(Minghui.org) One morning in September, after finishing the Falun Gong exercises, I used the toilet and found I wasn't able to get up afterwards. My right hip hurt very much as soon as I moved a little bit. I immediately had a thought, “It's okay, this is nothing but an illusion! I will negate the old force's arrangements and abide by those of Teacher. I know I will be I corrected in the Fa even if I have gaps and attachments. My Teacher arranges everything for me, and I will not let the evil persecute me. I cannot go to work limping, as everyone knows that I practice Falun Gong, so I cannot give Dafa a bad name.”

I tried to move my legs very slowly, and I felt much better. As my office time was rapidly approaching, I slowly got dressed and walked out of my residence. After getting on the bus, I immediately recited Teacher's Fa on benevolent resolutions and sent forth righteous thoughts. I thought, “I will completely negate all arrangements that the old forces have made for me. I also negated all my signed promises with the old forces on all levels. I thus firmly and positively affirmed walking on the path that Teacher arranged for me.

After sending righteous thoughts, I started to look inward about what had happened. I found many human notions and attachments:

1. I am fond of prophesy to determine how long I have left to go in my cultivation.

2. I was also attached to the changes in human society.

3. Curiosity and impatience

4. Lust, dependency, and sentimentality

5. Complacency and laziness

6. Showing off, confirming myself, non-compassion

7. A competitive mentality

8. Not letting others speak

9. Gossiping and the attachment of fear

In particular I was attached to knowing about the fall of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and prophesies about the end of the world. One day these attachments became obvious. I was visiting my mother, who is also a Dafa practitioner, and she asked if I had seen a prophesy reported on the Internet that something might happen in 2012. In fact, I saw quite a detailed prediction but I didn't bear it in mind then. I said, “I saw it, but don't get obsessed with these kinds of things Mom.” She said, “But it is good to understand it. I find it is usable in truth clarification.” I said to her, “We can't use it. If you tell people what will happen in what month, but it turns out not to take place, what will everyday people think about Falun Gong? They will say that what Falun Gong people say is not true and they are strange. Then, are you not harming people? Besides, the spreading of Dafa has caused plenty of things to change in the human society.” My mother said nothing more after this.

When I got home, I looked all over to find what my mother mentioned about the prophesy, but I wasn't able to find it. At this point I knew that I had a really strong attachment to prophecy and curiosity.

I also realized that when accessing a certain website, I always wanted to see the changes in human society, including the downfall of the CCP. It was then that I realized the seriousness of this attachment. This problem became a loophole for me and it enabled the old forces to begin persecuting me.

Having found my problem, when sending righteous thoughts daily, I tried to disintegrate my attachment. But even though my hip was fine when I was walking, it hurt very much while I was sitting down and getting up. At night it was very difficult to turn my body in bed. I knew that this shouldn't be the condition for a Dafa practitioner to be in, but I didn't realize what the problem was. About a week later, when doing my sitting meditation, suddenly an idea flashed into my head, “These attachments didn't go away completely.” My mind shook, and then two words clearly appeared in my head, “Dig root.” My heart suddenly felt hot and my eyes teared. Compassionate Teacher was reminding me.

When sending righteous thoughts again, I added this thought, “Thoroughly eliminate all these attachments.” This incorrect condition then rapidly disappeared.

There may be fellow practitioners who have the same or similar conditions. I would just like to remind everyone that your very first thought is so important. You must negate all of the old force's arrangements, you must never recognize these false impressions, and you should immediately look inward to find your attachments and eliminate them completely by way of “digging roots.” I hope that my suggestion will be helpful.

Fellow practitioners, please kindly correct my errors.