(Minghui.org) A few days ago a relative of mine told me a true story about how the Chinese media uses bribes to fabricate lies.

This incident took place in a town in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, around 2010. One day some officers of the town were chatting and smoking in an office when the head of the town's 610 Office came in and said to them straight out, "A media outfit from Yantai is coming here to shoot a TV program that will slander Falun Gong. It will be about a person who has an illness but does not take medicine after practicing Falun Gong. When his illness becomes serious, he stops practicing, takes medicine again, and is cured. Can any of you come up with a typical case for the plot?" All of the officers in the room started to talk at once, until one of them said, "A true practitioner of Falun Gong would rather be beaten to death than tell such a lie. I think the only way is to find someone that doesn't practice Falun Gong for the TV program." The head of the 610 Office replied, "As long as we can get this done. Just find an appropriate person to read the script we write. After shooting we will give the person a 300-yuan reward."

The people in that room had truly forgotten all moral principles with the lure of profits. One of them said, "Let me ask my older sister-in-law if she would like to do it. She has heart disease and her family is not wealthy at all. It is easy to earn 300 yuan by saying a few words. Ok, we have a deal here."

The next day he went to visit his sister-in-law with the script that framed Falun Gong and explained to her what it was all about in detail. She agreed to do it and tried her best to memorize it. She waited at home for the media to show up and for her reward. However, the TV station crew never showed. This farce, which was rehearsed to cast Falun Gong in a bad light, was not shot at her home.

Top level officials had changed the venue and gone directly to the city hospital to find “actors” by themselves. First they located a hospitalized patient and offered him money to read a script that slandered Falun Gong. The patient objected, saying, "I will not do such an unconscionable thing for money." They had to find someone else. Tempted by profit, the second person read the script before the camera, as instructed. However the TV station reporter left as soon as the shoot was finished and never gave the "actor" a single penny.

Treating Dafa kindly will meet with blessings of happiness and peace. The first person understood the truth and did not want to tell lies. He recovered and went home. The second one who put profit above conscience died soon after he slandered Falun Gong

This is a true account of what happened in this town. Through this story and many others like it, we can all see how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) makes up lies. From the so-called “1400 deaths” in 1999 to the staged "Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation," the CCP has told lie after lie for 13 years. My fellow citizens, how can you still believe the CCP's lies?