(Minghui.org) On November 17, 2012, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wu Congmei was tried in Huili County Court in Sichuan Province. As two policewomen ushered her into the courtroom, she shouted, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” Her attorney stated that the presiding judge's actions were illegal and requested that he be pulled out of the trial. As a result, the trial had to be adjourned twice.

During the trial, Ms. Wu's husband and other family members weren't allowed in the courtroom. The people who were allowed to sit in the courtroom were officials from the local Stability Preservation Office, the Domestic Security Division, and the Community Office.

Ms. Wu's attorney pointed out to the chief judge that he had violated Ms. Wu's rights and refused to let her husband in the courtroom. Furthermore, he didn't allow the attorney to review her case. As a result, the chief judge was asked to be pulled out of the trial. Chief Judge Qiu Yun and two other judges had to announce an adjournment. They asked the president of the court to make a decision on the matter. However, the president of the court ignored all the facts and denied the attorney's request. The attorney appealed to the court again and requested the chief judge be pulled out of the trial. The trial was adjourned a second time, but the court president still denied the appeal.

It was obvious that the trial was illegal, so the judges didn't allow Ms. Wu's family to sit in the courtroom.

Prosecution Afraid of Showing Fabricated Evidence

According to inside sources, no evidence was presented after Prosecutor Wang Fangyun from the Procuratorate read the statutory declaration. When Ms. Wu's attorney asked the prosecution to show all the evidence, including her original items, the prosecution refused to provide any. The attorney said that this seriously violated the law and suspected that the evidence was fabricated. After several requests from the attorney, the prosecution only showed several pictures of some of Ms. Wu's property.

The attorney was able to clearly argue, based on the law, that Ms. Wu's belief in Falun Gong and her distributing truth clarification materials were legal. He concluded his defense by saying, “It's a crime to sentence an innocent person as a criminal.” He asked the court to release Ms. Wu immediately.

The Persecution of Ms. Wu

Ms. Wu Congmei is in her 60s. At approximately 9:00 a.m. on May 29, 2012, Zhuang Mingqing and police from Huili County Domestic Security Division broke into her home while she was taking care of her two-year-old grandson, Wang Zifa. They confiscated Dafa books and informational materials about Falun Gong. Two officers then arrested her by covering her mouth with their hands and pinning her hands behind her back. She was taken to the police station. Ms. Wu went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. About 40 days later, she was emaciated.

Huili County Police Bureau fabricated evidence and conspired with Huili County Court and the Procuratorate to sentence her to prison. On July 3, 2012, the Huili County Police Bureau mailed the Arrest Letter issued by the Procuratorate to Ms. Wu's home. On July 30, 2012, Ms. Wu 's husband hired a defense attorney from Beijing for her.

The attorney went to the Huili County Court to review Ms. Wu's case. However, the presiding judge, Qiu Yun, said, “The vice-president in charge of this case didn't give his approval for you to review her case.” The attorney replied, “You are seriously violating the law.” He later handed in a complaint to the Huili County Procuratorate and accused the Huili County Court of violating the law and preventing the lawyer from defending his client.

The day before the trial on November 16, 2012, the attorney asked court officials for the last time to give him Ms. Wu's case to review, but to no avail.

Officials from Huili County Court who attended the trial: President Yang Lupo, Vice-president Yang Zhirong, Presiding Judge Qiu Yun, and other judges.

Parties involved in persecuting Ms. Wu:

Huili County Court:

Yang Lupo, president of the court: +86-834-5623511, +86-13980282212

Yang Zhirong, vice-president of the court: +86-834-5629400, +86-13908152159

Chen Yongheng, vice-president of the court: +86-834-5626852, +86-13608147336

Qiu Yun, presiding judge for criminal cases (in charge of specifically sentencing Falun Gong practitioners): +86-834-5622562

Huili County Procuratorate:

Liu Hebu, president: +86-834-5622136, +86-13981566131

Huili County Police Bureau:
Li Ling, president: +86-834-5622026-2801, +86-18981551199, +86-13908159888

Ma Yue, vice-president (in charge of persecuting practitioners): +86-834-5622026-2803, +86-18981552516

Detention Center: +86-834-5680071

Xiang Dong, superintendent: +86-834-5680071, +86-18981552755

Chen Shunfang, tutor: +86-834-5680071, +86-18981552650

Stability Preservation Office (610 Office):

Zhang Yong, director: +86-834-5626417, +86-13795660110, +86-13880282028

Lu Dengguo, deputy director: +86-834-5626928, +86-13340976156

Chen Hongkang, staff member: +86-834-5626928, +86-13518421298