(Minghui.org) Ms. Lu Xiaowei from Nongan County in Jilin Province was taken to Fenjin Brainwashing Center in Changchun City on August 12, 2013. When her family members tried to see her on August 17, they were prohibited from doing so. However, they did manage to see her on the surveillance camera. She looked very weak and tired. Ms. Lu was on a hunger strike. Her family members had repeatedly told the guards that they were very supportive of Ms. Lu practicing Falun Gong, as it had saved her life, and that restricting her from practicing would endanger her life.

When Ms. Lu's family members tried to see her again on August 19, the guards asked them four times whether they were supportive of her practicing Falun Gong. Upon hearing “Yes,” one of the guards said, “I won't release her. I won't allow you to see her because I don't like your attitude.” Ms. Lu's mother burst into tears when she thought about her daughter's suffering, and strongly insisted on seeing her. The guard finally agreed to let her see Ms. Lu on the surveillance camera for a few minutes. Ms. Lu was lying on the bed and appeared to be very weak. Ms. Lu's family members then insisted in seeing Ms. Lu in person, but were refused.

Teng Yanling, 50, a former director of women in Qixin Village, Shaoguo Township was hired to closely monitored Ms. Lu at the brainwashing center. On August 24, Ms. Lu called her family members to bring her some clothes. On the same day, director Wang Honggang, 30, from Qixin Village went to Ms. Lu's house. He told Ms. Lu's mother that she should go to the brainwashing center and replace Teng Yanling. He tried to coerce her by saying, “As a mother, you should take care of your daughter.” But Ms. Lu's mother refused to help them.

Ms. Lu's family members went to the brainwashing center on August 26 to take some clothes to her. When they arrived there, a security guard shut the door on them so that they couldn't get in. Ms. Lu's family members started shouting outside, and one of them said, “We have to see her. Tell your boss to come see us. Ms. Lu is detained in Room 305. If you try to stop us, we will keep shouting for her from here.” A guard with the last name of Zou came out and told Ms. Lu's family members how they had compassionately tried to “re-educate” her.

Ms. Lu's mother told Zou about Wang Xingyou of Shaoguo Police Station, who received karmic retribution for arresting her daughter. Wang had repeatedly participated in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. He had arrested Ms. Lu twice, and had also arrested practitioners Sun Yanxia, Fu Guihua, Han Jianping and Xiao Yan in June, 2013. When Wang tried to arrest Ms. Lu, her mother sternly said to him, “You are someone's father and know what it is like to care for your child. If something bad happens to my daughter, aren't you also taking my life?” Wang did not say anything and just nodded in agreement.

Ms. Lu's mother went to the police station to request that Wang return the two cell phones that he had confiscated on June 21, 2013. Officer Lu said that Wang was not there today, as something happened at his home. When Ms. Lu's mother asked what had happened, Lu waved her away and refused to answer. Wang's daughter had jumped out of the window and killed herself. The locals said that Wang had committed too many bad deeds and therefore received karmic retribution for his actions.

Ms. Lu's family members waited about 40 minutes before the guard finally let them inside the brainwashing center. But they were still only allowed to see Ms. Lu through the surveillance camera. She was eating. Ms. Lu's family were talking to Officer Yu in the monitoring room when an older man suddenly came in. He pointed at them and shouted, “You, get out!” When they asked his name, he said, “Don't ask.” At noon, Ms. Lu's family members left Fenjin Brainwashing Center.

Ms. Lu's family repeatedly stated their support of Ms. Lu practicing Falun Gong during their three visits. They told the guards that she would have died a long time ago had she not practice Falun Gong. Ms. Lu and her sister had previously been stabbed by her brother-in-law. They almost died, but Falun Gong had saved them. Ms. Lu's family did not wish Ms. Lu to be stop practicing. They said, “We just want to live and be healthy. We are not concerned about anything else. But if the communist regime won't let us practice, aren't they destroying our lives?”