(Minghui.org) Shocking news recently came from Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. Seven Falun Dafa practitioners were illegally arrested by three police officers. I do not have the words to describe how bad I feel about this incident. Even for ordinary people, three bad persons should not get away with kidnapping seven good persons.

I wondered if the fellow practitioners had remembered to use their powerful thoughts to make the officers freeze, so that they could escape. Even if the practitioners forgot to immobilize the police initially, perhaps they could have thought of stopping the officers' cell phones from working when they called for backup. Wouldn’t it have been a means to deny the persecution? Seven practitioners were arrested and beaten by three police officers. It is obvious that none of the practitioners had strong enough righteous thoughts to deny the persecution. If they did, they would have been able to restrict that field, disintegrating the evil forces to the point of being ineffective.

Being veteran practitioners, why didn’t they remember Master and Master’s teachings at that critical moment? Why couldn’t they naturally manifest the sanctity and dignity of Dafa? We know the historic task for Dafa disciples in this world is to save sentient beings. Jesus came to this world to save sentient beings, but was crucified. Master has changed things, however, so in the future, it will be forbidden to persecute divine beings who come to the world to save sentient beings. Dafa disciples should be good role models in this regard, so that people of the future will have an example to follow.

Master said,

“We have said that good or evil comes from a person’s spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences.” (Zhuan Falun)

When things happen, our first thought is the most important. I would like to share a few things that I have experienced to prove that when our one thought at critical moments is truly on the Fa, Dafa can demonstrates boundless power.

Recently I went to a city and wanted to take a walk in a park. The night before, I had dreamt that the local evil forces fiercely told me: “Why do you always expose us on the [Minghui] website? If you dare to go to the park today, we’ll arrest you.” As a result, I struggled about whether or not I should go to the park. If I did not go, it would mean that I accepted the evil arrangement, and I absolutely would not obey the evil forces. However, if I went, how would I protect fellow practitioners who also wanted to go with me? After thinking about the dilemma for a long time, I decided to go. I did not plan to tell the fellow practitioners about my dream because I believed that I had sufficient thoughts to deny the evil’s arrangement.

When the four of us arrived at the park, a police vehicle suddenly stopped right in front of us. Three officers came out of the vehicle and stared at us. My heart jumped, and at that moment, I could see the scene when the seven practitioners from Daqing were arrested. Two of the police officers walked ahead of us and one behind us. It looked as if they outflanked us. Immediately, I sent forth a big thought, “Exterminate,” in the direction of the police officers, so that they would leave.

Meanwhile, a fellow practitioner said that one of the police officers was a security guard at his work unit. I told myself that maybe I should have told my fellow practitioners about the dream, so that we could all send forth righteous thoughts together. On second thought, however, if they knew about my dream, wouldn’t they be worried even if they tried to deny the evil arrangement? I asked myself, “Can you do it by yourself?”

After repeating that question a few times, I suddenly realized the irony of the situation: Dafa disciples are protected by Master, and Master arranges his law bodies to safeguard the Fa for all practitioners. So how could I think that I was alone? Afterward, I could sense that all of us encompassed a huge field, and the evil was nothing. I sent out a strong thought to the evil force, “If you don’t want to die, go as far away as you can.” A few minutes later, I looked back and the police officers were nowhere to be found. We circled around the park once, but they did not reappear. I did not tell my fellow practitioners a single word about my dream. The evil just disappeared by itself.

Several months ago, a fellow practitioner asked me to upload her cell phone with truth-clarifying messages. Because I did not know that her headphones were still on, the evil forces heard our conversation. As a result, within ten minutes, an unmarked police vehicle suddenly stopped right in front of me.

The driver of the car stared at me so fiercely that it was as if he wished to swallow me up. It was scary. However, instantly I remembered who I was—I am a Dafa disciple! I immediately sent forth a strong thought, “Exterminate,” to cover that car. At the same time, I shouted in my heart, “Master!” Pretending that nothing was happening, I grabbed the fellow practitioner and we left the scene safely.

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, our local police department repeatedly asked me to send them my recent photograph. Fellow practitioners told me not to give them my photograph because if I did, I would have obeyed the evil’s arrangement. Yet the police kept harassing me, and I knew that if I continued avoiding them, it would not help solve the problem. Just when I felt miserable, I remembered Master's teaching that Dafa disciples are the hope for sentient beings’ salvation in the world, and that disciples in each area are the saviors for the sentient beings in that area. Therefore, what kind of attitude should those sentient beings have toward their saviors? I was delighted to realize that I should demand to be treated with respect. I sent forth strong righteous thoughts toward the local police station: “How fortunate you are that Dafa disciples live in your neighborhood! You are fortunate to even catch a glimpse of a Dafa practitioner, so quickly come out and greet me.” When I was near the police department, a female officer came out and asked me what I needed with a big smile. I told her that I wanted to talk to some officers, and she immediately took me inside.

