(Minghui.org) I am 53 years old and began practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. I have witnessed the magic and power of Dafa.

After the communist party began the brutal persecution of Dafa, I was placed in a labor camp twice. However my belief was never shaken. Many people felt puzzled and confused that I still kept on practicing under the persecution. I told them, "What Falun Dafa gives us is the most precious thing that can be given."

Dafa saved my life and made a half-dead person into a kind person

I had all kinds of illnesses prior to Dafa: heart disease, Meniere's syndrome, fibroids, and other health problems. Even though I took a handful medicine each day, nothing changed. I also suffered from insomnia all year long. Usually after coming home from a day of work, I just stayed in bed and could not move.

Qigong became popular in the early 90s. When I heard that Qigong could cure health problems I started to practice. I didn't get any results, but wasted a lot of money.

Finally I found Dafa. Only a little more than one month after practicing, all my symptoms disappeared. My headache was gone. I no longer suffered from insomnia. I was used to bleeding because of uterine fibroid tumors; however, after practicing 40 days the bleeding surprisingly stopped. All other symptoms also disappeared. The health issues that were claimed incurable by so many hospitals were totally eliminated after I practiced Dafa for a dozen days. My husband is very supportive of my practice, and has also read Zhuan Falun several times. Many friends also witnessed my tremendous physical changes since I began practicing.

Everyone needs Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance

Prior to cultivation I was impatient. With poor health, I always felt anxious and short-tempered. I used to start a fight whenever something went against my will at home.

After cultivating, I have a healthy body and understand the reasons for following Truthfulness- Compassion-Forbearance. I assumed the chores at home while I took good care of my husband. After the evil Party persecuted Dafa, I was put into a labor camp twice. My husband lived under huge pressure. His attitude toward my cultivation changed from being supportive to being against it and he even beat me. I understood that my husband lived under great pressure. I tried very hard to do well with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. As usual, I did all the chores and took good care of him and the children. I sincerely wanted him to feel that Dafa is good and tell him the facts about Dafa. Finally, my husband's attitude reverted to its previous state and he admitted that my practicing of Dafa was “really good.”

Prior to cultivation I usually had conflicts with my mother-in-law, but after cultivating I realized that I had been wrong. I took the initiative to apologize to her. She had two sons. She eventually developed necrosis of the femoral head and became paralyzed and bed-ridden. My husband and I took good care of her until she passed away. She usually praised me in front of others, "It is good to have a daughter-in-law who is a (Falun Gong) practitioner! ”

"Your work is excellent!”

Before retiring I was a warehouse keeper of a state-owned company and responsible for the supply and provision of tools for the entire company. When I started I was only in charge of one warehouse because of my health. After I cultivated and strictly followed Dafa principles to do my work, gradually I was put in charge of the supply and provision of tools for the entire company. I took on the workload of three people.

Part of my job was to be in charge of submitting the procurement plans of purchasing tools to upper management. Thus, I usually interacted with some sales representatives. Nowadays, it is very common for sales representatives to bring gifts to those who purchase their products. I rejected all gifts from sales representatives. I told them that I am a Dafa disciple and could not accept gifts. In addition, I told them about Dafa.

As for getting along with people, I also followed Dafa's standards and always considered others first. All of the colleagues that used to interact with me knew that I practiced Falun Gong and knew that practitioners are kind people.

Once, when we distributed supplies, a female employee was on maternity leave. According to regulations, she could get those supplies later. However, her mother insisted on getting her daughter's supplies right away. I patiently explained to her the relevant policies, but instead of listening to me she cursed at me and attracted many onlookers. I didn't retaliate but patiently explained things to her. That woman would not give up, but became more and more aggressive. I could do nothing with her, so I went to the manager for a solution. After the manager came, that woman still insisted that her daughter was mistreated. The manager could not do anything but let her take her daughter's supplies.

Shortly after this incident, one day that daughter was operating a crane to lift a steel plate that weighed a ton and was about to move. For some reason, the lifted steel plate knocked me down while I was standing by one side. I thought, "I am a practitioner. I should be fine,” so I stood up. If an ordinary person is knocked down by such a heavy steel plate, she would be severely injured. I was slightly hurt, with only some bruises on my arms and legs. I was fully recovered after a few days.

I don't know who told the manager about this accident, but he wanted to penalize this lady. I told the manager that she didn't do it on purpose, so let it be, since I am fine. After some persuasion the manager finally agreed. My colleagues said that only a Falun Gong practitioner like me can do this; if it were someone else, they would take the chance to extort from the woman! In the meantime they admired Dafa even more. Later on that lady's mom got to know this and was very grateful. I also took the opportunity to tell her the facts about Dafa.

Practicing Dafa; Dafa is accompanying the practice with miracles

Cultivating Dafa is miraculous and extraordinary. The following is an example of a miraculous experience.

One day before my retirement I picked up something from another warehouse. As soon as I entered, I saw many plastic barrels that held hydrochloric acid. All the barrels were covered. I could not walk in since it was all blocked. As I was in a hurry, I thought I'd step on the barrels to get in. When I stepped on the first cover of a barrel, it didn't hold my weight, and my leg fell into the hydrochloric acid. Before I realized it, the other leg was into another barrel as well. Right away, white smoke rose up from the two barrels. Other workers saw that and they all screamed. They came over to pull me up. As we all know, hydrochloric acid corrosion is very strong. They said that I must be severely burned, then they accompanied me to wash me with the water. At that time, only the skin of my legs looked a little red, with nothing else abnormal. After I had washed, my skin basically returned to normal. Everyone around was so amazed! When we came back to the warehouse, we saw the splashed out hydrochloric acid had bleached the surrounding ground.

Dafa has been spread far and wide in twenty years. During this period we've had so many wonderful, amazing, and miraculous experiences that are hard to describe in words.

From the Call for Submissions to Commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary of Falun Dafa's Introduction