(Minghui.org) On December 11, under orders from the 610 Office in Dandong City, the Branch Public Security Bureau of Dandong City in Liaoning Province transferred the illegally sentenced Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Liu Pintong, Ms. Zhang Yinghong, and Ms. Zhang Jing to the Woman's Prison in Shenyang City. Due to repeated torture, Ms. Liu developed cervical spondylosis, numbness, dizziness, severe bloody diarrhea, and other life-threatening symptoms.

Ms. Liu, Ms. Zhang Jing, Ms. Zhang Yinghong, and Ms. Wang Jing were arrested by Qianyang Police Station officers on March 3, 2012, as the women were clarifying the facts about Falun Gong. Ms. Wang was later sent to a labor camp. Ms. Liu, Ms. Zhang Yinghong, and Ms. Zhang Jing were sentenced to prison for eight years, seven years, and three and half a years, respectively, by the District Court of Zhenxing in Dandong City. They tried to appeal to the Intermediate Court of Dandong City but were turned down.

During their nine plus months of detainment in Dandong Detention Center, all three were pressured with torture and slave labor to “confess.” Following is a description of what they endured.

The Dandong 610 Office was directly involved in extorting a confession from Ms. Liu Pintong using torture

On the afternoon of March 3, 2012, Ms. Liu Pintong, Ms. Zhang Jing, Ms. Zhang Yinghong, and Ms. Wang Jing were arrested and taken to Dandong Detention Center by Wang Zhanquan, Zhang Yong, Li Guobin, Wang Wei, and Zhang Tao, officers from Qianyang Border Police Station, for clarifying the facts of Falun Gong.

The Dandong 610 Office took part in persecuting the arrested practitioners. On the night of March 3, Sun Yajun, director of Qianyang Border Police Station, and Wang Zhanquan, deputy director, tried extorting confessions from them all night long. Ms. Liu didn't cooperate. At noon the following day, directed by the Dandong 610 Office, police from the Branch Public Security Bureau pulled them out, took them elsewhere, and continued torturing them. The place had a sign that said “Business Frontier Police Station” at the main entrance and “Development Zone Police Station” on the wall of the lobby in the building. Ms. Liu was taken to an empty room by herself, and the other three were in the room next door. Three plainclothes police officers started hitting and kicking Ms. Liu. They slapped her face and pulled her hair. They cursed the founder of Falun Dafa, Master Li Hongzhi, and Ms. Liu using very vulgar language. The other three practitioners clearly heard Ms. Liu's screams. They continued hitting her as she shouted, “Falun Dafa is good!” The police pushed her to the floor and forced her to sit on the cold concrete. One of them screamed at her, saying, “You will be sentenced for a long time because you have a bad attitude. We don't care if we find any CDs at your house or not. We will give them to you.”

On July 17, 2012, when Ms. Liu first met with her lawyer, she gave him a complaint letter that she wrote while in detention. In the letter, she wrote about the three police officers who tortured her. One was about 40 years old. The other one was a captain with the surname “Lang,” about 45 years old. The last one was about 30. The torture of Ms. Liu was instigated by the Dandong 610 Office.


Torture reenactment: Beating

After Ms. Liu and the other three practitioners were detained in Dandong Detention Center, they were forced to do slave labor for at least 13 to 14 hours a day. Ms. Liu was severely beaten for refusing to cooperate with the police. Furious, prison officers Ai Li and He Yanting took Ms. Liu to a cell where there was no closed-circuit TV recording them and started to hit her. After the beating, Ai Li said, “I hit you and no one saw that I injured you. There is no closed-circuit TV here. What can you do to me?” Ms. Liu was forced to stand for a long period of time after they sent her back to the prison cell. She was kept in the 5th prison cell and the assistant's name was Qu Nan (female).

During the night, the prison police didn't allow Ms. Liu to sleep. She was forced to stand on guard every night. While other inmates only had to stand on guard for one hour, Ms. Liu had to stand for two hours. When it was time for Ms. Liu to go to bed, the police would order inmates to wake her up every two hours. Because of this, Ms. Liu suffered from insomnia. She could only sleep three to four hours a night.

After practitioners Ms. Sun Xiuhua from Donggang City was arrested and detained, she was also brutally tortured. Before she was sent to the labor camp, she was put in with Ms. Liu. The police ordered inmates to beat the women and didn't allow them to talk to each other. They both went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution.

On November 10, 2012, claiming the inmates had been fighting with each other, the police transferred Ms. Liu to another cell and tied her to the bed with rope for three days.


