(Minghui.org) The interference at the Hong Kong truth clarification site has lasted over five months. Every Dafa practitioner is responsible for addressing this evil interference. Public defamation of Master could only happen in the last stage of the Fa rectification because the one body of practitioners has big loopholes and the evil is taking advantage of the loopholes. This severely interferes with the practitioners around the world exposing the evil party's harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. There are strict requirements for us according to the Fa, and only if we discover the loophole as a whole body and upgrade ourselves can we stop the defamation and slander toward Master and the Fa.

As Dafa practitioners, whenever we see or hear any slander of Master, we should think about it and do something. Everything we have is granted by Master and we should place Dafa as our top priority. This guarantees that the new cosmos will not be destroyed. Of course, Dafa practitioners should look inward first whenever they encounter any problems. We should look inward and improve ourselves. This is a manifestation of safeguarding Dafa.

Master taught us the Fa principle that the “Appearance Stems From the Mind.” (Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting). People’s behavior is a mirror which reflects things when we have failed to treat cultivation seriously. Without noticing it and realizing it, we have done many disrespectful things toward Master and the Fa. Here are just my thoughts at my level and they are based on the little things that happen around me. My purpose is to share with my fellow practitioners. We should work together to discover disrespectful things toward Master and the Fa, upgrade as a whole body, and stop the slanderous evil crimes which are trying to destroy sentient beings.

Many people started cultivation from atheism and they don’t have any idea about Buddhas or gods. They don’t know how to show respect for a Buddha and God, nor do they realize the consequences. They don’t know how to cherish Dafa and don't respect Dafa books.

For example:

1. Dafa books are laid around carelessly and often soaked with water. People turn pages with wet fingers. They write Dafa words and phrases casually on pieces of paper. They copy Dafa jingwen on paper that has other irrelevant words on it. They copy jingwen on paper with other handwriting on it. People read jingwen and Dafa books in electronic formats such as cellphones or other electronic devices. This is a very common phenomenon.

2. We casually play Dafa music. Regarding the time for sending righteous thoughts, at the end of 2007, some practitioners suggested on the Minghui website that it was disrespectful to use Pudu music as our timer. In 2008, the Minghui website provided an electronic bell sound of Master ringing the Longquan Temple bell for fellow practitioners to download and use for sending righteous thoughts. However, some practitioners are still using Pudu as a reminder before sending righteous thoughts. Such practitioners should really think it over carefully, because they stick to their own preferences over respecting Master and the Fa.

3. We casually use the Falun symbol and Falun pins. The Falun is a part of Dafa and it is more precious than our lives. Master is merciful to sentient beings and has bestowed on us the very precious Falun to save sentient beings. We should follow how Master uses the Falun. Except for the front page of Dafa books, Dafa experience sharing conferences and other solemn occasions, nobody is allowed to casually use the Falun symbol. However, in the past, some practitioners used the Falun symbol as a computer desktop screen. Now many Dafa practitioners use a rotating Falun symbol as a screen saver for their computers and cell phones. There might be various reasons for these practices, for example, emotional preferences, the wish to spread Dafa, and other things. However, all these excuses can’t be as important as cherishing and respecting Dafa and Falun. The Falun pin should be respectfully worn on the chest or placed in appropriate places. However, some fellow practitioners hang the Falun pin on their cell phones; they use it as a cell phone chain. Some practitioners tie the Falun pin to their backpacks.

It is time to change the status of the old cosmos, whose nature is selfishness. Respecting Master and the Fa itself is also a process of letting go of self and assimilating to the Fa. It is also part of the Fa and a standard that we must reach. Think about it: how can we safeguard Fa principles of the new cosmos if we don't understand that we must respect Master and the Fa? Let's learn from this lesson as soon as possible.

After over 13 years of cultivating Dafa, I realize the biggest obstacle to forming one body is the attachment to self and validating oneself. For example, some save the name lists of those who have quit the CCP. Some often mention how many things they have done for Dafa. Some compare the weaknesses of others with their own strengths and feel superior to other practitioners. This has already deviated from the Fa principle of “cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master.”(Zhuan Falun). To say it more seriously, it is “seeking Heaven's power” and placing oneself above Dafa. Our lives are safeguarded by the Fa. What can we do? Dafa does everything. This is also a very common manifestation of disrespecting Master and the Fa. It even leads people not to study the Fa and undermine the Fa. Using myself as an example, I would like to work on projects that appeal to me and won't actively participate in some key projects that promote the progress of Fa-rectification. This is an obstacle to forming one body.

The closer we come to the end, the higher and stricter the requirements for Dafa disciples are. We must set a high standard for ourselves. We must regard Dafa with a humble heart. We must believe that Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance governs and balances everything. We must believe that Master governs everything and Master is taking care of everything for practitioners and in the human world. Don't check to see whose level is high or whose level is low, who is right or who is wrong, who is good or who is bad. “A great way without form”(Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Singapore) exists as a whole. When you encounter any problems, look inside. Let us truly cultivate ourselves solidly and diligently, and let go of self. Let us put Dafa and the sentient beings in first place. Then the one whole body will naturally form and the evil will die out on its own.

Above are just some of my personal understandings. Please kindly point out anything improper. Heshi