(Minghui.org) After reading a commentary on Minghui.org entitled, “Stories That Are Really Worthy of Society’s Attention,” I was really moved. It touched upon an issue that I have recently been thinking about: Why have many of the world's people been turning a blind eye to the persecution and suffering of Falun Gong practitioners?

Besides the cultivation issues that we as Dafa practitioners have, we pay too much attention to ordinary society news, and we have strong attachments to relying on ordinary people and ordinary society. Protests, against the corruption of government officials who fool the common people have gained in strength. People finally feel that justice is awakening due to their efforts in exposing the crimes of the offenders. However in facing the tremendous misfortune suffered by Falun Gong practitioners, the world's people have kept very quiet and insensitive. It is the same case with the international community. Those western mainstream societies that take safeguarding freedom and human rights as their responsibilities are also feigning ignorance. Why are there such huge differences? Isn’t Falun Gong worthy of more attention from the world's people and the international community?

A number of incidents that have occurred inside China have stirred the public's emotions. In reading their wrath shown on the Internet, I often wonder: Why have Falun Gong practitioners been suffering such a cruel persecution? Why didn’t we see any anger from the world's people? Where did their sense of justice and conscience go? Isn’t the persecution of Falun Gong also targeting our countrymen? Isn’t the persecution of Falun Gong also torturing human nature? In terms of the severity of the persecution and the spirit of resistance, the suffering and dedication of Falun Gong practitioners is not comparable to any other group. It is unacceptable to say people are not aware of the severe persecution that Falun Gong has been suffering. For so many years, the truth about Falun Gong has been spread everywhere. Of course, the evil CCP takes Falun Gong as the highest level word to be blocked. Another major tool of control is to have communications blocked. But in the incident regarding Wang Lijun, the Chinese people have exhibited enough wisdom and courage to withstand that blockage.

We also see unbelievable things overseas. In the case of the blind lawyer, Chen Guangcheng, all the attention of the world focused on this incident. The world seemed to have for the first time witnessed the evilness of the CCP since the June 4th movement. There was one famous political commentator who said: “The incident regarding Chen Guangcheng” aroused reports from all the world's media; unprecedentedly, it showed the image of the CCP’s notorious human rights.” Although what he said was not exactly true, what he said also proved to a certain extent that although Falun Gong has been experiencing wider and deeper tribulations, although the spirit of Falun Gong's resistance has been grand in the universe, it is a fact that the international community did not give it as much attention and focus as they gave to the blind lawyer (of course this is not actually what Falun Gong practitioners pursue. Their efforts to end the persecution is for the purpose of arousing the human world’s conscience and justice).

The fact that the public has turned a blind eye to the persecution that Falun Gong practitioners have been suffering is closely related to the evil tricks that the CCP plays. It is as good as saying that both the Chinese people and the international community have been deceived by the evil CCP.

Going through thirteen years of persecution, in Mainland China, people first went through the demonic understanding of Falun Gong to the current situation of Falun Gong “being political.” This is all because of the evil CCP’s brainwashing. At the beginning of the persecution, the media was overwhelmed with articles defaming Falun Gong. Everyone was forced to show their position so as to pass the test. People lost their ability to distinguish right and wrong. In the “Cultural Revolution Style” of high-pressure terror, they were actually abducted to the CCP’s way of thinking. After Falun Gong practitioners persistently clarified the truth and also after they got to know the truth through meeting the practitioners around them, more people now understand that Falun Gong has been wrongfully treated. But when Falun Gong practitioners try to persuade the people to abandon the CCP mentality, again the public thinks that they are “being political.”

The most evil propaganda that the CCP spread about Falun Gong are the “1400 Death Cases” and the “Staged Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident,” so as to incite mass hatred against Falun Gong, and at the same time also push people away from Falun Gong. Who would then be willing to care about the inhuman persecution that Falun Gong has been suffering? Whenever they mention Falun Gong, they would associate it with “opening the stomach to find Falun,” “forbidden to take medication,” etc. In this way, they agreed to the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong, and at the same time, they refuse to listen to all the truth about Falun Gong.

When its lies were exposed, another vicious trick the CCP used was to label Falun Gong’s efforts to persuade people to quit the CCP-related organizations as “being political.” Those people who have been scared of the CCP’s politics deeply understand its terror. They also deeply understand that those who were labeled by the CCP as “being political” are the targets for the CCP to “ruthlessly attack” and “marginalize.” While immersed in the Party Culture, caring only about present interests, and trying to stay away from politics, “being political” becomes one more obstacle that prevents people from knowing the truth, in depth, about Falun Gong.

In western society, during “the Incident of the Blind Lawyer,” the world witnessed how the CCP used economic interests as the bait to force the U.S government to give in, and violate their principles of establishing their conscience to uphold justice. We have to mention that the United States was once again taken in by the evil CCP.

When the CCP uses propaganda to separate the general public from the truth about Falun Gong, they actually harm the interests of all people. No matter whether it is in the east or the west, when people care only about their current interests, they actually fall into a dark swamp. They hardly recognize that when the universal values that human beings rely on are being destroyed, it is actually to their own detriment.

However, heaven has given human beings one more chance to see through the evil. The international community also witnessed the consequences of putting human rights values behind financial interests during the incident with Chen Guangcheng, the blind lawyer. It also sounded a warning, and the world's people have to learn a lesson from it. We can see from the condemnation and protests of the mainland Internet groups that after learning the truth, they were very angry towards the tyranny that created all the misfortunes for them. With the rapid change of the world situation, people will very soon see through the evilness of the CCP. How righteously indignant will they feel once they understand that the persecution of Falun Gong by the CCP harms the foundation of their lives, and that they have been fooled and deceived by the CCP for years?

We Dafa practitioners should really be more righteous, more unselfish, and more diligent to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. With the truth more widely known, more people like the overseas Chinese named Haishi (author for the article “Commentary: Stories That Are Really Worthy of the Society’s Attention”) will be awakened. More and more people’s courage and moral sense will be completely recovered. It is not difficult to expect that in the near future the wave of resistance from all people will eventually arrive.