Fa Teaching at the 2013 Western U.S. Fa Conference

Li Hongzhi

October 19, 2013
Los Angeles, USA

(Long, warm applause from all in attendance)

The mighty Roman Empire would never have expected to be defeated at the hands of the Christians. Put more clearly, it was the persecution of the Christians that brought about the empire’s demise. While it may appear that nobody in today’s society would dare to touch the formidable and arrogant, wicked CCP, look at how the [regimes of the] Eastern European countries fell in no time. Gods are controlling everything. The wicked CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong is much like the Roman Empire’s persecution of the Christians—they thought they were so formidable, and they were terribly arrogant and just impervious to reason. The CCP never expected that it would get to this point today. Just like how they put Dafa disciples in a constant state of anxiety back at the beginning of the persecution, now they are the ones worrying and fearing nonstop. But that’s not all. Everything they have done will bring retribution, for sure. I said long ago that a person will have to bear the consequences of everything he does in this world; whatever he has done, he will have to pay for it via karmic retribution. In some cases the retribution is immediate, in the current lifetime. That serves to remind, or warn, people. In other cases the retribution occurs later.

In any case, no evil regime in history has ever met with a good end. There are abundant lessons from history, but when evil people have gone mad, when one’s head is filled with evil, or when jealousy is overwhelming the mind, no matter what you say, it’s going to fall on deaf ears. This persecution is like the Roman persecution of Christians back in the day, only worse. It involves crimes never committed before on this planet: audacious to the extreme, they actually seize the organs of living Dafa disciples, and the number who’ve been brutalized is enormous. But know that all gods in the cosmic body are witnessing these crimes!

As Dafa disciples, as people who cultivate, you know that cultivators consider human life quite short and not the most important thing. What is important to them, then? The celestial status that they will achieve through their cultivation. Each person who comes to this world has a mission; each person who comes to this world has a purpose. At the beginning of the Fa-rectification, many gods said to me: the people now in this world all came for the Fa, but not all are here to play a positive role for your Fa. But whatever the situation, whichever kind of person someone may be, with this Dafa before him… you know that from ancient times to the present, none of those figures of great foresight, none of the saints or sages, could explain well the cosmos’s fundamental truths, the principles of cultivation, or the connection between humans and the divine. Some might say that all of heaven’s profoundest mysteries have been revealed with the teaching of this Fa this time. It’s just a matter of whether you choose to read it and cultivate by it. If you choose to read it, to practice it, everything will be found within it.

Attachments of all sorts prevent people who live in this world from having a calm mind. And that’s especially true in today’s Chinese society. There the wicked CCP has—in order to corrupt Chinese people’s thinking, civility, and morals—always been, by way of subtle influence, carrying things out systematically, in an extremely systematic way. Take a look at the people throughout China—such a massive group of people—and you’ll find that practically everyone’s head is occupied with thoughts of getting rich, getting rich quick. The evil Party wants people to focus their minds on this and pay no heed to the things the Party does. With their ever restless minds, Chinese people can’t find peace for even a moment. All Chinese people are like that now. Is that normal? As you know, in the Western world, or in normal countries, people are able to make a living and have a normal job. That’s just part of life. People lead normal lives and find enjoyment in what life serves up. That’s how people are throughout the world, unlike what the Chinese people have been turned into by the wicked Party. A person’s financial situation is the result of karma from his previous lives; if you are not supposed to have something, you won’t have it. The uncalm minds [that today’s Chinese people have] make them turn a deaf ear to the truth. They don’t realize that Dafa disciples are trying to rescue them, or that the wrath of the gods is quickly approaching. In addition to the above, the lies that the evil has instilled in people have certainly caused them to reject Dafa disciples’ truth clarification. And it’s not just this, of course. There are also a great many evil factors behind people, as well as evil factors even inside of people’s bodies, controlling them and preventing them from listening to the truth.

