(Minghui.org) When a practitioner was distributing truth-clarification materials, he was shot in the leg by police. And then he was sentenced to 14 years in prison. It has been 11 years since he was imprisoned. He has been persisting in his belief and has not signed a guarantee statement. Just before May 01, 2010 his family received information that he had become severely “ill”. A number of fellow practitioners and his wife (also a practitioner) realized that this was an opportunity that Master provided so we could rescue him. In the past, we attempted to rescue him several times, but without success. This time we had been cooperating with each other as one body, looking within and believing in Master and Dafa. Also, we had the right basis and strengthened our righteous thoughts. One hundred days later, this practitioner was successfully rescued.

Establish a Rescue Team, Cooperate Fully, and Rescue the Fellow Practitioner

Through Fa study and sharing, we realized that we were in the last leg of Fa-rectification and that it was our fault that such a good practitioner was still not rescued. We should regard this matter as a part of Dafa disciples’ catching up in Master’s Fa-rectification in our region, and we must cooperate with each other as one body to recue the practitioner as early as possible. Numerous experiences have validated that, “We have said that good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought..." ("Lecture Four", Zhuan Falun) As long as we believe in Master and Dafa and strenghten our righteous thoughts, we will be able to rescue the fellow practitioner.

Thus, we formed a specialized team that consisted of his wife and other family members who were practitioners. They went to the prison to seek his release with openness and dignity.

They went to the prison on May 1 and requested to meet with the detained practitioner. His wife had strong righteous thoughts and no attachment of fear. So she broke through any interference at the prison and met with the practitioner. They shared with him based on the Fa, asked him to firmly believe in Master and Dafa and keep righteous thoughts, cooperate with the practitioners outside, and finally come out of the prison. His wife requested his release with the reason of his severe illness. At the same time, the other practitioners cooperated with each other as one body and made a lot of effort, including exposing the facts on the Internet about this practitioner being persecuted. Practitioners from all over the world have made phone calls to the relevant personnel, sent truth clarification messages, and mailed them letters to clarify the truth. Local practitioners also actively cooperated to send forth righteous thoughts. His wife went to meet with relevant personnel and the prison head every day to request his release; she clarified the truth to them and firmly told them that if they do not release her husband, she will go to the provincial authority or Beijing to appeal.

After a period of time, the prison authorities agreed to arrange for a medical examination and to identify a physician for him. Then the prison authority proposed to provide treatment for him, but he refused and resolutely requested to go back home to regain his health by practicing. They asked him to write out a “guarantee statement” and then they would release him for medical parole. However, this practitioner determinedly did not cooperate with them. Finally they prepared to release him for medical parole and reported it to the provincial authority, waiting for approval.

However, the provincial authority commented that his case should be setup for "re-identification.” His family misunderstood that if they did not give money to the prison like ordinary people, the prison authority would not release him. So they gathered 5,000 yuan from family members and gave it to the prison.

After they returned, the rescue team looked within to find the reason why this misunderstanding occurred. The practitioner's wife found her attachment of elation, attachment to doing things, and attachment to her family. Their giving money to the evil was equivalent to transfusing blood to the evil. This behavior was not based on the Fa; so the basis was incorrect. Therefore, the evil took advantage of this loophole to deceive them. Master told us: “Clarifying the truth is the master key.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference”) Through sharing, we realized that we must steadfastly believe in Master and Dafa, continue to clarify the truth in the process of rescuing any fellow practitioner, and save all the sentient beings we meet. We became clear on the Fa and restarted the rescue.

With the Right Basis and Strengthening Righteous Thoughts, Miracles Appear

Just as we were going to clarify the truth to the prison authorities, his three family members suddenly got "sick". One person's leg was swollen to be as thick as his thighs, and he was unable to walk; the other two were also "sick" and did not want to eat or get out of bed. We realized that this was evil interference. So we told these three fellow practitioners: totally negate the old forces' arrangements, insist on studying the Fa and doing the exercises, make more efforts to send forth righteous thoughts, and get up and live a normal life. Three days later, the three fellow practitioners had recovered.

The evil can not stop Dafa disciples from validating the Fa. This practitioner's wife again started clarifying the truth to the prison authorities. The prison authorities had no choice but to refund their money and play the tricks of telling her to file complaints in court about the doctors and hospital. We were not moved by the tricks, but we insisted on making phone calls to clarify the truth. More and more staff from the prison answered the phone. She negotiated with the personnel from the prison every day, and when she met relevant personnel, she clarified the truth and persuaded them to quit the CCP. After a period of time, personnel from the prison quit the CCP; even some higher level personnel quit the CCP.

At the same time, the practitioner detained in the prison went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. His “sickness” became worse.

At this time, the provincial inspectors came to the prison to inspect it. This practitioner's wife prepared to clarify the truth to the inspection group and make an appeal, which made the prison authority nervous. They guarded the prison heavily and did not allow her to enter the prison. We sent forth righteous thoughts. The head of the inspection group inspected the ward where the practitioner was detained.

The next day, this practitioner's relative called us and said: “Thank you, Master! The provincial inspection group directly inspected the ward where the practitioner was detained. Upon seeing this practitioner so severely 'sick', he was furious and directly deducted scores and rebuked the accompanying prison head. The head of the inspection group ordered the prison authorities to immediately apply for medical parole; they skipped the normal process and got a special approval for next week.”

The approval process also reflected the divinity of Dafa. At 7:00 am, the prison guards came to our area to conduct the procedures. Practitioners in our region sent forth righteous thoughts. At 8:20 am, the police department and domestic security team both smoothly signed and sealed everything. The Provincial Bureau of Justice made a special approval for this practitioner. Therefore, this practitioner's medical parole was approved.

When this practitioner was released, he was transported to the car. After arriving home he got out of the car and walked on his own.

Studying the Fa well, looking within and cultivating ourselves well, clarifying the truth, and saving sentient beings are our fundamental responsibilities. If we have the right basis, everything goes smoothly.