Some officers were chatting inside an office. When they saw me standing at the door, they all stood up and moved a few steps forward, as if they were greeting a guest. I handed them my photograph, and they explained to me that an authority from above was requiring them to collect this. When I left, they all stood up again and walked with me to the door. At that moment, I sent forth another thought: “From today on, you will always greet me first.” Whenever I saw them again, they would greet me with a smile even from a distance.

Besides focusing on righteous thoughts in doing the three things, in everyday life, I make sure that my first thought in every situation is also in accordance with the Fa.

After I bought a house a few years ago, I saw water stains in the ceiling and there were two buckets directly under the stains. It was obvious that the buckets were there to catch the leaks when it rained. I asked the seller of the house if it leaked badly, but she said that the house did not leak at all. Knowing that she lied to me, I told her with a smile: “It doesn’t matter how hard it leaks. After I move in, it won’t leak anymore.” The seller and the neighbor both smiled, but neither said anything. Since I moved in a few years ago, it has not leaked at all. The neighbor later told me that the former owner had tried to fix the roof several times, but for some reason, it could not be fixed. When it rained, the leaking water even went into the neighbor’s house and caused the neighbor’s power to go out. The neighbor was very happy that I brought good fortune and said that Falun Dafa practitioners’ thoughts and words were very effective.

I once lived on the first floor. A police officer parked in front of my window every day, and every time he stopped there, he would peek into my house. One morning he came again. Suddenly I knew that the police car should not have stopped in front of my window. Therefore, I sent forth a thought to make the officer “lose face first and then go away.” After that thought was sent, he could not start his car. He had no choice but to keep trying. Looking at him, I thought, “Losing his face now.” In a few minutes, there was a loud “bang” as one of his tires exploded. Shocked, he jumped out of the car immediately. Knowing that a lot of people could hear the bang, he looked around nervously and saw me standing on the balcony watching him. As if he understood something, he blushed and left. From then on, he did not dare to stop in front of my window anymore.

In the past, I had witnessed several gang fights. One day I saw another gang fight. Some of the gangsters used knives and shovels to assault one another, and nobody dared to stop them. I immediately sent forth a thought: “Nobody will be hurt.” No one was even cut. Looking within afterward, I asked myself why I always saw gang fights. I recalled that before I practiced Falun Dafa, I used to hit people very hard. I then began to cleanse various substances within my field, and from then on, I no longer came across gang fights. Unfortunately, however, I still came across fights between husbands and wives.

One day, a couple was fighting outside. The husband whipped his wife with a stick. A fellow practitioner was with me at the time, and she told me not to interfere. I told her that I had to. I sent forth a thought through the window, “Put down that stick.” After that, the husband threw the stick onto the floor. At that moment, the fellow practitioner told me that their conflict involved a karmic relationship and that I should not have gotten involved. When I questioned myself for a moment, the husband picked up the stick and began to hit his wife again. The wife began to scream. Then I once again used my thoughts to order the husband to “throw that stick away.” Then the wife grabbed the stick and threw it onto the roof of the neighboring row of apartments.

I told the fellow practitioner that maybe they had resentment due to their karmic relations, but now that the Great Law of the universe is being spread in the world, people should use truthfulness, compassion and forbearance to solve their issues—at least people who live in my field of influence should not use violence. The fellow practitioner agreed and said that she would not stop me anymore. In the meantime, the couple continued arguing verbally. I sent forth another thought, “Talk nicely to each other and go home now.” Afterward, we heard the wife say while crying, “Let me know nicely what you want, and don’t hit me anymore. Let’s go home now.” We smiled.

Whether our one thought at a critical moment works or not depends on how much we trust in Master and the Fa. In speaking about trusting Master and the Fa, all Dafa disciples should respect and genuinely trust Dafa and Master wholeheartedly. When problems occur, we should do exactly what Master tells us to do. Since Master has told us that the evil forces are unworthy of persecuting Dafa disciples, then they absolutely are not worthy of doing so. If we can hold on tightly to our genuine trust in Master and Dafa, we can defuse the crisis and witness the boundless power of Dafa.