Torture reenactment: Handcuffed in the bed

Ms. Liu wrote a complaint letter to the higher authorities, attempting to address her persecution, but the letter was seized by Dai Xiaoming, the warden, and Wang Jing (female), the deputy warden.

Due to repeated torture, Ms. Liu suffered from dizziness, headache, numbness, and insomnia. According to the X-ray taken by the District Hospital of Zhenxing, she had cervical pain. Ms. Liu's lawyer told her family to go to the hospital to get the X-ray.

Ms. Liu Pintong, Ms. Zhang Yinghong, and Ms. Zhang Jing Are Falsely Charged and Sentenced

After Ms. Liu, Ms. Zhang Yinghong and Ms. Zhang Jing were arrested, they were arraigned by the Qianyang Border Police Station. Despite torturing Ms. Liu to try to get her to confess, the police didn't find anything to charge her with, so they fabricated evidence. This is what they claimed:

On March 4, 2012, Ms. Zhang Yinghong's first arraignment took place at the Qianyanag Border Police Station and lasted 50 minutes. Officers Xu Jingdong and Duan Yuhang were in charge, and Xu Jingdong took notes. The content of the notes included: Ms. Zhang Yinghong admitting that all truth-clarification materials, computers, printers, and other supplies (used for making truth-clarification materials) belonged to her. The garage that was used for making truth-clarification materials also belonged to her. No one had access to the garage but her.

The content of the notes matched the testimony given by her husband (which took place in Changshan County, Donggang City).

On March 10, 2012, Ms. Zhang Yinghong was arraigned for the second time at the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Branch Public Security Bureau in Dandong City. The arraignment lasted four hours. Police officers Wang Zhanquan and Sun Gang were in charge, and Wang Zhanquan was the note-taker, although his notes were typed and not handwritten. This time, the blame was shifted to Ms. Liu Pintong; that is, all truth-clarification materials, equipment, and supplies used to make materials belonged to Ms. Liu. Ms. Liu had access to the garage, etc. It was later discovered that, after Ms. Zhang Yinghong was temporarily released, the police forced her and her family to “agree” on their testimonies to give falsified evidence to frame Ms. Liu. The police also told Ms. Zhang Yinghong's husband to deny his previous confession. The police promised them that, if they agreed to do this, they would show Ms. Zhang Yinghong lenience, otherwise, they would punish her severely. Due to the police threats, promises, and deception, Ms. Zhang Yinghong and her husband gave in. (Note: Possessing printers and printing supplies is legal. The communist authorities, however, see it as “evidence” to frame practitioners.)

Ms. Zhang Yinghong later saw Ms. Liu Pintong and told her how Wang Zhanquan, Lu Bing, Sun Gang, and Feng Guodong, the officers from the Qianyang Border Police Station, had forced her and her family to change their confessions and fabricate evidence to frame her. Ms. Zhang regretted that she cooperated with them to falsely charge a fellow practitioner, which caused harm to the practitioner, her family, and herself. Ms. Zhang said she had issued a solemn statement on the Minghui website that declared that, under intense pressure and deception, all signatures on the coerced confessions, as well as words and actions which didn't meet the standard of Falun Dafa, were null and void.

On July 27, 2012, after the hearing, Ms. Liu Pintong and Ms. Zhang Jing were detained in a temporary cell. Ms. Zhang Jing told Ms. Liu how Wang Zhanquan and Ge Yunsheng from the Qianyang Border Police Station had forced her to accuse Ms. Liu. She regretted that she lacked righteous thoughts at that time and cooperated with the evil to sin against Falun Dafa, Master and a fellow practitioner. Ms. Zhang Jing said she had asked someone to issue a solemn statement on the Minghui website to declare that, under intense pressure and deception by the police, all that she had said and done to harm Dafa was null and void.

The police threatened the practitioners' families and forced them to cooperate in making false confessions and providing fabricated evidence. On the morning of March 4, 2012, while Ms. Liu's son was looking for his mother at Ms. Zhang Jing's house, he was arrested and detained. On September 7, 2012, the Minghui website reported this incident. When he was at Ms. Zhang Jing's house, Ms. Liu's son witnessed officers Xu Jingdong and Gao Shulong from the Public Security Bureau of Dandong City force Ms. Zhang's more than 70-year-old father to transcribe “testimony” they dictated to him.

