(Clearwisdom.net) I recently encountered challenges in my truth clarification that I was not able to overcome. The approaches I used in the past didn't seem to work anymore. This was because the people I have been clarifying the truth to are tax officials and veterans. They all have decent jobs, homes, and good salaries. They are "grateful" to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Several times, our discussions ended in discord. I felt very discouraged, and I often thought, “Why do I try so hard to tell you the truth? I invite you to eat and drink, and talk to you in such a humble manner. Why am I doing this? Why do I have to tell you the truth? I will cultivate myself well even if I don't do this for you.”

The challenges caused me to consider avoiding the issue, so I turned completely to studying the Fa on my own and to self-cultivation. I've been in this negative state until today. After reading Master's new lecture “The Ultimate Objective of Clarifying the Truth,” I finally found the answer to my question.

My understanding is that the evilness of the CCP is arranged by the old forces and arranged for our cultivation, because without its evilness, we wouldn't be able to cultivate purity and compassion. The process of Dafa disciples eliminating the evil and walking towards consummation is part of the process of the world's people being deceived and destroyed. Therefore, we have an obligation and responsibility. If we were not cultivating Dafa today, the evil CCP would not have appeared in history. The moral foundation of human beings believing in Buddhas and Gods would not have been destroyed this severely. Science would not have been in this form.

We will reach consummation. But some of the world's people will be reincarnated to the underworld or be completely destroyed because they no longer believe in Buddhas and gods. The world's people even find fault with or defame Buddhas and gods. Then don't we have the responsibility? If we didn't exist, the evil CCP would not have existed. The Chinese people would not have been brainwashed with atheism and would not have committed such huge sins towards Buddhas and gods.

I now completely understand why Master keeps reminding us of the importance of clarifying the truth. With the arrangements of the old forces, the world's people are being persecuted and destroyed by the evil CCP. Dafa disciples are encountering this temporary challenge on their way to consummation. The CCP will not affect Dafa disciples' progress, but it may destroy a countless number of the world's people. Therefore, we must clearly clarify the truth. Of course, this is merely one aspect, but it points out the importance of clarifying the truth.