(Minghui.org) I went to Practitioner A's home a few days later and saw 30 copies of neatly folded Nine Commentaries on the desk waiting to be bound. Practitioner B scolded me, “Look what you did. The elderly practitioner spent several days and nights separating all the pages and got dizzy because of it!” Elderly Practitioner A also scolded me. I was astonished and felt very wronged. I thought, “I took such a big risk and worked really hard to print these. Now look how I am being treated.” At that moment, I remembered Teacher's teaching on “looking inward.” I tried to calm myself and apologized gently to Practitioner A, “Ma'am, you have worked hard.” Everybody stopped scolding when they heard this. I continued to look inward and examine myself. What exactly was the problem? Oh, I found it. I had only done a little bit of work, yet I was delighted and very pleased with myself. This mentality, the mentality of showing off, and zealotry surfaced. Also, I didn't consider others and was very selfish. Practitioner A is in her 70s and she had to cut, separate, and bind all the books. I was tired, and she was also very tired!

From the author

Greetings to respectful Teacher! Greetings to fellow practitioners!

I am a Dafa practitioner from the Guangxi region of China. I want to take the opportunity of the 9th China Fahui on Minghui to recall a few things that happened on my cultivation path and compile them into an article. I sincerely ask Teacher and fellow practitioners to point out anything lacking or inappropriate.

Thirty Copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party

I ended my days of trying to earn a living as a migrant worker, a situation caused by the persecution, and returned home in 2008.

The practitioners in my hometown at the time had formed a Fa study group and set up a small truth-clarification materials production site despite the risk and pressure. The local practitioners were able to get together to study the Fa and share experience twice a week. The small materials production site was only able to print very simple items, such as single sheet flyers and booklets. At that time, in the process of clarifying the truth to sentient beings, I truly sensed that the fallacies, evil theories, and lies that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had instilled in people were preventing them from listening to and understanding the truth, let alone preventing them from quitting the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. As soon as I mentioned the 200-million-year-old stone in Guizhou bearing the words: “The Chinese Communist Party Collapses,” some people would become hostile and say that we were “reactionary” and such. What should we do when we encountered such situations? Would these people not even hear the truth because they were being fooled by the CCP? Yet they were all kind people. Was it that these people could not be saved?

While carefully studying the Fa, I realized that it was urgent to distribute the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. It is the Communist evil specter that is keeping people from hearing the truth, and the Nine Commentaries is a magic sword that can get to the heart of that evil. It is a mirror that reflects and exposes the evil nature of the CCP. So, at Fa study, I suggested that we print and widely spread the Nine Commentaries locally. The other practitioners did not respond very well—some remained silent, some gave the excuse that they didn't know how to download the files and couldn't handle the job technically, and some said that we needed to pay attention to safety.

My few years of experience in helping Teacher in Fa-rectification told me that truly acting according to Teacher's words is what's truly correct. I told everybody the principles that I had enlightened to at my own level and my experience in truly cultivating, then firmly said, “It has been two years since Teacher told us to spread the Nine Commentaries. Yet, in our area, we don't even have one copy of it. I have to do it!” In the end, we all came to an agreement, and I was to find a way to give it a try.

My computer was being illegally held by the Police Department Domestic Security Division at the time, soI couldn't download anything online. What should I do? I thought I would go to a local print shop. Since I didn't want to cause any opposition or worries, I didn't tell the practitioners about my idea. I contacted practitioners from another area and got a copy of a pocket-sized Nine Commentaries. I carefully took it apart and used clear tape to make a double-sided signature plate for each of the eight pages. It took me several days to finish all the plates. I had also been very conscientious about sending strong righteous thoughts for this project.

I took these carefully wrapped, original signature plates to the print shop that I had decided on beforehand. The shop was located in the downtown area right off a major road often passed by police cars. I can't clearly remember the details anymore. I only remember that, during the entire printing process, I was sending righteous thoughts with high concentration energy.

It was quite strange that this print shop, the most well-known one in the area, normally was really busy with a lot of clients coming and going; yet, on that day, I was the only one there. While the Nine Commentaries was printing, the boss and another person came in. He casually picked up a printed sheet to look at and asked, “What are you printing?” I was startled. While asking Teacher for help, I responded breezily with a smile, “It's some history reference material used to prepare for an exam.” I had one thought in my mind, “Let him not see it clearly.” I sent righteous thoughts toward him. He looked at the sheet over and over, and it seemed like he couldn't see it clearly so he put it down. I dared not relax from sending righteous thoughts. When the clerks finished printing all the sheets with a plate, I quickly counted them and put them away in a bag along with the original plates. A few hours had passed and the printing was finally done. I tactfully said that I didn't want this batch of exam reference materials to be leaked and asked that the boss delete the record on the printing equipment right there and then. I also asked to take the wasted sheets. The boss agreed. I collected all my belongings, double checked that I didn't miss anything, paid, and left the print shop. When I left, I didn't forget to leave on the counter a truth-clarification flyer that could save them.

