(Minghui.org) At 1:00 p.m. on June 21, 2012, residents of Dawali Village, Yangjiazhuang Township, Dingzhou City, Hebei Province, heard someone shouting, “Bad people are taking a good man away!” Officers from the Domestic Security Brigade in Dingzhou City and Yangjiazhuang Township Police Station were trying to arrest Mr. Jia Zhanmin. With the help of his family and local residents, the officers did not succeed.

The police's attempt to illegally arrest Mr. Jia was videotaped by a villager.

Mr. Jia is in his 50s and lives in the carrot base in Dawali Village. In the afternoon on June 21, Mr. Jia went home after he finished watering his carrots. Qu Bo, head of the Yangjiazhuang Township Police Station, Instructor Liu Xiaoyong, and Zhang Jianpo, staff member of the Township Political and Legislative Committee, followed him home and broke into his house. Qu asked Mr. Jia, “Have you had any activities these days?” Mr. Jia replied, “How can I sell my carrots if I don't have any activities?”

Ten minutes later, Ma Tiezhu, captain of the Dingzhou City Domestic Security Brigade, Ma Yunfei, and several others broke into Mr. Jia's house. One of them was holding a camcorder and recorded everything. Ma Tiezhu pointed at a Falun Dafa poster and asked Mr. Jia to explain what it was. Mr. Jia replied, “It's Falun Dafa is good!” Ma Tiezhu ordered his people to “get him in the car!”

While police officers were dragging Mr. Jia into a police car, his grandson began screaming and crying. His wife, second son Fei, and pregnant daughter-in-law tried to stop the police. Ma Tiezhu forcefully grabbed and pulled on Fei's hair and the rest of them pushed Mr. Jia's wife and daughter-in-law.

When Mr. Jia was about to be pushed into a car parked on the street, his wife yelled, “Bad people are taking a good man away! Bad people are taking a good man away!” Her screams got the attention of her oldest son Lin and the neighbors. Lin tried to stop the illegal arrest and the police grabbed him by his hair too.

As more and more neighbors and local residents gathered, Ma Tiezhu was hiding in the car. Mr. Jia pointed at Ma and said to the villagers, “This is Ma Tiezhu, the culprit in Dingzhou who specializes in torturing Falun Gong practitioners.” He turned to Ma and continued, “What laws did I violate by practicing Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance? Why did you people try to drag me into the car? Give us an answer!” Mr. Jia's wife questioned those people, “Before we practiced Falun Gong, we fought all the time and the family was falling apart, but you don't care. Now we live happily and you arrest us?” The villagers yelled, “You are disturbing these people.” Mr. Jia's family and the villagers helped him escape from the police's illegal arrest.

A person videotaped the process of Mr. Jia being dragged from his home to the police car and what happened after that. Mr. Jia went back to his home and locked his door. The police left at around 2:30 p.m.

Before the incident at 9 p.m. on May 12, Ma Tiezhu, Peng Caiqin, the deputy secretary of Zhaocun Township, Chen Yawei, the head of the Zhaocun Township Police Station, and a dozen others, broke into practitioner Ms. Zhang Qiaojie's home in Dasitou Village, Zhaocun Township. These people illegally confiscated Ms. Zhang's personal belongings and turned her house upside-down. One of them recognized one of the Falun Gong practitioners, Mr. Liu Lizhe and handcuffed him. They also handcuffed other practitioners, including Ms. Wang Kunying and Mr. Liu Lianqing (in his 50s). They brutally beat Ms. Wang right then. After she fell onto the ground, they dragged her into a car. Mr. Liu refused to cooperate and they beat him before dragging him into a car. Prior to breaking into Ms. Zhang's house, these people had arrested Ms. Zhang Gaidi from Xiaobaoziding, while she was eating. These five practitioners were incarcerated in the Dingzhou City Detention Center. On May 22, four of them were taken to a brainwashing center. Ms. Wang and Ms. Zhang Qiaojie were taken to the Hebei Women's Forced Labor Camp. Mr. Liu Lizhe and Mr. Liu Lianqing were locked in the Handan Forced Labor Camp. Mr. Liu Lianqing was later released due to health reasons and returned home. Ms. Zhang Gaidi is currently still locked up in the Dingzhou City Detention Center.

Those who directly participated in the persecution (area code: 312, for international calls, add +86 in front of the mobile phone numbers and +86-312 in front of the landlines)

Ma Tiezhu, captain of the Dingzhou City Domestic Security Brigade: 2333016, 2322103, 2339968)

Ma Tiezhu's cell phones: 13333127197 (m), 13933221892 (m), 15103129008 (m)

Ma Yunfei, officer of the Dingzhou City Domestic Security Brigade: 2321666, 13833268258 (m)

Qu Bo, head of the Yangjiazhuang Township Police Station: 13833072099 (m)

Liu Xiaoyong, instructor of the Yangjiazhuang Township Police Station

Zhang Jianpo, staff member of the Yangjiazhuang Township Political and Legislative Committee: 13937398590 (m)