(Minghui.org) I suffered from numerous illnesses ever since I was a child. When I turned 14, I was diagnosed with tuberculosis and had to take medication every day. After I got married, my health began to deteriorate. I was later diagnosed with pyelonephritis, hepatitis, heart disease, cerebral arteriosclerosis, chronic migraines, and other health problems.

When my migraines flared up, which was about two or three times a month, the pain was so unbearable that I would wake up and start vomiting and coughing up a strange, yellow liquid. To try to lessen the pain, I wrapped a cloth bag around my head and didn’t dare move. The following morning, I was unable to prepare breakfast for my young children, and they had to go to school on an empty stomach. I felt really terrible about this.

In 1984 when I was 38, I was diagnosed with hysteromyoma. It was only after surgery that I found out it was cancerous. I later had a hysterectomy and spent four weeks in the hospital. When I returned home I had to rely on medication just to keep me going. I knew deep in my heart that my mother was really afraid of losing me.

When I turned 52 in 1998, my old symptoms returned and the cancer cells began to spread throughout my body. My blood pressure was low and I felt dizzy all the time. I didn’t have much of an appetite and was very weak.

It felt like all of my internal organs were going to pack up any day. It was then that I decided to stop my chemotherapy treatments, as they were having little or no effect. My body was also not well enough to withstand the debilitating side-effects of the treatment. I thought it was best to do nothing and just wait to die.

It was at that time that my daughter told me that I should practice Falun Gong. She said, “There are a lot of people practicing it in the parks. Just like you, my colleague's mother had many long-term illnesses, but in the end she was cured. You should try it, too!”

I had heard about Falun Gong long before my daughter suggested it to me, and people back then also said that I should take up the practice. I thought to myself: “Why should I practice? I used to do two other qigong practices before, and they did nothing to cure my illnesses.” I didn’t want to go to the exercise site, but my daughter begged me for days. Because this was really my last hope, I went to a practice site, which was not too far from my home, and asked for a copy of Zhuan Falun.

I did the five exercises in the mornings, and in the evenings I would sit and read Zhuan Falun with other practitioners. I thought that this was a fantastic book, and hated the fact that my ability to comprehend the Fa was so poor.

Master Li told us about how to be a good person and also talked about why we exist and why we have illnesses. My heart began to open, and I didn’t argue or complain about trivial things anymore. I strictly followed the universal principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in everything I did. As a result, my relationships with my mother-in-law, neighbors, and everyone else in my life greatly improved.

All of my illnesses disappeared shortly after starting the practice, and I was becoming healthier by the day. I gained weight and was full of vigor. My sorrow began to turn into joy.

I had been practicing for about a year when Jiang Zemin initiated the persecution of Falun Gong. For the past 13 years the Chinese Communist Party has used every conceivable method to attempt to change my heart and get me to give up the practice. But I remain resolute in my faith.

My neighbors and friends witnessed the miraculous healing power of Falun Gong and how it has benefited my life and that of my family. One day, a neighbor of mine told me that she overheard some people saying bad things about Falun Gong. She went up to them and said, “Please don’t say that Falun Gong is bad. Don’t believe the things you see on TV. They’re lies!” Then she told them about my miraculous recovery. I felt truly happy for her.