(Clearwisdom.net) During group study this week, we read Minghui's "Call for Papers for the Eighth Mainland China Falun Dafa Practitioners Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference." We shared ideas on this event. One practitioner said, “I haven't cultivated that diligently, so I don't have anything to share at conference.” Another said, “I can't think of anything to write about.” After we shared our opinions, we discovered that it should not be an issue of “cultivate diligently” or “what to write.” The most important thing was to think about the Fa conference in the way Teacher requires of us. We should do our best to learn from those who contributed papers and think about how their experiences might help our own understandings. The emphasis should not be on ourselves but, how we can harmonize as one body and cherish Teacher's compassion.

After correcting our fundamental thoughts, we realized that everyone has something to share about how they have improved their cultivation. For example, one of the practitioners felt limited in truth clarification work because her family does not practice Falun Dafa. When they were out together, she could not clarify the truth to others. During Fa study she found that her family's “fear” actually influenced her own fear and hesitation. Thus, she was serious about the need to eliminate the attachment and finally got rid of it. From then on, she clarified the truth in any environment, doing better in her mission to save sentient beings.

Another practitioner shared that he always tries to think about others first and eliminated his attachment to self. His behavior helped some practitioners strengthen their understandings of Fa-rectification and the use of technology in truth clarification. They cultivated firmly and eliminated selfishness. Looking inward, they displayed Dafa's powerful compassion.

Another practitioner who seldom has contact with fellow disciples due to his work situation said that through Fa study, he realized how he could eliminate daily negative influences as he clarified the truth. Then, he was able to save sentient beings quite easily on his own.

Our group could have summarized all these experiences into an article appropriate to share and encourage ourselves and others to cultivate more diligently.

When our fundamental thoughts were corrected, we found that there were no excuses like, “I don't have anything to share”. In truth, we had many experiences to share! Talking about this was a great help to us.

Let me remind our fellow disciples that we need to review Minghui's requirements on submission of contributions before we start to write experience sharing articles. It is important to remember not to stray from the point and waste time and effort. When contributions were requested, Minghui's announcement calling for papers stated, “We hope through this annual Fa conference that we can cultivate well by sharing with each other on how to save sentient beings, truly study the Fa and look inward to improve Xinxing. Our sharing can include how we study and understand the Fa and Dafa cultivation so we are able to cultivate strong righteous thoughts and save sentient beings.

Articles for the conference are being accepted over a one month period, which is shorter than in past years. However, if we correct our attitude and don't delay, we can keep up with the Fa-rectification. One month is enough. Mainland Chinese practitioners' Fa conferences take a different form from international Fa conferences, but both are majestic and significant. The main body of practitioners is in Mainland China and there are more precious Chinese people here. We should use our limited time to treasure this distinguished opportunity. I hope everyone encourages each other to write cultivation sharing articles so that we can improve ourselves as we bear witness to Dafa's mighty virtue.