(Minghui.org) On October 26, 2010, Ms. Xia Guiqin and seven other practitioners from Huadian City, Jilin Province, were arrested. That same year on November 26 and 29, Ms. Zhou Yulan and three other practitioners were arrested. Mr. Gong Fangli was tortured to death while seven other practitioners are still in the detention center after 25 months. The head of the Huadian City 610 Office, Yang Baolin, has refused to release them.


In the evening on October 26, 2010, while they were handing out brochures in Badaohezi Town, eight practitioners from Huadian City were arrested by Yu Xiaoqiang from the Domestic Security Division and Badaohezi Police Station officers. Mr. Fang Gongli and Mr. Liu Lipo were taken to the Huadian City Detention Center. The other six practitioners taken to the Jilin City Detention Center were Ms. Li Weihua, Ms. Liu Po, Ms. Yan Xiumei, Ms. Yan Xiuhua, Ms. Zhu Xiufen, and Ms. Xia Guiqin.

On the night of November 26, 2010, agents from the Jilin City and Huadian City 610 Offices collaborated to arrest Ms. Zhou Yulan, Ms. Liu Shuying, and another practitioner whose last name is Cao. They ransacked their homes, taking their computers, printers and other personal belongings. Ms. Zhou and Ms. Liu were detained in the Jilin City Detention Center. Mr. Cao was released because he did not pass the physical.

Several days later the police broke into practitioner Ms. Song Guifen's house. When they saw that she was not at home, they arrested her husband, a non-practitioner, and detained him overnight. Ms. Song was arrested on November 29 when she returned home to pick up her things. She was held in custody in the Jilin City Detention Center and went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution.

Mr. Fang Gongli Tortured to Death

Mr. Fang Gongli was 37 years old. On October 26, 2010, he was arrested by officers from Badaohezi Town Police Station and Yu Xiaoqiang from the Huadian City Domestic Security Division.

Mr. Fang Gongli

The next afternoon, Yu Xiaoqiang, Liu Gang, and other officers from Yongji Police Station broke into and ransacked Mr. Fang's house.

Mr. Fang was detained in the Huadian City Detention Center for a year and two months. The Huadian City 610 Office collaborated with the city court and attempted to sentence him to prison.

On November 10, 2011, the Huadian City Court put Mr. Fang and Mr. Liu Lipo on trial. Mr. Fang's family rushed to the courthouse but were not allowed to enter and observe the proceedings.

In middle of the night on December 27, 2011, Mr. Fang was taken to the Huadian City hospital for emergency treatment. His family rushed there at around 3:00 a.m. At 5:00 a.m., he passed away. He was only 37 years old at the time. The police department gave his family 30,000 yuan in compensation and claimed that he had died from a “sudden heart attack” which was considered “natural causes.”

More details can be found at “Mr. Gong Fangli, 37, Dies Suddenly While in Custody of Huadian City Detention Center” http://en.minghui.org/html/articles/2012/1/7/130567.html#.UM2EiXdv6bU 

Seven Practitioners Detained for Over Two Years

The day after the eight practitioners were arrested in October 2010, Domestic Security Division officer Yu Xiaoqiang and four other officers broke into the home of practitioner Ms. Li Weihua. They asked her husband if there was anything else at home. When he said that there wasn't, they left.

Ms. Yan Xiumei was beaten after she was arrested. Yu Xiaoqiang brought accomplices to Ms. Yan's house to investigate and ransack it and took her computer. Ms. Zhou Yulan suffered from gastric perforation as a result of the persecution and became unconscious. She was consequently released.

This was the fourth time Ms. Song Guifen was persecuted. Due to long periods of torture, her heart and kidneys were failing and she had lost sight in both eyes. Although the Jilin City Detention Center wanted to release her, Yang Baolin, head of the Huadian City 610 Office, refused to allow her to be sent home, claiming that the security of the 18th National Party Congress was more important. Ms. Song was transferred to the Changchun Police Hospital, where she continued to be tortured. She was not released until November 25.

After these 12 practitioners were arrested, the Huadian City Domestic Security Division submitted documents to the Procuratorate and applied for arrest warrants many times. Due to insufficient evidence, however, their requests were denied. Over 25 months have passed, and Mr. Liu Lipo is still in Huadian City Detention Center, while Ms. Li Weihua, Ms. Liu Po, Ms. Yan Xiuhua, Ms. Zhu Xiufen, Ms. Xia Guiqin, and Ms. Liu Shuying are all in the Jilin Detention Center.