Things are of course changing drastically now, and the evil’s factors are being progressively eliminated. The immense force of Fa-rectification is coming from the microcosm toward the surface. Even the phrase “blanketing the sky and covering the earth” isn’t adequate to describe it. Consider this: how great must the density be if it is coming forth from the microcosm toward the surface? It would be countless times denser than water—encompassing everything and omitting nothing. Who has done what, each and every thought a person has had, what a person has done, what was done in history—all of it will become vividly clear. Whether it was 100 or 200 million years of history that mankind altogether went through, all of it was to await this final day. All of mankind knows that man has gotten into a most perilous situation. So I’m not being sensational, right? I’m not exaggerating or just stretching the truth, right? Everyone knows it. And the governments of some countries know even more about this. They are just trying to keep things stable as we go through this period of human history, waiting and hoping for miracles to happen, for gods to perhaps show mercy. But even some gods are being re-created by the Fa-rectification.

At present, people are somewhat more awake, now that the evil has been cleaned out. At a minimum they are able to think things over for themselves now. When you clarify the truth to someone, it is now that person himself thinking it over, rather than him being controlled by evil. This is especially true in mainland China. In fact, when the evil was at its wildest, it wasn’t just a problem for mainland China—people all throughout the world were being controlled by evil. Now things are different and people are gradually sobering up.

As you know, a great many members of the wicked CCP have withdrawn from the Party due to Dafa disciples’ truth clarification. It’s magnificent, and the number who have withdrawn is constantly growing. I indicated earlier that there are other factors causing people not to be thinking about the right things. Those with their minds fouled up by the wicked CCP are thinking about getting rich or other bad things. Such a massive group of people are in a state unbefitting human beings, and it is impacting their ability to hear the truth. It’s dangerous.

At the outset of the Fa-rectification I said that Chinese people aren’t simple beings. Why is democracy being practiced in this world? I’ve explained this previously. Today’s people think that democratic governance is great. But this too is something that gods arranged, in fact. First off, it needed to be done this way, as it was something dictated by circumstances. Secondly, the kings of each nation were no longer there, they were no longer in their original countries. Before, when a king passed away he would reincarnate and still be king, for that ethnicity was brought here by him from the heavens above. The sentient beings from his heavenly kingdom would first go to China to form karmic ties, and they would dwell there for a dynasty; after that they would reincarnate in various places around the world and make up ethnic groups. Before Dafa was first spread, the kings of the different eras of the various ethnicities—a large number of them—all reincarnated in China. And in recent times, many representatives came from high levels to obtain the Fa, and even greater kings from the heavens also reincarnated in China. Many historical figures of great virtue reincarnated in China as well, for Dafa was to spread there. But interference from the old forces has caused them to go through the harshest of tests in that setting. The old forces held that once these people gained salvation, the enormous group of lives behind them, whom they represent, would gain salvation, too. The evil old forces saw this, and so they intensively used low-level evil beings and bad people to persecute the Dafa disciples. And as they damaged things, they would foul up people’s thinking, including ordinary people’s; cause you to have no righteous thoughts or to waver on Dafa; or cause ordinary people to not listen to the truth, or to even go along with the evil in persecuting and slandering Dafa disciples. For this, the sins they have accrued are just massive.

But all the same, Dafa is spreading widely, and I am still calling upon you now to save sentient beings. As for what the future holds, we’ll just have to wait and see. At present Dafa disciples are to go save people, and thus I have been watching how each area is doing in truth-clarification. Some truth-clarification sites have really done an excellent job. There is an increasing number of tourist groups from mainland China nowadays. This is an arrangement for people to hear the truth in a different setting. Our truth-clarification sites are, in fact, the front line—the front line for clarifying the truth. But some areas have dropped this, as they’re busy with other projects. Those too have an effect, of course, and should be done; I affirm all Dafa disciple projects, as all of them can have an effect in clarifying the truth and saving people. But, now there are so many tourist groups, and many of the tourists from mainland China, in particular, have not managed to hear the truth.

