(Minghui.org) Mr. Wang Hongwei, a junior at Dalian University of Technology, was expelled for practicing Falun Dafa and appealing for justice for Falun Dafa in Beijing in 2000. In the years after his expulsion, Mr. Wang was illegally arrested and detained several times. He was sentenced to seven years in jail on January 4, 2004. After his term at the First Prison of Shenyang City in Liaoning Province expired on July 6, 2011, Mr. Wang was sent by the Qingyuan County 610 Office directly to Luotai Village in Fushun City, Liaoning Province, for brainwashing and further persecution.

Mr. Wang persecuted for nearly 13 years

Mr. Wang is currently 35 years old. He began practicing Falun Dafa in February 1996. In June 1999, during Mr. Wang's third year at Dalian University of Technology, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents infiltrated the campus and harassed Mr. Wang and other practitioners at the campus practice site. When Mr. Wang and other practitioners continued to show up at the practice sites, they were verbally and physically abused by police and taken to the college's Department of Education for punishment. On July 22, 1999, Mr. Wang and fellow practitioners petitioned the Dalian Municipal Government but the local police arrested them and detained them until midnight.

On January 1, 2000, Mr. Wang went to Beijing to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa. However, he was arrested on Tiananmen Square by the Dalian City Criminal Police Brigade and detained for 15 days. The police robbed him of money and property worth 200 yuan. Subsequently, Mr. Wang was expelled from the university.

On August 1, 2001, officers from the Xigang District Police Station detained Mr. Wang for 100 days for posting flyers that clarified the facts about Falun Dafa along Binhai Avenue in Dalian City. This time, the police robbed him of money and property worth 1,200 yuan.

On November 29, 2001, Mr. Wang was detained again for 17 days after attending a small experience-sharing meeting hosted at a practitioner’s home.

On January, 29, 2001, Mr. Wang returned home for the Chinese New Year and to attend to his father, who was left paralyzed from nine months of severe persecution. (His father later recovered as a result of practicing Falun Dafa). Mr. Wang was then arrested by officers from the Kaiyuan County Police Department in Teiling City for supplying another practitioner with informational materials about Falun Dafa. He was later sentenced to three years of forced labor. Mr. Wang successfully escaped from the Tieling City Forced Labor Camp on September 26, 2002, but had to become homeless to avoid further persecution.

On January 4, 2004, Mr. Wang and eleven other practitioners were arrested by the Domestic Security Division of Liaoyang City after the practitioners' Falun Dafa materials production site was destroyed by the police. The officers robbed Mr. Wang of 5,000 yuan worth of cash and property and illegally confiscated his computer, printer, and motorcycle. When Mr. Wang asked why his things were being confiscated, the police said that these items were “tools of the crime.” At the Domestic Security Division, Mr. Wang was beaten while handcuffed and forced to split his legs apart. He was severely injured and unable to walk.

Domestic Security Division agents then took Mr. Wang to the Liaoyang City Detention Center, but the center refused to take him in due to the severity of his injuries. However, after discussions between police and officials, the center agreed to detain Mr. Wang. Later, Mr. Wang was falsely accused of being an “organizer” and sentenced to seven years in prison. He served time at the Liaoyang City Detention Center, the Shenyang Prison for New Prisoners, the Second Prison of Fushun City, and the First Prison of Shenyang City.

Mr. Wang's term expired on July 6, 2011. However, he was immediately sent by the Qingyuan County 610 Office to the Luotai Village in Fushun City for brainwashing and further persecution.