(Minghui.org) Over the past few years, some Falun Gong practitioners have discovered and proven that officials in the Wanzhou District Brainwashing Center in Chongqing add unknown drugs to the food served to prisoners. Such drugs are injected into the vegetables. Practitioners can taste it upon first bite. The center also puts drugs into soup with colorful vegetables. As one practitioner was eating the soup, he could smell the strong odor of the drugs. Shortly after having the soup, his body began to feel weak. He went on a walk in the hallway and gradually became weaker and weaker. Later, he had to lay down and his mind became unclear.

The center also injects drugs into the fruit. After practitioners eat the fruit, they begin to vomit. The center even puts the drugs into the water. As one practitioners drank the water, he noted that it tasted different. He began to pay attention and found that the practitioners' water was from a different container than that of the guards. Some practitioners were thus always in a muddled state and in low spirits, therefore they were “transformed” easily.

The Wanzhou District Brainwashing Center was established on July 20, 1999, by the Wanzhou District 610 Office for the purpose of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners physically and mentally. In October 2010, the brainwashing center was moved to the sixth floor of the Bayi Hotel. Officials from the Wanzhou District Political and Legal Affairs Committee (PLAC), 610 Office, Police Department, and local residential committees plotted together and created a list of the practitioners. Officers were then designated to practitioners with instructions to follow and monitor them. As soon as the practitioners were alone, the officers arrested them and sent them to the brainwashing center. Practitioners were confined in the hotel rooms, and they were not allowed to leave or contact anyone. They were also threatened and physically abused.

Each practitioner was assigned an “instructor” who is in charge and two monitoring personnel that assisted in “transforming” them. The “instructors” were either legal experts recruited from the Procuratorate, the courts, or the Bureau of Justice, or they were other people brought in from the outside. If there was not enough “transformation” progress, then the “instructor” would be replaced with a new one. If a practitioner still refused to renounce Falun Gong, more than one “instructor” would work together to brainwash them, and they would take turns torturing those who resisted brainwashing. The “instructors” would employ various means in “transforming” the practitioners, including threats and deception.

Fearful of being held responsible for the crimes they committed in the brainwashing centers, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) replaced all Wanzhou District Brainwashing Center staff last year. The new staff members are no longer called by their real names, and neither do they dare to reveal their original workplaces. Though they appear to be cruel and malicious, they are afraid of receiving karmic retribution like many before them.