(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Gu Youwen from the Fengrun District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province was illegally tried in a Fengrun District Court recently. Her elder sister pleaded her innocence.

Ms. Gu's elder sister pointed out at the trial that after practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Gu benefited both mentally and physically. Ms. Gu was a good wife and mother at home, a good person praised by everyone in her neighborhood, and a widely recognized good employee at work. She was deeply trusted by the people around her, and was never deceitful. This was the result of the power of her righteous faith.

According to the Minghui website, this is the fourth time that Ms. Gu was arrested and imprisoned. She was once tied up by police for three days and nights, causing her arm muscle to atrophy. She was beaten with rough-edged wooden clubs, leaving scars on her face. She was once illegally dismissed from her job just for practicing Falun Gong.

Below are the main points addressed by Ms. Gu's elder sister in her defense:

Ms. Gu Youwen is a good person

Ms. Gu Youwen was plagued by illnesses since her childhood. When she was at school, because her spinal column was affected by the cold, she could not get up without help after lying down. When she slept she had to lie face down and place her head on the bed frame; otherwise she could not sleep due to the pain. She was introverted and not good at speaking.

After she started practicing Falun Gong, the headache and spine ache that plagued her for years disappeared. She became openhearted, calm and more active. She was diligent and willing to learn, kind hearted, truthful in dealing with people, forbearing and accommodating. Therefore her relationships with other people were very good and she had a lot of friends. She was deeply trusted by her classmates and colleagues. I often said that she was as pure as a child. She never allowed deceitful thoughts in her mind. This is the power of belief. She often said, “The first beneficiary of my being a good person is myself.”

In her life she practiced her belief as both a daughter-in-law and as a mother. Her husband has five elder brothers. During the 18 years of her marriage, her parents-in-law have stayed with her family all the time. On many occasions when they were hospitalized, Ms. Gu took care of them painstakingly. A common proverb says, “If you are bedridden for a long time, your filial son will disappear for sure.”

However, Ms. Gu never had any complaints. During the 3 or 4 years when her father-in-law was seriously ill and unable to move with ease, Ms. Gu personally washed his feet until his death on October 22 of last year. Her neighbors all praised her as a filial daughter-in-law.

Ms. Gu's daughter was doing very poorly when she was in junior high, so Ms. Gu tutored her every night. Eventually she was admitted to high school with excellent scores, which was unexpected even for Ms. Gu's husband.

Ms. Gu used to work at Fengrun Supply and Decoration Company. She was dismissed by the company in 2003 for appealing for justice for Falun Gong. During the many years she had been constantly persecuted, her daughter was attending school and her financial situation was very tough. Ms. Gu has a degree in art and possessed design skills. People frequently asked her to help design trademarks, etc. and were willing to give her monetary compensation, but she never took the money. Once I saw a person giving her 400 yuan but she refused resolutely, even though she was living a very thrifty life at that time.

In 2008 Ms. Gu worked at another company. The local police took away the office computer of the company under the excuse of “protecting the Olympic Games.” Ms. Gu thought she should not bring trouble to the company, so she requested that I go to the company to pay for the computer. The boss of the company didn't accept the money no matter what I said. He said, “Gu Youwen works very diligently and responsibly. She is a good person. You take your money back. I will go to the police station to ask for the computer!”

Last year, Ms. Gu was working in the home service sector. After 3 months of training she passed the exam and obtained the “senior baby-sitter qualification certificate” with a high score of 98. She participated in the training of “domestic engineering” in Beijing City and applied for the position of “Children's Health Instructor” at the Beijing Love Heart Garden Technical Service Center. Her evaluation from the company noted she she was “diligent and willing to learn, loves the job and respects the job.” The company still keeps her name in its trainee list.

Ms. Gu was originally scheduled to attend the exam on March 25 but she was arrested on February 25 when she escorted a person to the hospital.

Since then, Ms. Gu has been imprisoned for nearly 200 days. Her mother-in-law, an elderly person in her last days, sat in her home every day calling out Ms. Gu's name in hopes of her early return. July 3rd was Ms. Gu's daughter's birthday and I asked her what present she wanted so I could buy it for her. To avoid stirring up Ms. Gu's mother-in-law's emotions, she whispered to me, “Aunt, I don't want any present; I just want to see my mom again.”

Ms. Gu definitely is a good person! More importantly, she is a person of purpose and belief. In this society that's filled with lust and desire, she can stick to her conscience, practice her belief and never stop elevating her morality and character. These are the most important things. Wouldn't this benefit society tremendously if more people would be like her?

It is a crime to try a good person

The constitution is the basic law of the nation. Our constitution explicitly states that freedom of belief is protected. The regulations Attorney Liu cited and his defense fully determined that Ms. Gu Youwen is innocent and should not be put on trial.

If a good person such as Ms. Gu is sent to prison, it's not just harming a family and several family members, it will be the most serious case of society's morality being trampled; this would be most disturbing to many people.

The basis that has maintained China's five thousand years of civilization is human morality. Whoever causes confusion and chaos of morality commits crimes against mankind and history. Today it was Ms. Gu who was wronged, tomorrow it may be another person. Who dares to say you won't be the next one? Everyone is in the same boat. When facing right and wrong, kindness and evil, everyone must make his own decision. Today is the time to directly face the truth and your own conscience. Ms. Gu Youwen is innocent.