Many things in the Fa-rectification period aren’t that simple, and nothing is one-dimensional. Things arranged by gods involve multiple factors. When someone heads abroad [from China], well, since he isn’t able to hear the truth while in China, isn’t he being directed to go overseas so that he can learn the truth? You can’t abandon these people. We must still do a good job of clarifying the truth at the tourist sites in each region.

The human mind is complex. I’ve spoken with you before about how a person’s brain is merely a processing plant. A person is born from his mother’s womb, with his parents’ flesh and blood, and then grows by consuming earthly foods. And at death, whether he’s buried in the earth or cremated, he turns to dust. The brain itself, strictly speaking, is not the origin of one’s thoughts. Don’t people have a soul? Doesn’t a person’s body also consist of a part that is at various microscopic layers and that isn’t in the surface dimension? All of those can generate thoughts. Some people have said that the human body is a miniature universe. Think about how many cells are contained in a person’s brain. And how many molecules make up those cells? And how many even more minuscule particles make up those molecules? Each minuscule particle, as positioned in space, looks as does a celestial body to the human eye. Everyone looks outwardly. Every planet in this greater universe has life on it, only it’s not in this surface dimension and thus it’s invisible to you. America’s space technology is said to be so advanced, yet when they land on other planets they see nothing there but a desolate world. But it is not desolate there; it’s just that man’s technology is too shallow. How many planets are there in this universe? The cells, molecules, and more minuscule particles in the human brain have the same arrangement as that of the universe that we see, and even the sequencing is the same. How many particles are there in your human body? How many planets are there inside your brain? If the lives on those minuscule particles (that is, planets) were to look upon the particles spread throughout the space of the brain, would it be any different from how human beings look at planets or the universe? If you are to look at it this way, doesn’t a person’s brain contain a large universe? And how many beings, how many gods, and how many still greater beings exist there in those dimensions? Given that all of those countless beings have their own minds, where exactly do humans’ thoughts come from? It’s extraordinarily complex.

Then does it mean there is nothing a person can do about it? He can do something about it. How so? The brain in this surface dimension, when acting together with one’s master soul, does have the ability to take charge in forming and expressing one’s surface-level thoughts, and this includes directing one’s actions. Before an idea comes forth, what you choose is key. It should also be noted that all lives in the cosmos were made by the Fa, and were assimilated to it. But if you contaminate or corrupt your surface-level thoughts; if you are attached to something; or if your head is filled with evil things from modern society, with the wicked Party’s lies of the persecution, or with negative thoughts owing to the deceitful propaganda of the persecution, then it will block you from hearing the truth that Dafa disciples tell you, and cause you to miss the opportunity to be saved.

I know that among the practitioners seated here, some are not diligent, and some aren’t diligent whatsoever. But Master is thinking: what are you going to do with yourself? Why can’t you have righteous thoughts? Isn’t Master here to save you? Isn’t this Fa here to save you? And moreover, you shoulder the responsibility of saving others. But if you don’t even handle yourself well, what’s going to happen? If you don’t fulfill the vows that you made to gods, the consequences will be what is set forth in your own vows.

Although in Fa-rectification this Earth may be small, all lives in the cosmic body saw that it was a safe haven. Everywhere else planets are dissolving and exploding. You’re aware of the information astronomers have disclosed, right? Explosions are happening all throughout the cosmos. Why are there so many alien beings [here]? They saw that Earth was the safest place, and so they hurried over here. Of course, a large number of them were blocked and forbidden from coming to Earth. Those who had come in earlier times have been forbidden from fouling things up, or else the societies on this Earth would have fallen into chaos long ago. The latecomers were told to hide near the sun. Even those on the moon were early arrivers. They all saw that it was safe here. And why is that? The Fa-rectification is taking place here; this is the heart of Fa-rectification. Gods from throughout the cosmos—even very great ones—have reincarnated here. But as for whether it will ultimately be safe here, whether it will be a success or failure, depends on how the Fa-rectification goes. If the Fa-rectification doesn’t succeed this time, this Earth will not be kept, and even the cosmos will be no more.

