(Minghui.org) After a Fa-study group sharing, we found that many local practitioners were not taking the principle of “no second discipline” seriously enough.

Some practitioners often read the Buddhist sutras or the Analects of Confucius, some promoted CCTV programs about Buddhism, and some passed around other everyday materials.

It appeared that some practitioners did not cherish the opportunity of the ages and refused to deny the old forces' arrangements.

We thus decided to write our own understandings in the hopes that it would help others with similar issues pay more attention to this problem. We thought this was especially important since there are only a few related articles on Minghui.

Violating the Principle of No Second Discipline Could Be the Main Reason Why Some Practitioners Are Brutally Persecuted

As a group, we believe that the reason that practitioner W died of an “illness” was because he had been making offerings to a Buddha statue at home. In addition, while he was hospitalized, he allowed his brother to treat him using some kind of healing method.

Practitioner D's case was very similar. After he started practicing Dafa, he often supported his arguments with Buddhist quotes that he memorized as a lay Buddhist. He also made offerings to a large Buddha statue at home. While imprisoned for practicing Falun Dafa, he was cruelly beaten and injected with unknown drugs. He finally died of an “illness.”

Practitioner X's body ached all over and he almost lost his eyesight. X used to be a geomancer, and was sometimes affected by geomancy messages. With the help of other practitioners, he corrected his ways. However, he soon passed away due to some “illness,” as he refused to stop practicing geomancy.

Another geomancer in the same county, who also practiced Falun Dafa, died too.

We are not pointing fingers at these practitioners and blaming them for what they did, rather we are trying to use these examples as a warning and lesson to ourselves and others.

We hope that all practitioners in similar situations will not trivialize this issue. We need to pay more attention to the matter and examine ourselves from the Fa.

The Principle of No Second Discipline Is Fundamental

Unlike other attachments, the principle of “no second discipline” is a fundamental factor of whether or not Teacher treats us as true practitioners. As such, we should not take this issue lightly.

Moreover, we can not make excuses for ourselves as to why we feel justified in violating this principle, such as, “I am only practicing a second discipline because I want to enrich my spiritual knowledge and feel spiritually complete.” Some practitioners with similar issues have dismissed our warnings, claiming, “It's OK. Nothing has happened to me, yet!”

Actually, the old forces are using this attachment of “having our feet in two boats” to destroy practitioners' chance to cultivate. If a practitioner practices two disciplines, how can he cultivate his gong energy? How can he raise his level? In the end, his cultivation will have been for naught.

Our group now realizes that anything that does not belong to the Fa should be abandoned.

When I looked inside myself, I found a few similar attachments. I have always believed that some numbers were associated with certain things. For example, the number four is always associated with death, thus, I preferred the numbers six and nine, which were associated with the words “smooth” and “forever,” respectively.

When the number four showed up in my dreams, I became anxious and worried. However, when the number six or nine showed up, I felt elated. I was so strongly affected by this that my mood suddenly changed whenever I saw certain license plate numbers!

In addition, I believed in palmistry, and sometimes checked how I was doing in my cultivation, based on the different lines on my hands.

Although I knew that these were attachments, I always took them to be trivial matters, and as such, I did not remove them completely.

Since I believed in numbers and palmistry, just like some everyday people do, I was failing to treat myself as a practitioner. How dangerous this was!

After realizing the seriousness of this problem, I started to send righteous thoughts to remove all related attachments and erase all remaining elements from other cultivation ways.

Cultivation is very serious! We cannot reach consummation if we fail to commit to one discipline. Let's cherish this precious opportunity to cultivate ourselves well!