Obtaining the Fa

My process of obtaining the Fa was a long one. Although I met many detours, the difficult process proved the preciousness of Falun Dafa.

Before I retired, I was a director of a state-owned pharmaceutical company and I worked there for half of my life.

I worked diligently and studied the business well. I was not afraid of hardship at work and handled my relationship with coworkers well. I was promoted again and again from technician to engineer and finally became the factory director.

After I became the head of the factory, I not only needed to take care of the production, but also had to face all kinds of things. I was under a lot of pressures and I did not have an easy life. One day I fainted and fell down to the floor of my office.

My colleagues immediately sent me to the hospital for emergency treatment. According to the doctor, if I was a little later, I would have died. It turned out that my heart had problems. I was scared when I heard the news. It was almost like a death sentence to me.

After I recovered, I left the hospital and went to a sanatorium to recuperate. An elderly gentlemen who was in the same room as me was very sympathetic to me when he heard I was diagnosed with heart disease at a young age. He recommended that I practice a kind of qigong and told me that many people had recovered after practicing it. I listened to his words and learned from him the practice. However, the sanatorium had the policy of letting me rest and not allowing me to accept other treatments or take any other medicines during hospitalization. I just secretly practiced it, violating the sanatorium regulations.

One day, when I was practicing the qigong in the small garden of the sanatorium, the doctor found out and strictly stopped me. He said it would cause danger to me, which would implicate him and the sanatorium. He said if I believed in qigong, I could practice after leaving the sanatorium. After I left the sanatorium, I kept practicing qigong. Although my illness turned a little better, I still needed to take a lot of medicine. My spirits were a lot worse than before and the illness could not be completely cured.

I was able to obtain the Fa with help from a kind colleague. He introduced Falun Dafa to me and told me that Falun Dafa could completely get rid of my illness. I would no longer need to take medicine and injections. To be frank, I was deceived by the atheistic education I had received since childhood. In addition, I worked at a pharmaceutical company, so I did not believe what he said. But Master arranged this colleague to talk to me again and again and clarify the greatness of Falun Dafa. He told me that many practitioners completely got rid of their illnesses after cultivating Falun Dafa. Finally I obtained the Fa.

But I was still within the delusion of the human world and had no idea about the magnificence of Falun Dafa. Due to curiosity and the attachment of curing my illness, I started to practice Falun Gong. After I practiced the exercises for three times, I could feel Falun Dafa was totally different from other qigong. My symptoms of chest tightness, chest pain and not being able to hold my breath all disappeared. I felt energetic again. I could recall that I got sick when I was 40 years old. I could see from my work photo at that time that my nasolabial fold was deeply indented and my complexion was black. Anyone who did not know me would have guessed that I was 70 years old. Now my face is reddish and my body is healthy. All my changes came about from practicing Falun Dafa.

Cultivate Diligently, My Body Is Healthy and My Heart Is Better than a Young Person's

I continuously studied the Fa and I understood the Fa principles Master taught more and more. The human's technology can never solve the problems that the human world is facing. Using my illness as an example, modern medical science could only have me take a lot of medicine or perform surgery to cover up the illness or move it to the future. But modern science has no power at all to completely get rid of it. Compared to cultivation, modern science has only existed for a few hundred years. Cultivation is a much bigger thing. Master has already given answers for many things that science cannot explain. Science could not cure my illness, but my illness completely disappeared after I cultivated Falun Dafa. This completely changed my human notions and strongly affirmed my determination to follow Master to cultivate the Fa.

Because I cultivated diligently, right now I truly have a 30 year-old heart while I am over 60 years old. I am more energetic than a young person.

I am very grateful to compassionate Master. Master purified my body and led me to the path of cultivation. I am extremely fortunate in this life to find the most righteous way of cultivation to achieve consummation and return to my true self.

I will continue to follow Master's requirements, study the Fa and cultivate myself diligently. I will also actively clarify the truth and save more people, help Master rectify the Fa and fulfill Dafa disciples' mission and responsibility.