As you’ve seen from the current state of affairs, the sinister so-called “tests” of Dafa disciples are quickly drawing to a close. The positioning of each person has been pretty much decided, and now it’s just that you are spending great efforts saving the world’s people as you perfect your celestial rank. Just pause for a moment and consider the people in this world. Well, as gods, they knew long ago to what extent this Earth would be polluted, or damaged, by evil during the Fa-rectification period, and yet, with astounding courage, they went from being magnificent, holy, lofty and noble gods to jumping into this cesspool, this filthy world. Who previously would have dared to come? Didn’t they come out of faith that they would be saved once Dafa’s great spread began?! It was with that motivation, with such righteous thoughts, with such faith in Dafa—then as Dafa disciples, shouldn’t you save them? Besides, there are massive groups of beings behind them, all of whom are gods, and perhaps one day they will be part of the multitude of gods, or sentient beings, within the domain of your ultimate celestial rank.

Recently, quite a few practitioners have come out of mainland China. Regardless of how they came, many, I’m aware, did a great job in China, while many, I realize, did poorly. Then when they arrive overseas and find circumstances so trouble-free and relaxed, and no persecution, they start to think about enjoying a comfortable and leisurely life. But to not fulfill one’s vows is a dangerous thing! How so? You have responsibilities! You are a Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciple! The Dafa disciples of this era are to assist Master, and to take responsibility for saving people. And yet you don’t work on that! Some people have even not eliminated, after a long time, things that they were indoctrinated with by the evil while in China. Only by doing the three things well can you purge that stuff and turn around all of the Party-culture-wrought thinking that you have—including fear. That setting of the evil Party in mainland China was created by old forces utilizing bad people as well as evil beings from other dimensions. The old forces will only recognize it if you can make it in cultivation amidst a setting that evil, and that is why they turned things into that. Now that things have gotten to this point, we will have to beat them at their own game. That is how we will do it, and what happens later will be handled later. Whatever the case, I am your Master, so I have to tell you when I see your shortcomings.

I know that among my Dafa disciples seated here many are just extraordinary, be they from China or other parts of the world, and included are those who have come through amidst life-threatening tests, or made it through the harshest of circumstances. Just extraordinary. Of course, as Dafa disciples, they know that however much suffering there may be, what they seek is not comfort and relief, but eternal life and the salvation of the multitude of lives that they represent. And that is why they have done so well. There are many such Dafa disciples, and they’ve done really well. A Fa conference is for you to see, as others share experiences, how they have done and to see how you can do better. It’s not for hearing novel things, because you, too, are a Dafa disciple.

I wouldn’t be able to put my mind at ease if I hadn’t said these words to you. Everything is about to reach the end, and you’ve seen it. What is on Earth is a corresponding reflection of the cosmos. Increasingly, the upright and the just are prevailing, whereas the evil things are going down. It’s even to the point that those who have directly taken part in the persecution of Dafa disciples are living in a state of constant fear and anxiety. Before, they made Dafa disciples live in constant fear. Now it’s their turn to suffer for it. So, having come to this point, just think about it: how much is left on the journey? There really isn’t long left on the road of Dafa disciples saving sentient beings and fulfilling their missions.

I questioned before whether the wicked CCP could survive another ten years. The truth is, it could have been much shorter. I could have not let it survive another five years. But do you realize how many of the world’s people would not have been saved, since they were enshrouded by evil? And many Dafa disciples have grown dejected during the persecution and not managed to step forward. Then what good would it do ending it? Isn’t the Fa-rectification for saving people? If I were the only one to leave here, what point would there have been in creating this world? And all of the arrangements made before history would have been in vain. The time has been extended for your sake, and for the sake of sentient beings.

That’s all for today. Thank you! (Enthusiastic applause) You’ve done a lot of hard work—our Dafa disciples have really worked hard! (Disciples respond, “Master has worked hard!” All applaud.) On behalf of the sentient beings who are being saved, I thank you!

(Thunderous applause from all in attendance)