(Minghui.org) Many practitioners in our region have used their cellphones to send text messages, color letters, and voice messages to clarify the truth about Falun Gong and have saved many people in China. There are many touching stories. The following few experiences we shared within our group and want to present to fellow practitioners as a reference.

I Am a Helper for the “Three Withdrawals”

Ms. Qi has done cellphone truth clarification for several years, from sending text messages and color letters to groups at the beginning, then to automatic dial voice messages and direct phone calls to help people withdraw. At first, she was not very confident when people answered the phone and asked, “Who are you?” Ms. Qi didn't know how to reply.

After reading a few sharing articles from overseas practitioners, Ms. Qi had her own ideas. Whenever people asked her “Who are you?” she would say, “I am a volunteer to help with the Three Withdrawals [withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations].” However, people in mainland China rarely do volunteer work and are therefore unfamiliar with the term “volunteer.” She had to explain herself, which wasted a lot of time.

Later on, Ms. Qi thought that, since she was helping people to withdraw, she would call herself a “Helper to do the Three Withdrawals.” Thereafter, Ms. Qi always started with “Greetings! I am a Helper for the Three Withdrawals in Hebei.” Then she would calmly clarify the truth to the person who answered the phone. The effect was very good and many people agreed to withdraw.

I Just Want to Save You

Mr. Zhang is over 70 years old. After seeing other practitioners clarify the truth with cellphones, he wanted to do the same thing. But he thought of himself as old and a slow speaker, and he wondered if he could do it. When he shared his thoughts with another practitioner, the other practitioner recommended that he read a prepared letter over the phone. Mr. Zhang thought that was a good idea. So the local practitioner helped him to prepare a kind letter based on the situation in his region. Since then, Mr. Zhang has been clarifying the truth to people who work in the court and judiciary system.

One time, Mr. Zhang called a police officer. When the person picked up the phone, Mr. Zhang began to read the letter. The officer realized that he was reading a letter and asked him, “You are reading a letter to me, right?” Mr. Zhang calmly told him, “Yes, I am reading a letter to you. Do you know how old I am? I am over 70, and I talk very slowly, but I just want to save you. I want you to understand the truth, so you and your family can have a bright future.” The officer was so touched he couldn't speak. Moments later he said to Mr. Zhang, “Thank you, really! Thank you so much.”

Whole Family Withdraws

Ms. Liu shared an encounter. One time she called a number and started clarifying the truth very calmly to the person who answered the phone. Ms. Liu was very patient and the person on the other end listened very carefully and asked some questions. Ms. Liu answered all the questions appropriately. In the end, the person was grateful and gave Ms. Liu his pseudonym to withdraw from the CCP. Before hanging up, Ms. Liu reminded the person that if his family would agree to withdraw, he could send text messages to her. The person thanked her and hung up the phone.

A few days later, Ms. Liu really received a text message. He asked Ms. Liu to withdraw for his son and daughter in-law. He also said his daughter's whole family had already withdrawn.

Magic Cell Phone

Ms. Wang is a senior practitioner who has been using a cellphone to clarify the truth for a very long time. Recently she learned how to use a smart phone to send color letters to groups and do automatic dialing.

One time, Ms. Wang and another practitioner went out together to clarify the truth. The other practitioner used the smart phone with ease. Ms. Wang had trouble getting the memory card in her smart phone to work and got a little impatient. Then she thought, “Even if I cannot find the black icon, I still need to save people and let those with a predestined relationship hear the truth. With righteous thoughts, she asked Master to help her and she was confident momentarily. She checked her cell phone, and it began to make automatic phone calls.

Later on when she was at home, she consulted with a practitioner who is an expert on the use of the smart phone. The practitioner checked it and saw that there was no memory card in her cell phone at all. After Ms. Wang realized the problem, she shared the whole thing with other practitioners and everyone was very touched. They all felt the benevolence of Master Li and the magical power of Dafa.