(Minghui.org) On the morning of December 18, 2012, I saw Master in my dream, ordinary in appearance, except for the Fa wheel on his head, spinning, and clear. Master unfolded two imperial scrolls made of cloth. One of them I could not see clearly. On the other scroll I could see the words, but was unable to remember them exactly. I seem to remember that the words meant “recalling the past events.” I was enlightened that Master would rectify the human world and display Dafa's majesty and sanctity.

In another scene, Master was approaching, and we lined both sides of the road and waited. I saw a big umbrella being held very high to keep the sun off Master. Accompanied by many people, Master came towards us. Other practitioners and I knelt down. Many people of the world, many more than us, watched us with all kinds of eyes. A young woman said she would not practice anymore and tried to drag others away with her. Another older person cursed terribly. An alarm went off when I tried to stop her.

Master said in “What is a Dafa Disciple,”

“I’ve seen recently that the Dafa disciples in mainland China have become more and more sober, and clear, amidst the persecution, and they are doing better and better. However, the Dafa disciples around the world, as circumstances have improved, have let up. Some people seem to be lacking enthusiasm in whatever they do, never mind in how they cooperate. They don’t cooperate, they contest against one another, they’re not willing to accept others’ ideas, and they’re even really rude in their speech and manner. They’re really nothing like a Dafa disciple. It pains Master’s heart to see this. You have come through the harshest of persecutions, and the gods envy you, but you don’t know to cherish this. The course of what you went through won’t play out again, as we have arrived at the last phase of the finale. I said a few moments ago that many people want to become Dafa disciples, but that it’s tremendously difficult to enter now. There is another reason, the largest of all, namely, that the harshest of tests, of persecutions, which has targeted Dafa disciples, has already reached the tail end. The kind of massive pressure, or hardship, that engulfs the entire world, or the kind of test that examines whether you have the courage to cultivate and whether you can take the right path—that part of history has passed and is no more. Whoever wants to come and be a Dafa disciple will be blocked very severely by the old forces. They will do their utmost not to let people enter. You have made it through despite such difficult circumstances, and have proven yourselves to be outstanding. The mighty virtue you are entitled to is already yours. Letting up at this point, allowing yourselves to slide downward, is something that really shouldn’t happen.”

The day when the truth will fully unfold is not far. Fa-rectification in the human world will begin soon. Dafa practitioners, please treasure this time, so close to the end. Strive forwards. Do not make Master be sad about us anymore.

This is what I have currently enlightened to. Dafa practitioners, please calm down and study the Fa together more, getting rid of our attachments quickly.