(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, while sharing my cultivation experience during group Fa-study, I didn't know why, but I suddenly remembered to keep my voice calm and speak slowly. I remained in a very peaceful state until the Fa-study finished. It seemed that the field (of group Fa-study) inhibited my usual, incorrect habit of speaking very loudly as a rural person.

Master said in Zhuan Falun: “People within your field may unintentionally have their illnesses healed since this field can rectify all abnormal conditions.”

The energy field of group Fa study rectifies many of the shortcomings we have formed among ordinary people, which we don't usually see within ourselves. Practitioners can see each other's problems and point them out with a compassionate heart and out of truly being good to each other. When we can help each other eliminate our attachments this way, think of how fast we will improve ourselves in cultivation!

Master has talked about group Fa study for a long time. He also mentioned in recent lectures that practitioners should participate in group Fa study. I had an obstinate notion about group Fa study in the past, which was that if I stayed at home and studied the Fa by myself, I could be more focused and concentrate better. I used all kinds of excuses not to participate in group Fa-study. However, the result was that I had the long-term problem of feeling sleepy when studying the Fa. Because of it, I couldn't study the Fa and finally was persecuted by the evil authorities. Actually, I was finding excuses to hide my human attachments, such as to pursuing comfort, being unwilling to listen to criticism, looking down on others, etc. All of these are degenerated substances that should have been eliminated long ago and that led me to not cultivate myself and instead focus on other people's attachments. Today I realized the terrible consequences of “not being willing to cultivate oneself,” and since I've written them down here, I will eliminate them completely.

Practicing cultivation is to cultivate oneself, and it is about improving my own behavior and xinxing. When I talk to other people, I shouldn't neglect others' feelings, and I have to be more considerate of others. The xinxing levels of practitioners are different, and everyone has attachments to be relinquished. When we get together, conflicts cannot be avoided. But when we study the Fa together, isn't it a good chance for us to get rid of those bad things? Therefore, the environment of group study is also a good environment for us to cultivate ourselves, even if there are only two or three practitioners. You can't imagine how amazing your self-improvement will be and how you will change until you participate in group Fa study!

The above is my personal enlightenment. I welcome fellow practitioners to point out anything improper.