(Minghui.org) Mr. Jiang Zonglin, a former director of the Architecture Institute, was sentenced to five years in prison for his belief. His term ended on October 15, 2012, but he was not released. He was taken instead to the Xinjin Brainwashing Center by Jinniu District 610 Office and Fuqin Resident Committee personnel. He has been detained there for over two months.

On December 22, Mr. Jiang's wife, daughter, siblings, and other relatives went to the Xinjin Brainwashing Center to request his release. Brainwashing center director Yin Shunyao and 610 Office personnel deceived his wife, Xie Chengxin, and daughter, Jiang Zhujun, into entering the building, then locked them inside.

That morning, his wife, daughter, and relatives overcame numerous difficulties to get to the brainwashing center. They had to wait over 30 minutes before they were allowed to go in.

Brainwashing center personnel Huang Zhongzhi and Li escorted the family to a conference room, where they asked everyone to register. They kept emphasizing that the brainwashing center was a “formal government organization” and “required adherence to rules and regulations.” His family refused to cooperate with regulations that made no sense and asked, “If you are a formal government organization, did the government give you the right to detain people? Which procedures are you following? Why didn't you notify the family?” Huang Zhongzhi replied, “We detain whoever the police department sends us.” He did not dare answer whether or not they were authorized by law enforcement authorities.

An hour later, brainwashing center director Yin Shunyao and Bao Xiaomu arrived. Yin stated, “Only his immediate family can talk to him.” Most of his family went into the conference room anyway. His family demanded his release that day, but Yin said that he did not have the authority to release him. Yin used several excuses to keep his family from seeing him. Finally, only his brother was allowed to visit him.

His wife only saw him a couple of times and for just a few minutes. Mr. Jiang told her that he was cold and wasn't given proper clothing. The center lied to his family, claiming that his quarters were heated.

Yin Shunyao also threatened, “You've all made things much more complicated with over ten of you descending on a government office.” The family replied, “We wouldn't be here if you hadn't detained Mr. Jiang, so how can you accuse us of 'storming' your office? By the way, who gave you the authority to run a brainwashing center?” Yin snarled, “You are not qualified to ask that question.”

During the brother's visit with Mr. Jiang, he observed that his health was of concern. His vision had deteriorated and he had toothaches. He didn't eat lunch and was in tears, saying that he just wanted to go home. Bao Xiaomu taunted him, “If you do not 'transform,' don't even think about going home.” His relatives were now even more concerned about Mr. Jiang.

The entire group of family and friends returned after lunch. At 3:00 p.m., Mr. Jiang's wife, daughter, and brother went to the brainwashing center again. As soon as they arrived, the staff told his wife and daughter, “You two can come in to see Jiang Zonglin.”

They took his brother to a conference room, where Yin Shunyao informed him, “His wife and daughter will remain here. They are also Falun Gong practitioners and very active in their area.”

His brother was stunned. Alone and heartbroken, he left.

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