Meanwhile, Qianyang Border Police Station officers took Ms. Liu's house key, and, in the absence of her family, broke into her house and ransacked it, in an attempt to find “evidence.” After having found nothing, on March 7, police from the Public Security Bureau of Dandong City colluded with the Public Security Bureau of Donggang City to steal Ms. Liu's nephew's mini van ( worth about 50,000 yuan) that was parked near her house. The police then loaded seven printers and all of the truth-clarification materials that they had confiscated from Ms. Zhang Yinghong's house into the mini van and started taking pictures, to be used as “evidence” to frame Ms. Liu. During the trial, when Ms. Liu's nephew heard that the police had used his mini van to fabricate evidence to persecute Ms. Liu, he asked the judge to allow him to prove that the mini van didn't belong to Ms. Liu. The presiding judge, Tao Zhanhua, refused to allow it.

On July 17, 2012, Ms. Liu's family hired a lawyer from Beijing to defend her. The Public Security Bureau of Dandong City conspired with the District Procuratorate and Court of Dandong City in fabricating six case files. They only showed Ms. Liu's lawyer two of them. After careful examination and verification, Ms. Liu's lawyer, Lan Zhixue, was fully convinced that Ms. Liu was a moral and law-abiding citizen. Her practicing and spreading of Falun Dafa, which teaches kindness, and producing Falun Dafa informational materials to clarify the facts of the persecution and offer salvation to people, didn't any break any laws. On the contrary, the lawyer argued, what she did benefited everyone and all countries. The lawyer also stated that investigators' use of falsified evidence to frame Ms. Liu was serious criminal behavior. The lawyer therefore asked the District Court of Zhenxing to allow for “exclusion and dismissal of the charges based on illegal evidence.” He said he hoped that law-enforcement officials would be responsible to the defendant, strictly obey the law, and re-examine the case. Despite facts and evidence, the District Procuratorate and Court of Zhenxing, under the direction of the Dandong 610 Office and the Public Security Bureau, illegally sentenced Ms. Zhang Yinghong to seven years in prison, Ms. Zhang Jing to three and a half years, and Ms. Liu Pintong to eight years.

On October 26, 2012, Ms. Liu's family again hired a lawyer from Beijing to defend her. The Intermediate Court of Dandong City, despite facts and evidence proving that practitioners were innocent, dismissed the appeal and upheld the previous sentences.

The Dandong 610 Office's Disregard for Human Life

After these crimes were made public, the officials searched for Ms. Liu's son, threatening to put the 16-year-old boy in a forced labor camp. In early December 2012 when Ms. Liu's sister-in-law went to the Qianyang Border Police Station to reclaim her son's mini van, police officer Lu Bing said, “Well, we cannot return the van to you, because no one can prove that this mini van belongs to your son, unless you have Liu Pintong's son here to testify before us.” Using the mini van as a quid pro quo for Ms. Liu's son, the police attempted to get rid of the witness.

On December 5, 2012, when the lawyer from Beijing went to visit Ms. Liu in the Dandong Detention Center, the police didn't allow him to see her, claiming, “Liu Pintong has already been executed.” On December 10 at about 11 a.m., police phoned Ms. Liu's relatives, telling them to come to see her in the detention center. The visit (via phone) only lasted 10 minutes. Ms. Liu told her relatives that she had found blood in her stool. A week later, Ms. Liu told them that she found more blood in her stool. Ms. Liu's relatives immediately told Ms. Liu's family in Fushun City about her condition. Next day, when her family went to see her in the detention center, the police refused them entry. At that same time, the police took her from the cell and pushed her into a police car. Her family ran out and rushed over to the police car to see her. Ms. Liu was emaciated and looked like a bag of bones. She was feeble and pale. Despite her condition, Ms. Liu and other three practitioners were still taken to the Women's Prison in Shenyang City.

Those who participated in the persecution of Ms. Liu:
1. Informants (both members of the Xinyou Residents Committee of Jianghai Street, Zhenxing District, Dandong City):
Sui Mingzhen: +86-415-7157260
Kong Fanyu: +86-415-7150334
2. Song (surname), captain of the Branch Public Security Bureau of Dandong: +86-18841525869(Cell)
3. Wang Xueping, leader of the Dandong District Procuratorate: +86-415-2027999, +86-13604951999(Cell)
4. Dai Lianfen and Jiang Yaxian, judges: +86-415-2277041
5. Dandong City Immediate Court
Sun Kemin, director: +86-415-6277088(Office)
6. Dandong City Immediate Procuratorate
Lu Qicai, deputy procurator: +86-13304955115(Cell)
7. Dandong Detention Center: +86-415-663043
Dai Xiaomin, captain
Wang Jing (female), deputy captain