After I began to practice Falun Dafa in September 2004, Master gave me a new life. I am now illness free. However, it took me over four years to pass the test of sickness. Through Fa study, I stopped paying attention to it and didn't even know when it disappeared.

In 2005, I set up a material production site at home. Making truth clarification materials can be labor intensive and take a lot of time, but as a new practitioner, I knew I couldn't slack off in cultivation. Once, the printer was jammed on the day that I was supposed to have all the materials ready. No matter how I cleaned it and sent righteous thoughts, it didn't help. In order for fellow practitioners to promptly see the Minghui Weekly, I went to print it out at another practitioner's home. However, I couldn't open the file that was saved on my usb stick. I didn't know what to do since the practitioner's home didn't have Internet access. I had only one thought, “Get on the Internet.” I clicked on the small pigeon icon on the usb and actually got onto the Minghui website (the Chinese version of Clearwisdom)! I got on the Minghui website without Internet access!

- From the author

Greetings, Master!

Greetings, fellow practitioners!

This is my first time writing an experience sharing article for a Fa conference. I never thought I would be able to write an experience sharing article, because I only have three years of elementary school education and don't know many words. However, when practitioners at my group Fa-study mentioned that we should use this opportunity to report to Master, and with their encouragement, I decided to “pick up the pen.” Miraculously, I was able to write down many [Chinese] characters, my mind was clear, and I finished the draft in one night. I know it was because of Master's help and wisdom given by Dafa that I was able to write this article. Thank you, Master!

1. Fortunate to Practice Dafa, Strive Forward Diligently and Solidly

After I began to practice Falun Dafa in September 2004, Master gave me new life. I am now free of illness, but it took me over four years to pass the test of sickness karma.

Not long after I began practicing, a red lump appeared on one side of my calf. At first I didn't pay any attention to it. Then it got worse, and the skin began to fester and decompose. I thought it was karma I had to pay back, so I silently endured it. However, it took four years for the condition to go away. During those four years, the rotting skin got so severe that you could see the bone, and there was always blood and pus around it. Although I was in this condition, it didn't affect my Fa-study or work during the daytime. However, in the evening, I had a fever, itchiness, and pain. I often woke up from the pain and cried. While crying, I remembered I was a practitioner, so I sent righteous thoughts to try to resolve it with benevolent thoughts, but to no avail. It didn't work because I wasn't benevolent when sending righteous thoughts, but was angry, “If you still don't leave, I will disintegrate you!” With no other alternative, I begged Master to benevolently resolve it for me.

Through Fa study, I stopped paying attention to it and didn't even notice when it disappeared. A fellow practitioner asked about my leg and wanted to take a look at it. I felt awkward and embarrassed to show her since I had had the problem for a long time. However, she insisted on seeing it, so I showed her my leg. She looked at it and said, “Isn't it fine now?” I looked down and couldn't believe it: my leg was fine! I burst into tears and thanked Master.

In 2005, a Fa study group was set up at my home. Practitioner A said, “Your situation here is really good—you live in such a big house all by yourself.” After everyone left, I thought to myself, “Is it so that I can make materials?” I knew Practitioner A had helped many people set up a material production site at home. The next day I said to Practitioner A, “I can make materials at home, but I do not have much education, and I'm afraid I won't be able to learn how.” Practitioner A replied, “An 80-year-old practitioner has learned how. You are just over 50. Do you really think you can't learn?” So the production site was set up. Throughout the process of setting up the site to produce materials up to today, I know that Master has always been next to me. When I encounter difficulties, I study the Fa, send righteous thoughts, and look inward. If I really can't resolve the issue, I ask Master for help. Under Master's merciful protection, I've experienced many miraculous and extraordinary occurrences that have strengthened my belief in Master and Dafa even more. The production site continues to operate safely. I not only operate the equipment, but also repair the printer. I also often communicate with them, as they are Fa implements that help me to assist Master in Fa-rectification.

