Master taught us in the Fourth Talk of Zhuan Falun,

“We have said that good or evil comes from a person’s spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences.”

As Dafa disciples, we all know that a single thought of ours determines whether we are behaving like human or divine beings. However, our acquired human notions, deeply rooted in us, often block our true natures from shining through, and as a result we fail to manifest and validate the extraordinariness of Dafa cultivation.

As I see it, whether or not we can turn seemingly impossible things into reality depends on the expectations we set for ourselves. After all, our thoughts determine the outcome.

If a student has the desire to achieve a perfect score on a test, he probably will work very hard and may well end up getting a perfect score. On the other hand, if another student never thinks of the possibility of getting a perfect score and is content with just a passing grade, it is very likely that he will end up with an average score. Similarly, if a practitioner feels it is enough to just have a roof over his head and something to fill his belly, he may indeed live a life on a very tight budget. In contrast, if another practitioner firmly believes that Dafa cultivation brings blessings, he probably will be able to find a job that is not too tiring but still pays well. I myself am an example that fits the second category. I make a living by offering English tutoring classes in my home. When I first started, I held one thought, that this job would not be a burden to me, and I’ll able to earn enough money. As it turned out, I attracted just enough students; not too many, not too few. I did my best to help them and almost all of the students obtained top grades. Moreover, I made more money than teachers formally employed at public schools. In the meantime, my job left me with plenty of time to do the three things. As a matter of fact, some of my fellow practitioners are now envious of the time I have to do Dafa-related projects.

Since we are Dafa disciples, we strive to meet strict xinxing requirements. With our understanding of Dafa principles, it is more desirable that we set our goals even higher. When we strive to reach higher plateaus, we are more likely to turn the “out of reach” to “within reach.” The superior results we may achieve will further enable non-practitioners to see the wonders of Dafa. This positive change in non-practitioners will then, in turn, encourage us to have a firmer belief in Dafa.

How likely we achieve our lofty goals depends on how much we believe the goals are realistic and reachable. The more faith we have in our ability to reach the goals, the better outcomes we will achieve. For example, I often summon my divine thoughts in everyday life, and as a result, I am able to see miraculous results. Since I gauge everything I do with Dafa principles, I often have a pretty good idea of what kind of outcome to expect. Once I set my goal, I seldom cast any doubt, and things proceed as anticipated. Many non-practitioners are in awe after witnessing my ability to turn the unthinkable into the achievable. A lot of practitioners are also amazed by what I’ve accomplished. I am writing this not to brag, but to point out one thing. When we cultivate divine principles in the human world, Dafa disciples don't have to intentionally do anything. Our righteous thoughts will bring about effective results.

Let me give another example to illustrate my point. After I moved to a different town, the local police often made trouble for me, citing my lack of a residence card. When I applied for the residence card however, they demanded that I show them an original house deed. According to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) rules, I, the would-be-fifth-owner of the apartment I intended to purchase, must pay more than 10,000 yuan of a so-called accumulated transaction tax covering all prior purchases of the property. I made up my mind to not fall victim to this scheme, and managed to find the very first owner of the apartment without much trouble. We soon signed the contract, and I thus avoided the transaction tax.

When I went to the Housing Bureau to have the title transferred to me, I was told the old owner’s name did not match what was listed in their archive. Even though an examination of the handwriting confirmed that I didn’t forge the name on the title, the staff still insisted that I pay a huge fine. I firmly refused to accept such an arrangement and sent out a thought that they must resolve this issue for me. A miracle then ensued. That same afternoon the bureau staff summoned me in again. When I got there, they couldn’t wait to tell me what had happened after I left that morning. It turned out that their bureau chief, who just completed his retirement procedure, came to the office one last time to bid farewell to his subordinates. He said, “Now that I’ve retired, I no longer have to listen to the CCP. I’d say that we should do something good for the public. How about choosing a customer and give them some special treatment today?” I happened to be the lucky one chosen. The staff kept commenting on how fortunate I was. So not only didn’t I have to pay a fine, I also received a huge discount on the fee I was supposed to pay for the title transfer. Non-practitioners couldn’t believe what happened to me and fellow practitioners were also amazed how miraculous the whole thing was.

There was another recent incident involving my efforts to rescue an out-of-town practitioner who had been arrested. While sending text messages to prosecutors and other legal personnel involved in the practitioner’s case, the evil CCP suddenly blocked my cell phone card. I felt frustrated and decided to go home first. Then a thought suddenly flashed in my mind, “Well, if you block my card, I’ll block your monitoring program!” I used my supernatural capabilities to fight the evil, and in just a few minutes, my cell phone returned to normal. Think about what would happen if I allowed the situation to continue? I would be giving in to the evil arrangement and delay the process of rescuing my fellow practitioner.

I regret to say that oftentimes practitioners unwillingly restrain themselves with their human notions. As a result of their lack of confidence, they not only exhibit no extraordinariness, but also have difficulty just making ends meet. If we don’t have proper expectations of our surroundings and ourselves, how can we show non-practitioners the wonders of Dafa?

It is my understanding that Dafa cultivation will bring blessings to us. As such, the extraordinariness of Dafa cultivation should not only manifest in our Fa-validation activities, but also exhibit itself in our daily lives. With the improvement in our xinxing, we should excel in everything we do, be it family life or work life. Dafa disciples should at least strive to be above average. After all, Dafa’s might enables us to rectify ourselves and improve our cultivation environment. Anything less than an ideal situation must be a result of an omission in reaching a correct understanding of Dafa cultivation.

Master made it clear, “In fact let me tell everyone that matter and mind are one thing.” (“The First Talk,” Zhuan Falun) As I understand it, a practitioner with a high xinxing level is entitled to favorable living conditions. If we can maintain a high xinxing level at all times, we should be able to enjoy a stable and safe job that is also wealth-enhancing. What non-practitioners consider unthinkable should become natural and normal for us. This is not done to show off, but rather an opportunity to present the wonders of Dafa to all people.

Some practitioners tend to think that what they feel, as human beings, is just a normal state, and thus delay their transformation from human beings into divine beings. As Dafa disciples, we should always maintain divine thoughts and allow our divine sides to dominate. We need to conform to society as much as possible, while at the same time striving to show the differences between non-practitioners and us. We should excel in everything we do. Our degree of success indicates the degree to which we identify with and assimilate to Dafa. After all, our starting point should be to manifest and validate Dafa.