(Minghui.org) Many groups in Taiwan make phone calls to people in China to let them know the facts about Falun Gong. Our group in Hangnan, Taipei studies the Fa and sends forth righteous thoughts together. We also demonstrate to fellow practitioners how to make truth clarification phones calls to China, so that they can make calls themselves. Everybody then has the opportunity to openly share their experiences. We have done this for many years and have been doing a great job in helping fellow practitioners save sentient beings in China.

Since the global phone-calling team established the RTC phone calling platform, practitioners from the Hangnan phone-calling team have shared their understandings on the relevance of this platform based on the Fa. After studying Master's lecture “Be More Diligent,” practitioners realized that they should cooperate with the coordinator unconditionally, and encouraged fellow practitioners in the team to join the global phone-calling team. However, some practitioners thought that it was a waste of time if they took turns to make calls to China on the global platform. Moreover, they were used to making calls by themselves. Thus, they were not willing to join the global team. In order to overcome this problem, the Hangnan team made a new schedule, which allowed practitioners to make phone calls by themselves for one hour and participate in the global platform for another hour. We all agreed to this.

Through sharing, practitioners were able to look inward to try and find their attachments. However, some practitioners then became unwilling to join the global platform, as they were afraid of being criticized by other practitioners and thus lose face. After a period of Fa study, fellow practitioners gradually abandoned these attachments and joined the global team, and now believe that the global platform is a good place to improve our xinxing and get rid of attachments. On the global platform, practitioners from Taiwan can learn different styles of making phone calls from practitioners from other countries. In addition to offering practitioners the opportunity to share with each other, the platform also allows a powerful energy field to form when practitioners from all over the world are working together to clarify the facts about Falun Gong to people in China.

As the coordinator of the Hangnan phone-calling team, I would like to share how I abandoned my fear of losing face and started to join the global calling team. Since I had always shown fellow practitioners how to make truth clarification phone calls, after we were asked to join the global team, my fear of losing face emerged. If I did not do well on the global platform, I could have lost face in front of practitioners from all around the world. Thus, my fear prevented me from joining the global team.

One day, a practitioner urged me to join the global team and make phone calls. When it was my turn to phone China, people on the other side of the line hung up on me four times. I looked inward after I got off the platform and realized that I had not developed the heart for saving sentient beings, but only cared about my own performance. After I adjusted my attitude, when I got on the platform the second time, I helped a person from China to quit the Young Pioneers. After the third time, I felt that I had joined this energy field and environment of the global platform.

When some practitioners got on the platform to learn how to make phone calls, after they finished, I hosted a meeting in which we could share our experiences. One practitioner said, “Today is the first time for that practitioner to come here to make phone calls, and he did better than our host.” Everyone laughed. After I heard that, I was not moved and replied, “You are right. Indeed he did a better job than I did.” When I abandoned my fear of losing face and my attachment of being too concerned about myself, I noticed that my xinxing level was improving.

Practitioners are welcome to join the global platform if their schedule permits it. I believe that with practitioners' support and righteous thoughts, the effect of the global platform will be the same as if rolling a snow ball. It will simply get bigger and bigger, and the energy field will be greater, so that more sentient being will be saved and we can live up to Master's expectations.