I took a pedicab to a small intersection near Practitioner A's home. After the pedicab left, I carried the heavy bag to Practitioner A's and knocked on the door. Practitioner A is in her 70s. I asked her to cut the printed sheets, separate the pages according to the page numbers, and bind them into booklets. Practitioner A agreed cheerfully. It was already dark when I got home. I lay my tired body down and saw that all my clothes were drenched with sweat.

I went back to her home a few days later. As soon as I got there, I saw 30 copies of neatly folded Nine Commentaries on the desk waiting to be bound. Practitioner B scolded me, “Look what you did. She spent several days and nights separating all the pages and got dizzy because of it!” Practitioner A also scolded me. I was astonished and felt very wronged. I thought “I took such a big risk and worked really hard to get these printed. Yet look how you treat me!” At that moment, I remembered Teacher's teaching on “looking inward.” I tried to calm myself and apologized gently to Practitioner A, “Ma'am, you have worked hard.” Everybody stopped scolding. I continued to look inward and examine myself. What exactly was the problem? Oh, I found it. I had only done a little bit of work, yet I was delighted and very pleased with myself. This mentality, along with the mentality of showing off and zealotry, surfaced. Also, I didn't consider others and was very selfish. Practitioner A is in her 70s and she had to cut, separate, and bind all the books. I was tired, but so was she!

The other practitioners asked me where I had had the pages printed and how much I had spent. I told them they had been done in a local print shop and had cost more than 300 yuan. They were astonished. It's necessary to know that the situation at the time was still very dangerous. Plus, I was being persecuted financially and only received less than 100 yuan in living expenses per month. I saved more than 300 yuan by living frugally, and it took me a long time to save that amount. Practitioner B said she would think of a way to print the covers, then send them over to be bound.

Many days passed. We all saw each other again at Practitioner A's home. The neatly bound copies of the Nine Commentaries were placed on the desk. I saw the red eyes and the swollen fingers of Practitioner A due to the long working hours, and I was deeply touched. Other than Practitioner A, the rest of us are not very good with our hands. We are all very clumsy and couldn't do any fine hand work with meticulous details. The work of binding all of these copies was taken on by this elderly practitioner herself. She held an awl in one hand and a thimble in another, pierced many small holes, then, stitch by stitch, bound the pages into booklets with cotton thread. Then she coated them with white glue and put the covers on. It took her more than half of a day to finish just one copy of the Nine Commentaries.

The practitioners really cherished these 30 copies of the Nine Commentaries with white covers. We bought elegant wrapping paper, carefully wrapped them individually, and passed them out with truth-clarification materials.

Practitioner B then brought another edition of the Nine Commentaries to the Fa study group. She made it after learning how to download it from practitioners in a different area. Practitioner C had financial hardships, yet he said that he had bought a laser printer dedicated to printing the Nine Commentaries.

A few years have passed, and now we are able to produce the Nine Commentaries with elegant covers. We have passed out more than 1,000 copies of them locally. The content of the Nine Commentaries is widespread and has built a solid foundation for sentient beings to hear the truth and to be saved.

About a month ago, I got a ride from my cousin back to my hometown. Along the way, we talked a lot about our family, and, of course, about the truth of Dafa and my comments on current affairs and issues. I found that a lot of what my cousin talked about was from the Nine Commentaries. I asked him whether he had read the Nine Commentaries. He said he hadn't, but the content was no longer a secret in the community. I took the opportunity to advise him to quit the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. He readily agreed. It is truly “Spread the Nine Commentaries and the evil Party will fade!” (“To Save the World” from Hong Yin III)

“I Want You to Take Me Home by Car!”

One morning a few years ago, a group of police officers arrested me at work. They bundled me into a car, drove to my home, and broke in. The sudden event caught me off guard. I didn't know where the problem was, so I just treated these police officers as if they came to learn the truth. I started reciting the Fa-rectification formulas while loudly telling them the facts about Dafa. They seemed panicky. One officer said, “I'll let you say that! I'll let you say that 'in there' in a little while!” Though in my mind I was somewhat uncertain at the time, I remained committed to sending righteous thoughts and eliminating the evil behind them. Sure enough, the officers went through a few rooms as a formality, then took me and my computer to the police station.

“No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil’s demands, orders, or what it instigates. If everyone does this the environment won’t be this way.” (“Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts are Powerful” from Essentials for Further Advancement II ) Teacher's words were clearly imprinted in my mind. Since I was already here, I would clarify the truth.

