(Clearwisdom.net) One day in a museum, I introduced Shen Yun to a German lady. She was very interested. After asking about the price, she said that she would come back soon. In an hour, the lady came back and told me that she had just called her friend to check which day would be suitable for them to go see Shen Yun, so that she could come back to buy tickets from us. However, the phone call did not go through. Later, I gave her the address and phone number of the local presenter of Shen Yun. After I went home, I realized that I should have encouraged her to call her friend again so that I could send forth righteous thoughts near her. It would have eliminated any interference by the old forces, and then she would have bought tickets there and then. I looked inward to see what had blocked my wisdom from encouraging her to make another call. What I found was an attachment of validating myself, which had distorted the righteous field at that time.

When the lady first came back, another practitioner tried to introduce Shen Yun to her. What she said was exactly the same as what I told this German lady an hour before. I was annoyed and told the female practitioner in Chinese, “I already told her all that.” After I said this, I felt even more annoyed and, after going home, I realized feeling irritated was a result of touching upon my attachment of validating myself. I did not get rid of it right away, and the result was that my wisdom was blocked, so I did not encourage the German lady to make another phone call.

Master said:

“Actually, you don’t yet know that this selfishness reaches all the way up to very high levels. As a matter of fact, for cultivators in the past to say, 'I’m doing such and such,' 'I want to do such and such,' 'I want to obtain such and such,' 'I’m cultivating,' 'I want to become a Buddha,' or 'I wish to attain such and such,' none of that was outside of selfishness. But what I want you to do is to truly, purely, and unselfishly Consummate with the real righteous Fa and righteous Enlightenment—only then can you achieve eternal non-extinction.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland”)

I’ve realized it was fine to clarify the facts again to this lady, since it was possible that she did not remember clearly what I’d explained to her earlier. Also, for a life to be saved, it could be the result of several practitioners who have predestined relationships with her all working together. The false concern about “doubling up” on clarifying the facts to her was caused by my attachment to self-achievement. After realizing this, I felt quite ashamed. I wanted to share this cultivation issue so that other practitioners would also be aware of how easy it is to loose a predestined sentient being due to one's own attachments.