(Minghui.org) On August 6, 2013, officials at Siping Prison in Jilin Province transferred 35 male practitioners who were incarcerated in ward No. 10 and No. 11 to Gongzhuling Prison.

Officers of these wards were ordered to be on double sentry duties on the afternoon of August 5, 2013, and cell guards were also ordered to add more manpower that night.

At 7:20 a.m. on August 6, the newly appointed prison warden, Liu Haitao, led a large number of armed police officers to these two wards, where they conducted a roll call and searched the incarcerated practitioners. Afterward, they handcuffed the practitioners together and took them to a sports field.

All practitioners were forced to get on a shuttle bus, except Mr. Shi Guoliang, who was in the Lixinkang Hospital in Changchun City, which is also known as the Jilin Province Police Hospital.

As soon as the bus arrived at Gongzhuling Prison approximately an hour later, practitioners were forced to perform slave labor until very late that night.

Since their daily supplies were left at Siping Prison, they had no choice but to buy new ones, such as thermos bottles, basins, and other necessities.

According to reliable sources, some practitioners were subjected to solitary confinement and monitored, while others were held in a small cell.

The names of those practitioners, who were transferred are as follows:

Practitioners from Ward No. 10:

Hu Dawei, Wang Peichen, Liu Guoquan, Liu Fuquan, Li Rui , Fu Cheng, Jiang Lishen, Wang Wenpeng, Duan Lifeng, Zhang Lizhi, Jiang Xuefu, Guo Fengxue, Xu Yangang, Qin Huaibin, Sui Yanzhang, Jiang Yuting, Qu Lian

Practitioners from Ward No. 11:

Zhu Haishan, Zhao Baoshan, Xu Peng, Zhou Jian, Jia Jinghe, Wu Xinning, Wang Shimin, Yu Qingquan, Chen Ping, Yang Xiuwen, Gao Weixi, Zhang Jinfeng, Wang Liansu, Shao Changpu, Lin Xiaoming

Mr. Shi Guoliang is still in the hospital. The names of two practitioners are not known and need further investigation.