfa, Zheng Daqing, Zhao Lirong, and Lu Jianhua