Before the illegal interrogation was hand recorded, I saw an officer press a button on the phone. I guessed that was an audio monitor or a recorder. I smiled and sat down politely facing the officer and “agreed” to the “interrogation.” The police officer also smiled when he saw me smiling and was pretty polite to me.

The “interrogation” started. I wouldn't respond to their questions or train of thoughts. Whatever he asked, I ignored it entirely and just focused on telling the truth; the truth being that I became healthy after practicing and my stubborn illness had suddenly disappeared, the doubtful points of the staged Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident, how Falun Gong has spread around the world, that good will be rewarded with good and evil will receive retribution, that Ren Changxia and Nanning City Mayor Song Fumin receiving retribution, and the Liu Chuanxin incident. I spoke clearly and plainly. One of the officers who was listening came over and said ironically, “We ask about the east, he answers the west. We hit the gong, he hits the dustpan.” I started laughing.

I talked from dawn to dusk. I talked about whatever I thought of. I told everything that I knew to clarify the truth, plus everything about the Nine Commentaries that I could remember. Finally, I really had nothing else to talk about, so I put my head down on the desk and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil that was persecuting me.

In the end, the officer who had been interrogating me asked me to “cooperate” and sign a form. I calmly refused, saying “The last time I cooperated and signed. I was put in prison for quite a while. This time I will not be fooled again.” Several officers took turns trying to force me to sign the form. They claimed that, even if I didn't sign, they could still send me to jail. I was not tempted or scared. I told them, “I am not guilty. You brought me here for no reason. I will not sign it.”

I thought that even if I was put in jail, I would still clarify the truth and send forth righteous thoughts. After a little while, I felt that this thought was not correct. Dafa practitioners all try to be good people and save sentient beings. Why must we be put in jail and suffer? Teacher would not arrange for Dafa practitioners to be subjected to persecution in jail. I immediately changed my thought and asked to be released. I sent forth righteous thoughts and demanded to be immediately released unconditionally. The officers had nothing else to try. The interrogating officer walked out of the room angrily and said that he would report to his superiors.

After a while, he came back looking defeated. He told me that his superiors had said to release me. The officers next to him looked at each other and seemed puzzled. I was really happy. I knew that only Teacher's arrangements for me count. I firmly believe that Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts are powerful, so I demanded, “I want you to take me home by car!” A tall officer laughed at me, “Take you home? Take a taxi yourself!” The interrogating officer was sweating profusely. He said, “Take, take....” He pointed at the tall officer and said, “You come along.” “What?” The tall officer was stunned and baffled.

I walked out of the office with my head held high. The office next door was ablaze with lights at the time. Through the windows, I saw about a dozen high ranking officials just leaving a meeting. Some of them, due to fear, lowered their heads, tried to avoid me, and didn't dare to look at me. Some smiled at me. I knew that they had heard the truth that I told.

The next morning, a police car showed up at my home. I saw through the curtains that the police officer from the day before had directed the leaders of my workplace to knock on my door and try to arrest me. I didn't pay much attention, sat down in the lotus position, put my hand in the upright position, and started sending righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil that was persecuting me. I ordered that they leave. After a while, they left.

Afterwards, all of a sudden, I felt a little scared. “If it continues endlessly and if there do not exist other problems in your xinxing or conduct, it must be that the evil demons are capitalizing on the weak spots caused by your lack of control.” (“Expounding on the Fa” from Essentials For Further Advancement) I thought that I must look inward, upgrade my xinxing, and end this round of persecution completely.

After that, I studied the Fa carefully and sent righteous thoughts targeting this problem for long periods of time. Compared to the Fa, I found that I didn't have enough compassion, was competitive, poked fun of the police officers, looked down on others, was zealous, liked to show off, and was delighted and pleased with myself after accomplishing just a little bit. I repeatedly recalled what I had said at the time and my recent cultivation state and found my existing loopholes and what was lacking in what I did and said. For example, while I was clarifying the truth, the way I raised my fist and chanted slogans was just the way a “revolutionary hero” in the evil Party's propaganda movies would. I hadn't gotten rid of the evil Party's influence. Also, when the police asked me if I had written a certain article on the Minghui website, I answered like a sneaky everyday person and quibbled. I was not being “truthful.” You must know that the old forces are watching like a tiger, ready to pounce on its prey. They would think that I was lying and why couldn't I answer it wisely, “It's written by a Dafa practitioner!” in an upright and dignified manner. The most important was that I was not clear about my responsibility and didn't take it seriously. I am a Dafa practitioner during the Fa-rectification period, and I have a sacred mission and shoulder the important task of saving the sentient beings in this area, including the police officers. I must take the initiative and save people!

