(Minghui.org) I was arrested in October 2000 and was persecuted for nearly two years in a brainwashing center. During that time I saw something I thought was very serious, and I would like to share it with fellow practitioners.

Many practitioners detained in the brainwashing center longed to study the Fa, and I heard from another practitioner that two copies of the book Zhuan Falun had been brought into the center. Some practitioners wanted to separate each of the lectures in the book to create nine separate books. Their reasoning was that we could pass them around to more people for reading. I thought what they were trying to do wasn't right, but I wasn't strong enough to raise the issue and point it out to them. Within a few days of the book being split into smaller sections and distributed, some of the lectures were seized by the guards, causing the lectures to be incomplete. Some of us later came to see that it was not right to separate the lectures in Zhuan Falun, because the teachings of the Fa would become incomplete. However, others said that under normal circumstancse it should not be done, but this was a special situation for practitioners to be able to study the Fa.

Teacher said:

“Disruption of the Fa takes many forms, of which unintentional disruption by disciples themselves is the most difficult to detect.” (“Awakening” in Essentials for Further Advancement)

I realized that splitting the contents of Zhuan Falun into nine separate sections without authorization is also disrupting the Fa and showing disrespect to the Fa, despite the fact that it was a special situation. It was also probably an excuse that the old forces used to persecute us.

We have been talking about safeguarding and validating the Fa for a long time. When we are being persecuted in forced labor camps or brainwashing centers, are we allowed to alter Zhuan Falun? Although we don't acknowledge the old forces' persecution, isn't this still a loophole where the old forces can take advantage of us? I also heard that some practitioners specifically split Zhuan Falun into nine separate books so that they could to be sent into the labor camp for practitioners to read. A fellow practitioner who was released from a labor camp also told me that he was only able to read one lecture of Zhuan Falun. I don't mean to blame fellow practitioners, but I think that this matter has gotten very serious. This could be causing other practitioners to suffer repeated persecution, which may well be related to our own gaps.

I hope that we can improve ourselves, that we all look inward, and that we jointly negate the old forces' persecution.

Fellow practitioners, please kindly correct my errors.