Making materials can be labor intensive and take a lot of time, but as a new practitioner, I knew I can't slack off in cultivation. No matter how busy I am, I make time to study the Fa and do the exercises. Although I participate in the morning practice (almost every day), I still do the exercises again at night. While others read one lecture in Zhuan Falun every day, my requirement for myself is to read three lectures a day. As a new practitioner, I have to manage my time to strive forward to catch up with the pace of Fa-rectification since veteran practitioners have already gone through individual cultivation prior to 1999. I can only take time from sleeping, so I also frequently study the Fa, do the exercises and send righteous thoughts all night with fellow practitioners. As a result, my individual cultivation has improved rapidly.

2. Believe in Master and Dafa, Overcome Ordeals with Righteous Thoughts

In the afternoon of December 2009, I went out to post truth-clarification banners, but was reported to the authorities by people who didn't know the truth, and I was arrested.

At the police station, I clarified the truth to the officers. However they ignored me as they were deeply deceived by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda. They searched my bag and my pockets while pulling my hair and hitting me. However, I wasn't afraid and continued to kindly tell them about the wonderfulness of Dafa and Jiang's persecution of practitioners. I asked them, “Don't you also have parents, brothers, and sisters? What have I done for you to treat me this way?” Then, they stopped beating me. When they asked for my name and address, I didn't tell them, so they took a photo of me and searched online, but found nothing. They took me to a detention center after 11:00 p.m. However, the detention center wouldn't accept me because I didn't pass the health screening test. The police then took me to a hospital for another check-up and were told my blood pressure was very high. They had to call my family to pick me up. It was after midnight, and before my family arrived to pick me up, the police had already taken me back to the police station. There, I sat on the floor to send righteous thoughts: “Do not allow the evil to search my home or allow them to take even a piece of paper from my home. Master, please unlock their kind sides.” Later, an officer brought me a chair and asked me to sit down. I then did the sitting meditation on the chair.

The next day, the police chief brought more people to pretend to ask me questions. They asked for my address, saying they would send me home. I replied, “I live at my mother's place, let my mother pick me up.” He asked, “How old is your mother?” I said, “Almost 80.” He then said, “She is almost 80, so don't disturb her and make her worry. I guarantee you upon my life that we will send you home for sure.” I saw his kindness and said, “You are a good person, so I would like to tell you that you must remember 'Falun Dafa is good' and have a bright future by withdrawing from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.” He didn't say anything and walked away. After a while, a police officer came to take my blood pressure. At around noontime, they sent me to a detention center.

At the detention center, I told the guards the truth about Dafa and the three withdrawals. One of them said, “We all know Dafa is good, so we'll leave you alone. Now it's like the Cultural Revolution, where good people are arrested and big, serious cases are ignored.” The guards who understood the truth treated me well and didn't forced me to work. Instead, they arranged for me to sit next to a heater with a big clock on the opposite wall. I was able to send righteous thoughts every hour and recite the Fa. I was also able to clarify the truth to the guards and other inmates.

On the 13th day in the detention center, they called me to go downstairs at about 5:00 a.m., and an officer from the police station handcuffed me. I asked, “What are you doing?” They replied, “Your case is big; we have to transfer you to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for two years.” I said, “You can't decide, only my Master can decide.” They said, “Your Master is in the United States.” I replied, “My Master is beside me!” They started to say some unpleasant things, so I told them, “You keep quiet!” They immediately stopped talking and kept quiet. I knew I was a genuine practitioner. Master said:

“If anyone can harm you, he or she would be able to harm me. Put simply, that person would be able to harm this universe.” (Zhuan Falun)

On the way, I sent forth righteous thoughts and recited poems from Hong Yin and Hong Yin II I knew, “...just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations.”

(Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)” from Essentials for Further Advancement II )

While I was getting a check up in Masanjia Hospital, I sent righteous thoughts towards the doctor and asked Master to unlock his kind side. As a result, the doctor was very polite to me. He asked me after taking my blood pressure, “How come your blood pressure is so high? Have you had high blood pressure before?” I replied, “Yes, but I am fine now.” He asked, “What medicine cured you?” I answered, “I took many medicines before, but I was not cured. After I practiced Dafa, I was cured without taking any medicine.” He said, “You practitioners all say that.” I replied, “Dafa is miraculous.” Then the police said, “She is pretending; she was fine in the car.” I kindly said to him, “Please do not say that, it isn't good for you. Don't you believe in medical devices?” At that point, the police chief said, “Let her rest.” After I rested, they took my blood pressure again, but it was still high. After taking my blood pressure three more times, the doctor asked for the chief of staff. I sent righteous thoughts towards him and asked Master to unlock his kind side. The chief of staff took my blood pressure and did an electrocardiogram. He was frightened and said, “Your heartbeat is very fast!” He immediately said I was disqualified and wouldn't be accepted by the forced labor camp. When the police chief failed to get me into Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, he rudely said I had tossed them about.

On the way back, I continuously sent righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil. As a result, the police chief had a headache, felt dizzy, and was very unwell. Once we arrived at the police station, he said to an officer breathlessly, “Quick, quickly let her leave. Do not keep her here for one more minute.” I then went home.

3. Miracles Occur after Looking Within to Improve Myself

I have used my computer for five to six years. Several months ago, a fellow practitioner had to help me reinstall it because it stopped working. However, it froze again several days later. I asked the practitioner to check my computer, and he said, “Your computer has severe issues and may not be fixed.” He spent a long time on it while I was sending righteous thoughts. I asked Master for help, and the computer functioned normally again. I had previously used a master copy to copy discs and the quality of the master copy would directly affect the newly burned disc. A practitioner came to teach me how to copy discs with a mirror image, but he couldn't turn on the computer. He tried to turn on the computer again, but it still didn't work. We then found another practitioner who had more experience with technology, but that practitioner couldn't turn the computer on, either. By now it was late at night, so the practitioner said, “I will take it to an electronics shop to get it repaired tomorrow.”

After the practitioners left, I began to look inwards. I asked myself if I had an attachment to doing work. I kneeled down on the ground and begged Master. I said, “Master, fellow practitioners all live far away and do not have much time. Please help me to turn on the computer, don't allow the evil, rotten ghosts to interfere as I am doing the most righteous thing. Even if I have a loophole, it can only be rectified in the Fa.” As a result, the computer could be turned on. Tears rolled down my face. Master is next to me! I said, “Thank you, Master, thank you Master.” I immediately called the practitioner and said there was no need to go to the repair shop the following day since I was able to turn on my computer. The practitioner was shocked, “Really?” I firmly replied, “Yes, really.” From then on, my computer has been fine.

One day a practitioner and I went to another practitioner's home to pick up something. The homeowner said, “My Canon 4500 won't print anymore and can only burn discs. You may give it to whoever finds it useful.” I said, “Please give it to me. The 4500 series is my favorite piece of equipment.” I carried it home from very far away.

At home, I communicated with it and said, “4500 machine, you've come to my home from so far away. We must play our roles and follow the progress of Fa-rectification.” Then I plugged in the cord and started to print materials. The first printout had crooked characters, so I kept communicating to the machine, “We must strive forward together and choose a glorious future.” The machine indeed played its role and began to print very clearly. I was very happy and began to print truth-clarification materials. I told the story to fellow practitioners the next day, and they thought it was really miraculous.

After printing for two days, the printer stopped printing characters. I thought there might be a blockage somewhere and cleaned the printer head. However, that didn't fix the problem. I then thought, “Let it take a rest.” I tried to use my own printer to print, but the same thing happened—not one character was printed. I got anxious, since practitioners were waiting for the materials. What could I do? I called a practitioner for help. He went to buy a new printer head and brought it to me. I didn't want to open the new printer head, because it was very hard to find, as the 4500 printer was discontinued.

I then wondered, “Why did both printers have the same problem? Was it because of my xinxing?” I began to look inwards and found the attachment to zealotry and showing off. I said to Master, “Master, I must abandon these attachments and not waste money again. Please help me and let the printer head work.” I then said to the 4500 printer, “Dafa practitioners save money to do Dafa work. Printer and printer head, you must do your jobs. I am unwilling to replace either of you and, indeed, want you to have a wonderful future.” I took out the two printer heads and cleaned them again. The printers then worked normally. Indeed, it is like Master said, “For a cultivator, looking within is a magical tool.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference”)

I looked within correctly, so the printers have been working fine without taking a break all this time.

