(Minghui.org) A young fellow practitioner recently returned to her hometown and helped with the submission of local experience-sharing articles. She brought her laptop to practitioners' homes and helped them write their articles.

Many practitioners in the countryside don’t have much education. She encouraged them to get rid of fear and share their cultivation experiences. She used the question-and-answer format to gather their cultivation stories and then typed them up, verifying the accuracy with each practitioner before submitting their article. With the help of this young practitioner, the practitioners in the village thus had their experience-sharing articles submitted to Minghui.org.

From this experience of writing articles, many were inspired to become more diligent in their cultivation. One practitioner said: "We are Dafa practitioners. Master has led us on this cultivation path, so we should continue doing the three things well and not let Master down.” Many resumed their early-morning exercises and came out to validate Dafa, including those who had not done so in the past.

Another coordinator was responsible for collecting cultivation-sharing articles in her region, as well as from small villages far away from the city. She had talked to every practitioner in her area regarding writing a sharing article. I have seen some of the articles she collected from the countryside. They are simple, but each article shows the power of Dafa.

I was the coordinator for collecting sharing articles for final submission. The whole process of article collection and submission was cultivation. I am an impetuous person. I did not receive any articles in the first month; they only started to come in during the last two weeks before the deadline, and I received a big stack during the final week. Many practitioners also asked me to help with their papers close to the deadline.

With little time left to collect these articles, I was very anxious. I did not know what to do. I needed to verify some information, but could not find the right person. In addition, my typing was slow. In the last few days, I worked until midnight every day.

I became impatient and complained a lot, which allowed the evil to take advantage of me. I lost a tooth, my gums were bleeding, and my cheeks were puffy. I sent forth righteous thoughts every day to eliminate this interference, but I did not see any change.

I managed to complete the article submission before the deadline. Two days later, a practitioner noticed my swollen face. I explained what had happened. The practitioner said decisively: "Don't recognize it and reject the old forces' arrangements. Master said we shouldn't even acknowledge their existence."

After this conversation, I felt much better. I realized that when I had sent forth righteous thoughts, I had acknowledged the persecution. I must break away from ordinary people’s thoughts and completely deny this persecution.

After reading some sharing articles on Minghui.org, I realized that I needed to get rid of the attachments of impetuousness and compliance. As cultivators, we should possess compassion all the time, and be kind and good when encountering any problems.

I completely rejected the old forces' arrangements. The next day when I woke up, the swelling was gone.

Is cultivation in Dafa hard? It will be difficult if one does not abide by the Fa, but it is easy if one acts in accordance with the Fa.

Please correct me if there is anything wrong.