(Clearwisdom.net) The Shenzhen City police illegally arrested Mr. Liu Jingze, Mr. Liu Xiaoguang, Mr. Lu Chunrong, Mr. Sui Zhaohong and other Falun Gong practitioners on June 21, 2011. Mr. Sui was released afterwards. However, the situation of Mr. Liu Jingze, Mr. Liu Xiaoguang, and Mr. Lu remain unknown. The police have harassed Mr. Liu Jingze's family, forcing their landlord to evict his wife and two daughters. His oldest daughter (8 years old) has been forced to quit school.

Mr. Liu Xiaoguang

Mr. Liu Jingze

Mr. Lu Chunrong

Around July 20, 2011, several Communist regime agents went to Mr. Liu Jingze's home in two military cars to harass his family. They questioned his wife, demanding to know if she and Mr. Liu's older brother practiced Falun Gong. They searched every room in the house, and checked his wife's cell phone to see who she had recently contacted. The police ordered the landlord to evict Mr. Liu's wife and his two daughters. Practitioner Mr. Liu Xiaoguang's home was also ransacked. His computer, an IPad, an Iphone, all of his cash, bank book and bank card were taken.

Mr. Liu Jingze's wife believes that the police installed surveillance equipment in their home, but she hasn't been able to find it.

Mr. Liu Jingze, 38, is originally from Siping City in Jilin Province. He is being held in the Meilinguan Detention Center in Shenzhen’s Futian District. His oldest daughter, who is 8, is a student at Shenzhen’s Huanggang School, but officials at the school told her that she had to permanently leave school.

Mr. Liu's oldest daughter now stays at home. His youngest daughter cries all day. The family doesn't have money to pay the rent. Now that they have been evicted, Mr. Liu's wife has no idea where to move or how they are going to support themselves.

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