I read an article on Minghui in 2006 about a practitioner's water pipe leaking. The practitioner looked within and found a loophole, improved his/her xinxing, and the water pipe was fine again without repair. I thought, “How supernormal.” Two days later, my hot water pipe leaked. How was that possible? The hot water system and pipes were new and just installed. I was producing the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party at home and didn't have time to find someone to repair it. I knew Master was next to me, so I asked Master for help. A miracle then occurred—the pipe instantly stopped leaking. I could not describe my excitement and appreciation with words, but wanted to run in the street and shout, “So miraculous!”

Once the printer was jammed on the day that I was supposed to have all the materials ready. No matter how I cleaned it and sent righteous thoughts, it didn't help. In order for fellow practitioners to promptly see the Minghui Weekly, I went to print it out at another practitioner's home. However, I couldn't open the file that was saved on my usb stick. I didn't know what to do since the practitioner's home didn't have Internet access. I had only one thought, “Get on the Internet.” I clicked on the small pigeon icon in the usb, and actually got onto the Minghui website! The practitioner and I saw the photo of Master quietly watching the world from amidst the mountains, and we burst into tears. It was the practitioner's first time to get on the Minghui website. We were both elated!

4. Cherish and Save People

I have been retired for many years. My former workplace is in the development zone, and retired staff have to go back to sign in once a year. Because it is a big company, there are many retired staff, so the company set up three days for retired staff to come sign in. Every time I went to sign my name, I spoke to former colleagues and asked them to do the three withdrawals. I left after I had finished my business.

Afterwards in Fa study, Master's lecture awakened me:

“So as for the Dafa disciples in any region, you are basically the hope for the beings in that region to be saved--their only hope, in fact. The beings there need to hear the Good News, and they need to hear you clarify the facts to them so that they can understand what Dafa is. That is why Dafa disciples' responsibilities are weighty.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York”)

In such a big world, we were able to be colleagues for several dozen years. It was a great predestined relationship, as I am their hope to be saved. Since then, I have been going all three days during which people can sign in. When they line up to sign their names, I walk up and down the line to clarify the truth. Those who have heard and understood the truth help me to explain, and some have helped me write down the names of people who quit the Party. In three days last year, 276 people did the three withdrawals. Many of them repeatedly thanked me afterwards. Their sincerity came from deep down, as their knowing side knew they had been saved.

When the factory manager came to see the retired workers, I also explained the truth to him and asked him to quit the Party. He said, “Are you retired? You come every day.” I answered, “I am sincerely doing this for your own good. CCP officials have quit, over 90 million people have done the three withdrawals. Don't go down with the CCP.” He was excited, “Ok, I quit, I quit.” I gave him a copy of the Nine Commentaries and he happily accepted it. I have persuaded three factory managers in a row to quit the CCP, and they also took truth-clarification materials.

Due to family matters this year, I only went for one day. People who know me well have all said I've changed—I've become more attractive and look younger. They can see the wonderfulness of Dafa. Some who had previously quit the CCP kept thanking me, so I said, “Don't thank me. If you want to thank someone, then thank my Master.” They all agreed. When I told an elderly craftsman about the truth and the three withdrawals, he excitedly said, “I quit. We can't be its pawn, we must break with it.” This time it was even easier to clarify the truth. More people now understand the truth, with many having a deeper understanding, and another 58 people quit in one day.

When I first began practicing, another practitioner said, “She belongs to the next group of practitioners.” I am not concerned with what group I am in. I only know that Dafa is good. I believe in Master and Dafa, and I should act according to Master's words. I know Master is next to me, helping and protecting me, so no test can't be passed. Now I can confidently tell practitioners and firmly pledge to Master, “I am a Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period; I am assisting Master in Fa-rectification!

Heshi. Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!