(Minghui.org) My husband is the head of a police station. He used to have a bad temper, treated me poorly, and frequently beat me. He once beat me so badly that I could not fully close my mouth or speak properly. When my sister-in-law visited us one time, she gave me the book Zhuan Falun to read. After reading the entire book and coming to understand the true meaning of life, I knew that this was what I had been looking for. It wasn’t long after I began practicing Falun Gong that all of my illnesses disappeared. Witnessing these changes in me, my husband started to treat me better.

When the persecution started on July 20, 1999, the head of the police department told my husband to gather all local practitioners at the police station for a meeting. Many practitioners came. The head of the police department then told my husband to lock them up and not let any of them go home! My husband became anxious and argued with his boss. He said, “I will not do such a thing. I will quit if you force me to do that.” Due to my husband's persistence, his boss decided to let the practitioners go home. The local practitioners appreciated my husband’s efforts and courage in helping them.

Another time, my husband had been transferred and became the head of a detention center. He came across two elderly practitioners who were detained there, and told me about their situation. He said that he often gave them food to eat and handed them materials which their families had brought for them.

When more practitioners were being detained, taken to labor camps, and tortured, my husband was afraid that I could be arrested. He started beating me again and didn't let me practice. He tried to destroy my Dafa books several times, but each time I grabbed them from him and prevented him from doing a bad deed. He shouted at me when I came home late after shopping for food or taking our child to school, or having a little longer conversation with other practitioners. He was like this every day. There was also a time when he kept the door locked day and night, so that I could not get out. My home environment was very tense at the time.

Master has told us that nothing happens by chance, so I began looking inward trying to understand why this was happening to me. I realized that I did not care for my husband. I didn't care about his feelings, I looked down on him, and I rarely spoke to him. I had separated myself from my family, which made him upset and angry. After studying the Fa more I became calmer and more patient. I clarified the facts to him and got him to read truth clarification materials.

My husband gradually changed his attitude and behavior, and even quit the Chinese Communist Party. My home environment slowly improved. My husband no longer beat me or tried to control me, and he greeted practitioners when they came to see me. When practitioners saw these changes in him, they were very happy for him. We can now share experiences in our home, which would have been impossible in the past, due to my husband’s job.