Once I understood that the relationship between me and the police officers was “to save and to be saved,” I started thinking about ways to go about clarifying the truth to them wisely and ask them to quit the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. One night, I had a dream that I went to the police station and ran into two young officers. In the courtyard of the station, many people in uniform (not the Communist Party's uniforms) formed an orderly circle and were having a meeting. A few them were wearing outfits that seemed to be generals' uniforms, and they were waiting for me to bring them tea and water.

The next day, I went to the police station to clarify the truth. As soon as I got to there, two young officers walked toward me. It was the exact same situation as in the dream I had the night before. I cried.

“We Are Together. We Came Together and Will Go Back Together!”

I got a phone call from the Domestic Security Division notifying me to pick up my computer that had been illegally confiscated. They also notified Practitioner Zhang to pick up his computer. I discussed it with the local practitioners, and we decided to take on different tasks but work together as a whole. Practitioner Zhang and I would go to the Domestic Security Division to get our computers, and the rest of the practitioners would send righteous thoughts from their homes.

After sending righteous thoughts, Practitioner Zhang and I went to the police department at the agreed time. An officer in the Domestic Security Division asked me to sign a form. I looked at it carefully and saw that it was a receipt to picking up the computer, so I signed it. Mr. Zhang did also. The officer then brought a written record of an illegal interrogation for Practitioner Zhang and told him to sign it. He refused. The officer threatened him and Mr. Zhang was a little scared. He waffled and couldn't say anything. I said, “He really can't sign this one. If he did, it would not be good for you, either.” Then I started clarifying the truth to the officer. The officer was surprised and scared. He cut me off, drove me out of the office rudely, and shut the door. “I don't believe I can't punish you...” As I stood outside the door and heard the police officer's howling getting louder and louder, I got very anxious.

“Practitioner Zhang has loopholes in his xinxing! Even if he has loopholes, he cannot be persecuted! His problems are my problems!” These ideas reflected intensely in my thoughts.

I sent powerful righteous thoughts targeting the office to eliminate all the evil that was persecuting him. After about five minutes, the officer opened the door, and yelled at me angrily. “Don't stand there. You are in our way. Leave right away!”

How was I getting in their way by just standing there? I knew that my righteous thoughts had had an effect. I said I had come to pick up my computer and how could I leave without it? The officers quickly got my computer, put it by the door, and told me again to leave immediately. I didn't leave and continued to send forth righteous thoughts.

This time, the officers panicked and came out again. One yelled at me, “I have already given you your computer. Hurry up and leave! What do you care about him! Leave, or we will arrest both of you!” I was calm and at ease, knowing full well that they couldn't arrest me. I answered calmly and with dignity, “We are together. We came together and will go back together!” “Together?” The officer repeated what I had said. His eyes were full of panic and despair.

I continued to send forth righteous thoughts and asked Teacher for help. After who knows how long had passed, a high ranking official from the police department walked over to me. I thought it was a good opportunity to expose the evil so I went to tell him, “We came here to pick up our computers and have already signed the paperwork, yet one of us is still being detained. They also yelled and shouted at us. You have to manage your men!”

This official had read the Nine Commentaries and heard me clarifying the truth in person when I advised him to quit the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. He is very kind. He pushed open the office door and went in. After a while, he came out and smiled at me, “There's nothing to worry about.” I dared not treat it lightly and let my guard down so I continued to send righteous thoughts.

The door opened. Mr. Zhang walked out, yelling, “I don't want the computer anymore! I don't want it!” I was surprised. The official walked over and told us to go home first. I asked Mr. Zhang to help me carry my computer. We left the police department and went home together by car. Before we left, I didn't forget to politely say good-bye to the high ranking official and the other officers.

Afterwards, Mr. Zhang and I exchanged views on what had happened. I told him that I saw his shortcoming in what he said that day. The computer is our magic tool in helping Teacher in Fa-rectification, it has life and a mission. When it heard its owner said that he didn't want it anymore, it would cry. Mr. Zhang said that he should look inward carefully.

Since I finished writing this article, I have been asking myself why I did well during that time. Recalling those past events, I was very strict with myself then and studied the Fa very well. I was clear on the principles of the Fa and evaluated my actions against the Fa. When I was writing this article, I found myself in the cultivation state of striving forward vigorously that I used to be in. All of a sudden, I realized why, for a considerable length of time, I had a negative attitude and was stagnant.

“Eliminate your last attachment(s). Everything you have accomplished through cultivation practice has already established your infinitely wonderful, and sacred, future Attainment Status. Take every step well, and don’t tarnish what you have already attained. Let the part of you that has been fully cultivated glow with an even purer brilliance.” (“Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Let Teacher's words encourage us to do well on our paths!

Thanks to the Fa conference! Thanks, everyone!